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Chapter 455 the place of great danger

   Hearing Yan Wushuang’s words, Mu Yi paused and frowned. He never wanted to look for trouble. Zhen Ping’er and him were not strangers, but they were also not friends. After all, even after staying in the mountain for two months, they said less than ten words in total.

“Mu Yi, you are a man. Since you brought her here, you should send her back to Yangcheng City. You owe her this.” 

   Seeing Mu Yi didn’t seem to be moved, Yan Wushuang finally said out loud not caring if she made Mu Yi mad.

“Fine, what happened to her? And what else do you know?“ Mu Yi finally nodded.

   Yan Wushuang was happy after seeing Mu Yi nod. She quickly told what had happened after their parting. It turned out that they were apart from Mu Yi for less than half a day before Zhen Ping’er’s master stopped them and accused Zhen Ping’er of betraying her.

   Zhen Ping’er didn’t try to explain anything, but she sent a message to Yan Wushuang secretly to have her run quickly. However, she didn’t expect her master to hear the message, so her master acted right away in order to capture Yan Wushuang.

   Zhen Ping’er started to fight with her master, but her master was far stronger than her, so she was easily defeated. As for Yan Wushuang, she cared for Zhen Ping’er and refused to leave, so she was also injured. Just when Zhen Ping’er’s master was about to kill her, Zhen Ping’er used some secret art and trapped her master temporarily.

  Yan Wushuang also understood by now that she could not save Zhen Ping’er with her ability. Thinking that she had just parted from Mu Yi half a day ago, she turned back to track down Mu Yi. She believed that as long as she could find Mu Yi, she could definitely save Zhen Ping’er relying on Mu Yi’s strength.

   Therefore, she followed the path that Mu Yi had left. Although the snow covered all traces of his journey, it was one large road going in only one direction. She knew where Mu Yi was going, so she didn’t have to worry about going in the wrong direction.

   However, she neglected to take care of her injuries and stumbled all the way into the town with the last of her strength before fainting in the street. Fortunately, the place where she fainted was not far from the inn where Mu Yi was. Otherwise, there would be a fresh corpse in the street tomorrow.

   Although Mu Yi didn’t know for certain why Zhen Ping’er’s master had fought with her, according to Yan Wushuang, Zhen Ping’er’s master seemed to be mentally unstable. This kind of person was usually unreasonable. It was truly possible that she would kill Zhen Ping’er.

“Do you have any of Zhen Ping’er’s items?” Mu Yi finally asked.

“Her stuff? Is this hairpin okay? She gave it to me.“ Yan Wushuang took off the hairpin.

“Yes.” Mu Yi took over and nodded. From this golden hairpin, Mu Yi felt two energies, one was thick, the other was light. The light one was certainly Yan Wushuang, and the thick one belonged to Zhen Ping’er.

   Because the hairpin had been essenced by her energy for a long time, it would naturally have the energy of its owner clinging to it. This could not be felt by ordinary people, but it was clear as day for Mu Yi to see.

   Later, Mu Yi called Chong Jiayi to take care of Yan Wushuang, and then he took the Bamboo Tree of Life and left quickly.

“You will be okay, Ping’er.” Seeing Mu Yi’s leaving, Yan Wushuang muttered.

   In the evening, snow had covered everything, especially the wilderness. The snow had now stopped, but it remained easy for Mu Yi to walk along the road without leaving any trace.

   On the way, Mu Yi walked using the principles of Taoist astrology. With every step, Mu Yi could feel the fluctuations of the earth. This was an induction felt only when the principles of Taoist astrology had reached a certain depth. Before going up the mountain, Mu Yi couldn’t do this, but now, he was very familiar with the technique. Every step seemed to be instinctual.

   He was getting faster and faster, and the distance between his steps were also getting wider. It looked as though the earth was shrinking beneath his feet. One could imagine how fast he was.

   A day’s drive was only half an hour’s travel for Mu Yi. He followed the direction of the two women and soon a broken carriage appeared on the side of the road. The horse pulling the cart had fallen into the snow; but the flesh and blood of the two horses had disappeared, leaving only a layer of skin and the skeleton within.

   Feeling the resentment left on the horse, Mu Yi frowned. He took out the hairpin and began to trace the energy. After a while, Mu Yi’s heavenly eye opened. A gray line started from the hairpin and went further in the distance.

   The next second, Mu Yi was gone.

   A cold wind blew, and snowflakes flew in the sky. The two horses gradually disappeared, leaving only two piles of snow.

   Mu Yi continued to track the energy on the hairpin and went for about another ten miles before stopping.

