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Chapter 456 Immortal Rope

   An old woman with a stooped back came out of the wall. Seeing this, Mu Yi could not help looking surprised. No wonder he didn’t feel anyone’s presence before. What tricks did that wall hold?

   However, looking at the old woman in front of him, Mu Yi felt uncertain. Was this really Zhu? The woman who was involved with Nian Weiyi previously? But according to Yan Feifei, Zhu Xianglan was beautiful back then. Why does she look like this now?

Yan Feifei, as Zhu’s senior disciple, still looked like a beautiful woman, but Zhu had become such a ghost. Even if Yan Feifei had seen Zhu Xianglan with her own eyes, she would not believe this was true.

“Why, no wonder this little coquette doesn’t want to marry my son. It seems like she has another lover outside.” The old woman stared at Mu Yi with Zhen Ping’er in his arms. At this time, Zhen Ping’er was still in a coma and so was unaware about what was going on.

“Are you Zhu Xianglan?” Mu Yi looked at the old woman and asked directly, thinking son? Does she have a son?

“How long have you been with this coquette? She has even told you my name.” The old woman, Zhu Xianglan, snapped in a loud voice.

“Do you know Nian Weiyi?” Mu Yi asked directly with a sneer.

“Who are you?” After saying the name Nian Weiyi, Zhu Xianglan’s face suddenly turned ferocious, and she stared at Mu Yi with a vicious face. Her eyes were full of hatred.

“You don’t need to know who I am. No wonder Nian Weiyi abandoned you back then. Look at your appearance. I’m afraid anyone would abandon you.” Mu Yi continued. His voice was flat, but his words made Zhu Xianglan even more irascible.

“Boy, no matter who you are, I swear that I will torture you to death bit by bit. I will cut you with thousands, no, ten thousand knives. I will let you watch your meat being cut off bit by bit, and then I will cook your meat and feed it to you. I will also imprison your soul after you have died, torturing you day and night, and make you regret coming into this world.” Mu Yi found her to be rather annoying, but he was unafraid.

   Mu Yi had known about the strength of the opposing side for a long time. She was at the peak of the second-stage, but had not achieved perfection. She had, however, opened seven chakras. No wonder Yan Feifei was defeated. 

   But in Mu Yi’s opinion, Zhu Xianglan had gone astray. She had reached the peak of her life, and couldn’t break through any more. Her life span had been greatly reduced to less than half of an ordinary person’s, which was the main reason why she looked like a ghost.

  Regardless Mu Yi didn’t care about her threats. Instead, he was focused on holding Zhen Ping’er, and transmitting energy into her body, healing her injuries and pulling her back from the verge of death.

   Of course, Mu Yi had other ways to let Zhen Ping’er recover, such as the revival charm. But at present, it was not suitable to use the revival charm. He had to leave here first, then use it. 

“Don’t you want to know where Nian Weiyi is?” Mu Yi continued.

“Well, boy, don’t think you can threaten me with Nian Weiyi. Do you really think I don’t know that he has already died?” Zhu Xianglan looked at Mu Yi with a satirical look on her face. 

“Well, why do you insist on having your apprentice marry your son?” Mu Yi shook his head, and asked another question.

“I raised this coquette. Everything about her is mine. She will be married to whoever I want her to.” Zhu Xianglan said disdainfully.

“But she is your apprentice.” Mu Yi couldn’t help saying.

“So what? Come, I’ll show you my son.” As Zhu Xianglan continued to say, a figure came out of the wall. His pace was a little stiff. Covered in black robe, his body exuded a strong resentment.

   When he came near and looked up, Mu Yi finally saw his face clearly. It was a pale face with white eyes, which made Mu Yi recognize that the man in front of him was neither  living nor dead.

   His body was dead, but it was maintained by a secret technique, which was quite different from typical zombies. His soul was still attached to the body. Through the black robe, Mu Yi could see many symbols all over his body, which was the main reason why he could maintain this half-living state.

“Eat, eat!”

   Looking at Mu Yi, the man opened his mouth and said.

“Dear son, don’t worry. Once mother has tortured him, he will be yours to eat.” Zhu Xianglan’s look softened, as if the man was really her son.

