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Chapter 454 The Accident of Two Women

  It was August the 15th when Mu Yi entered the Yellow River Ancient Road. Then the magic weapons competition occurred and he practiced alone for another month at Dongting Lake. Then he took the coach to the South and searched for Zhu Yun. Finally he went to Guifeng mountain and stayed there for another two months. Though it seemed sudden, it was already at the end of the year.

   This was the second year of Mu Yi after the death of the old Taoist Priest. It was the last month of the 29th year of the Qing Dynasty and the end of 1903!

“It’s a new year again.”

   He didn’t feel the New Year vibe on the mountain. But after going down the mountain, the village was busy preparing for the new year. People who worked desperately all year round now embraced celebration. Their relatives who left home also came back during this time. The children received new clothes to wear, and the adults could rest.

“We met each other by chance, so let’s part here.”

   On the official road, two carriages, one on the left and one on the right, led towards different directions.

   After knowing the so-called truth, Mu Yi didn’t continue to hold Zhen Ping’er at the mountain, but she chose to spend another two months on the mountain regardless. Now, Mu Yi was going home to Funiu Mountain and was ready to part ways with her and Yan Wushuang.

   Zhen Ping’er looked aloof, and just nodded to Mu Yi while Yan Wushuang thanked Mu Yi solemnly. After all, she would not have made such rapid progress in the past two months without Mu Yi.

 If there was no chance to, she would not meet Mu Yi again after this separation. 

“We shall meet again someday.”

   Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang entered the carriage and drove slowly to the distance.

“Shall we meet again?” Mu Yi chuckled, and then got into the carriage. Wu Xiaosi drove the carriage forward slowly. Now, as the apprentice of Chong Jiayi, he had taken charge of driving. In the past two months Wu Xiaosi had just scraped through, but even so, Chong Jiayi was very satisfied.

   In fact,Wu Xiaosi’s talents were very normal. His spiritual cultivation was slow, as expected, but his ability to learn martial arts was somewhere in the middle.

   As for Mu Yi, he was unique to be able to cross three levels in just one month.

   Naturally, Chong Jiayi didn’t expect Wu Xiaosi to catch up with Mu Yi. In his opinion, it was amazing for Wu Xiaosi to break through the first stage in one year, and his greatest wish in his lifetime was to see Wu Xiaosi break through the second stage.

   After his latest breakthrough, the body of the big slave had shrunk a little. At most, he was now a burly man. He couldn’t be connected with the Dhammapala of guardian warriors in the Church of the Thousand Children any more.

   In addition, Mu Yi once saw the big slave transform, and found that his body soared to a height of ten feet. His fists were as big as Mu Yi’s head, and his strength reached a terrifying level. However, it seemed that the Big Slave had reached a limit. It was hard for him to break through within a short time. The potential in his body was exhausted. If he wanted to break through again, he needed to keep saving strength, which couldn’t be achieved in only a year or two..

   But even with his strength now, under the transformation, he reached a strength equal to the top of the seventh-rank, which was more than enough power to protect himself from most threats.

   After the big slave broke through, Mu Yi told him to take off the iron clothes he had been wearing. The clothes were heavy, but were now of little use to him. After taking off the iron clothes, the big slave got on the carriage.

   The carriage squeaked forward. Mu Yi’s body swayed gently with the carriage as he gazed out at the scenery, as if thinking about something.

“Eh, it’s snowing?”

   Mu Yi was surprised to find that there was snow outside the carriage, and it was obvious that it had been snowing for a while, although Mu Yi only just realized this. This was because he had been meditating in his own world.

“Master. Snow in the south is rare. Especially such heavy snow.” In front of him, Chong Jiayi spoke. Listening to his tone, he was obviously a little happy. He seemed to like the snowy weather very much.

   Mu Yi reached out a little bit with his mind, and he saw that two figures had turned white. Both of them were wearing hats and grass clothes, but they didn’t seem to mind the heavy snow.

“Find a place to rest.” Mu Yi said softly.

“I asked someone about the way before. If we keep going a dozen miles, then there will be a town that we can arrive at just before dark.” Chong Jiayi said.

   When hearing the words of Chong Jiayi, Mu Yi was silent.

   When they arrived at the town mentioned by Chong Jiayi, it was dark. They found an inn to live in and ate something. Then they went back to their rooms to rest.