“Is that it?” At a glance, Mu Yi saw that the land he had reached was completely isolated. There were no villages, no trees, there was even a dead air funneling out from underground. This was probably the main reason why there were no trees.

   There was no doubt that this was a deserted place, and Zhen Ping’er’s energy had disappeared here. After all, tracing is not omnipotent. The dead air here completely covered Zhen Ping’er’s energy and made the hairpin lose its purpose as a guide.

“Brother, it’s so dangerous here.” Suddenly, Nian Nuer came out from the Bamboo Tree of Life and floated beside Mu Yi, with a serious look.

   Although the little girl was a ghost, her energy was extremely pure, while the dead air here was muddled, just like the difference between a gem and common rubble. The little girl said it was dangerous here, and that meant it was indeed a place of great danger.

   It’s not an inaccessible place. At least, it’s accessible with Mu Yi’s ability.

“I want you to find the entrance. Let’s go in and help some people.” Mu Yi simply spoke to Nian Nuer. In such a place, his senses or his heavenly eyes couldn’t compare with Nian Nuer’s instinct.

“Brother, wait for me.” Nian Nuer nodded, then disappeared.

   Mu Yi was not in a hurry, he stayed where he was. With the current strength Nian Nuer possesses, it was easy for her to escape from any threat unless she met an expert at the perfect stage. As for Zhen Ping’er’s master, it was impossible that she was in the perfect-stage. If she was, Yan Wushuang couldn’t have escaped even if she was ten times stronger.

   Plus, Zhen Ping’er trapped her master with her secret technique. With her ability, she might be able to trap the second-stage peakexperts for a short time, for the higher level? Impossible.

“Brother, I found it.” 

   Nian Nuer was worthy of reaching the peak of fierce ghosts. Mu Yi didn’t wait for her too long before the good news came.

  Mu Yi followed Nian Nuer to a slope. When he got close to it, Mu Yi found that the slope was actually an ancient tomb. It was just that after a long time; the ancient tomb had been buried deep underground. If it was not for Nian Nuer’s guidance, it would be difficult for Mu Yi to find it.

   Mu Yi opened the stone plate covering the entrance and saw a passage. Mu Yi did not hesitate, and jumped in.

   The passage was dry, and there was no dead energy. It seemed like two different places between here and the surface. Mu Yi took Nian Nuer all the way to the main tomb of the ancient tomb, and then he saw Zhen Ping’er.

   Zhen Ping’er was tied to a stone pillar with her head down. Her energy was almost gone. Her clothes were ragged and soaked with blood. The wounds were caused by a whip striking her flesh repeatedly. She must have suffered quite the beating before Mu Yi arrived.

   Seeing Zhen Ping’er, Mu Yi had no good feelings for Zhu although she had a relationship with Nian Weiyi. Anyway, Zhen Ping’er was her student, and she would rather be taken away than betray her master. Even if she was not as obedient, she should not be treated like this.

   However, thinking that Zhen Ping’er’s master had been using forbidden arts recklessly, he was afraid that humanity had long been out of her grasp.

   Jiao Hua had said that she was pitiful, but in Mu Yi’s opinion, she was a rabid beast who needed to be put down.

   Thinking this, Mu Yi didn’t hesitate to come beside Zhen Ping’er and put his hand on her head. He woke her up first. However, at this time, the rope that originally bound Zhen Ping’er suddenly went for Mu Yi. It seemed that the rope was alive and it was as fast as lightning.

   Mu Yi wanted to avoid it at first, but Zhen Ping’er was already falling down without the rope. If he dogged, Zhen Ping’er would surely fall to the ground, so he hesitated for a moment before choosing not to dodge and reached out to hold Zhen Ping’er.

   Without hesitation, the rope had been wrapped around him round and round, all around from his feet to his chest. Obviously, this rope was a rare magic weapon, not only flexible, but also extremely tough.

“Ha ha!” 

   There was a terrible laugh coming from the tomb, but oddly, Mu Yi didn’t sense anything before that. With his ability at the perfect stage, it was unusual.

  Mu Yi also had not dodged in order to make the opponent come out. After all, if you wanted to control a magic weapon, you couldn’t stay too far away.

   Seeing that Mu Yi was entangled, Nian Nuer was shocked and quickly came to Mu Yi’s side. Her hands had turned into sharp claws, heading towards the rope.

“Wait a moment, Nuer.” Mu Yi directly communicates with the mind and spirit. Although she didn’t know why, Nian Nuer stopped, and quickly got into the Bamboo Tree of Life. 

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