   At the same time, Mu Yi finally understood where those grudges went. The man in front of him was actually a container, and those grudges became his food.

“You’re crazy.” Mu Yi looked at Zhu Xianglan and sighed.

“Hum, boy, how dare you still be so bombastic at this point. You have been locked by my immortal rope. No matter how powerful you are, you can only allow yourself to be seized.” Zhu Xianglan said with a snort. It seemed that she was not satisfied with Mu Yi’s calmness. In her opinion, Mu Yi should have knelt down to beg for mercy now.

“Immortal rope?” Mu Yi shook his head. Mu Yi was bound, and he could feel a force coming into his body from the rope, wanting to lock his power. But as soon as the force came into his body, it would be wiped out by several of his chakras. This locking couldn’t affect him. He could break this binding whenever he wanted.

   This immortal rope might be able to bind those at the top, even senior level experts, but it was absolutely impossible to bind those at the perfect stage. Because at the perfect stage, power was the same both inside and outside, and these strengths had consolidated. They could be split and combined at will, and could be used as Mu Yi wished. How was it possible to be locked down simply by a rope? 

“Is that so?” Mu Yi said with a sneer. The internal strength in his body surged out and six chakras vibrated together.


   As Mu Yi applied his power, the immortal rope that tied him suddenly made a sour sound, and then the rope began to tighten.


   The rope didn’t break as expected. When Mu Yi tried harder, the immortal rope suddenly grew equally tenacious along with his strength. He didn’t exert all his strength at the moment, but he definitely used a great deal of it. According to his senses however, the immortal rope was still not tapped out.

   At first, Zhu Xianglan was shocked when she heard the trembling of the immortal rope. She thought that it was broken, but ultimately, the immortal rope still firmly bound Mu Yi.

   In fact, this immortal rope was not made by Zhu Xianglan, and she had no such ability. She found it in this ancient tomb and immediately took it as her own. Based on her experience, she could only determine that it should be a magic weapon.

   However, it was only after a few years that she managed to refine it. From then on, she thoroughly benefited. If one didn’t pay attention to it, even a seventh-rank expert would be locked down and could only surrender obediently. Relying on the immortal rope, she had plotted against many strong people and succeeded every time.

   Because of this, she had more and more confidence in the immortal rope.

   Before that, she did not act rashly because she knew that Mu Yi was very strong. She suddenly appeared once Mu Yi was separated from the two women. At a specific time, she deliberately let Yan Wushuang go, so as to attract Mu Yi. But she didn’t expect that Mu Yi would come so soon, and that she didn’t even need her follow-up plan.

   After perceiving Mu Yi’s coming, she hid. She found this wall by chance long ago. It seemed to be a wall, but one could enter it and it was completely cut off from the outside. One could see the outside from the inside, but not the reverse.

   Finally, after Mu Yi arrived, he rescued Zhen Ping’er as she had expected. She took the opportunity to bind Mu Yi with the immortal rope she had prepared earlier. After all that, she came out from behind the wall, confident in her victory.

   Mu Yi’s strength exceeded her expectations, but the immortal rope did not disappoint her.

“Hahahaha, boy, keep struggling if you can. The more you struggle, the tighter it will be. Besides, the immortal rope can not only bind you, but also trap your soul. You will never have a chance to leave.” Zhu Xianglan laughed smugly, and she didn’t mind letting Mu Yi know a bit more about the rope at this point.

Mu Yi had no doubt in Zhu Xianglan’s words, but he did not plan to have his soul escape from his body. With his strength, his soul escaping meant death. He was far from reaching the state where his soul could freely come out of his body.

   At the beginning, he got the soul’s travel three-worlds charm from King Xian’s grave, but his strength was so insufficient that he was not able to draw the charm. The soul travel three worlds charm was a sustenance for the soul to leave the body. With the help of the soul’s three worlds charm, the soul could travel for a time.

 The three worlds part of the name was just an exaggeration, but this charm could at least let the soul roam in this world. It was limited to the night, since vigorous Qi was strong during the day, and even the soul travel three worlds charm could not protect the soul well.