   In the middle of the night, Mu Yi was immersed in meditation. In his body, six huge chakras stood up. Though the sixth had just opened, there was no sign of instability. At the same time, the life wheel had automatically been integrated into it. It was not like the fifth chakra, which had slowly integrated over time. Mu Yi naturally understood that this was all because of Jiao Hua’ instruction.

   The sixth chakra was located between the eyebrows and was known as the moon wheel. The eyes were Yang and the moon wheel was Yin. The moon wheel was also known as the legendary eye of heaven. When the eyebrow heart wheel was opened, the eye of heaven was opened. All demons and ghosts were nothing in front of the eye of heaven. Nobody could hide in front of it.

   In ancient times, foxes turned into beautiful women to seduce scholars. Scholars didn’t know that they were deceived. At this time, there were often Taoists who came to their doors with the skills to subdue and eliminate demons.

   The reason why these Taoists could easily find demons was because they opened the eye of heaven. The people, ghosts, and evils of this plane would be clear to them.

   Mu Yi had no interest in subduing and eliminating demons, and he was too lazy to open his eye of heaven and look around. However, while he meditated, he suddenly felt a familiar energy approaching him quickly. However, the energy was unstable at the moment, and there was a very pure resentment that emanated from it.

   Sensing it, Mu Yi also opened his eyes, then his body swung and disappeared directly in the house.

   In the street near the inn, a woman in white fell into the snow. The surrounding snow was gradually dyed red, and the woman’s breath was becoming weaker and weaker. She could die at any time.

   At this time, Mu Yi came to the woman. The woman in front of him was Yan Wushuang, who he had parted with merely a day ago. Mu Yi didn’t expect that they met each other again so soon.

   He finally bent down, picked up Yan Wushuang, and then quickly disappeared in the street.

“Am I dead?”

   When her consciousness gradually recovered, Yan Wushuang thought in a daze that she couldn’t feel the existence of her body at the moment, and she felt no pain. Maybe it was like this when one became a ghost?

   But soon, Yan Wushuang realized that this was not the case. She tried to open her eyes, and then her wandering soul seemed to return to her body, and everything in front of her eyes became clear.

“I’m not dead?” Yan Wushuang blinked, and she couldn’t believe it, but her gradually recovered consciousness told her that she was still alive, especially when she became aware of a pleasant smell and gently illuminated candle.

“At least not yet.” At this time, a sound came from the side.

   Hearing this sound, Yan Wushuang suddenly got excited. She struggled to get up, but there was a sharp pain in her chest, which made her fall back to the bedding room feebly.

“Your wound had just been bandaged. If you don’t want to tear it, please don’t move.” With this sound, a figure finally appeared in Yan Wushuang’s sight.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, please go and save Ping’er. She is in danger now.” Yan Wushuang did not continue to struggle, but anxiously said.

“Don’t worry, what’s the matter?” Mu Yi asked, after all, Yan Wushuang was an expert who had opened three chakras, while Zhen Ping’er had opened four. With their strengths, simple accidents should not happen to them.

“I was hurt by Ping’er’s master. Originally, we were on our way. Her master suddenly appeared. If Ping’er did not stop her, I would be dead now.” Yan Wushuang looked a little gloomy.

“Since she was Ping’er’s master, you don’t have to worry.” Mu Yi said that. He didn’t expect Ping’er’s master to be around all this time. However, Mu Yi didn’t want to interfere. After all, it was something between master and apprentice. It had nothing to do with him, and Ping’er’s master was also a poor person. Of course, there were many hateful aspects of her master. 

“No, you know nothing. Ping’er’s master will really kill her. The reason why Ping’er hid on the mountain and didn’t want to leave is because she knew that once she went down the mountain, her master would surely catch her.” Yan Wushuang immediately said.

“Her master is going to kill her?” Mu Yi frowned. He thought Zhen Ping’er had a good relationship with her master. However, Zhen Ping’er had always been calm and eccentric. Nobody knew what she thought. Maybe what Yan Wushuang said was true. Perhaps she did force herself to stay on the mountain at that time to get away from her master.

   She was a proud woman who was unwilling to give in and ask for help. Mu Yi knew that he captured her, and she didn’t seek to defend herself.

“Yes, her master had gone mad. I beg you to please go to save her since she is your acquaintance. Ping’er is a poor woman. If you don’t save her, she will die.” Yan Wushuang begged Mu Yi. 


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