   During such a long period of time, Mu Yi had not been able to draw the soul’s travel three-worlds charm, but he had been studying it. He had some experience in how to get a soul out of the body. And if this immortal rope could bind the soul, it was definitely not a magic weapon. Obviously, Zhu Xianglan was a little unlearned.

“The immortal rope is powerful, but I don’t think you have refined it well?” Mu Yi suddenly said.

“How do you… young boy, how dare you cheat me. You have a death wish.” Zhu Xianglan got angry immediately. She held a whip in her hand, and went to lash it against Mu Yi.

   At this point, Mu Yi still had no concerns and held a sneer on his lips.

   When the whip was about to fall on Mu Yi, suddenly, a green light came out of his body, and then a small figure stood in front of Mu Yi, holding the whip that was coming for Mu Yi with one hand.

“A Fierce ghost?”

   Zhu Xianglan looked at Nian Nuer and her eyes opened wide. She saw Nian Nuer behind the wall before, but she couldn’t feel her power there. So, she didn’t know about how strong Nian Nuer was, and simply thought she was a little ghost raised by Mu Yi.

   Now, Nian Nuer had grabbed her whip with one hand. She was not just a fierce ghost, but the at the peak of a fierce ghost.

   Thinking of this, Zhu Xianglan’s eyes sparkled and she looked at Nian Nuer greedily. How she wished she could swallow Nian Nuer alive.

“Well, well, well, I’m really lucky. I can not only catch a top-level meat-bag, but also meet a top-level fierce ghost.” Looking a little crazy, Zhu Xianglan looked at Nian Nuer and said quickly.

“Come, little girl, and be with me in the future.” Zhu Xianglan said softly.

“Bad person.” Nian Nuer’s voice was clear, and she stared at Zhu Xianglan fiercely.

“Little girl, granny is a nice person. Follow granny and I’ll promise to make you stronger. How about being my daughter-in-law?” Zhu Xianglan could not help saying.

“Take that!”

   Nian Nuer’s tiny face was angry. She reached out and the Bamboo Tree of Life appeared directly in her hand. Then she aimed at Zhu Xianglan and struck. 

   Zhu Xianglan took advantage of the opportunity to take back the whip, but did not attack again. Instead, it was the son beside her, who wailed and rushed towards Nian Nuer.


   Nian Nuer didn’t hold back at all. The Bamboo Tree of Life, which had 18 sections already, fell directly on her opponent’s head. But the opponent’s head was surprisingly hard, which made Nian Nuer’s first attack do very little. The man also fell back after that hit. As if the attack had sobered him up a little bit, there was a trace of fear on his face. He didn’t dare to rush up again.

“Fool, why don’t you go hide then.” Zhu Xianglan saw her son’s reaction and grew furious, but she was not willing to hit her son. She then looked toward Nian Nuer and her eyes became ferocious.

“Little girl, I wanted you to be my daughter-in-law, but I didn’t expect you to be so unscrupulous. Since that is the case, then go and integrate with my son.” Zhu Xianglan’s smile grew savage, as her so-called integration was obviously having Nian Nuer be eaten. As Nian Nuer was a ghost, she was an excellent tonic for her son.

   But Nian Nuer’s expression grew colder. She held the Bamboo Tree of Life in one hand, and suddenly pinched with her other hand.


   All of a sudden, a complex symbol appeared between the girl’s eyebrow. Mu Yi was impressed by this symbol. It was the symbol for “SOUL”. But the symbol had become more complex now. It even showed a perfect artistic conception. Moreover, Mu Yi felt a strong threat from it and a warning sign rose within his heart.

   Looking at this symbol, Mu Yi suddenly thought of the finger bone left by Nian Weiyi. The power at this time must have come from that finger bone. But now, it belonged to Nian Nuer. Unfortunately, the little girl was still not able to master this symbol at present, and couldn’t give full display to its power. After all, the power of this symbol was foreign. Even though it came from her father, who was homologous with her, it would still take a long time for her to absorb and refine it.

   Once Nian Nuer was capable of controlling this symbol, her strength would probably reach the level of those at perfection. This was a gift from her father, which could save her countless years of hard work all at once. 

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