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Chapter 457 Magic Wall




   Nian Nuer’s spirit character Rune suddenly glowed. Although Nian Nuer could only exert a small part of its power at her current strength, it was enough to spell doom for  Zhu Xianglan.


  Looking at the spirit character Rune, a sudden and extreme fear rose in Zhu Xianglan’s heart. She shouted instinctively. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t change anything. The whip that she was lashing towards Nian Nuer was getting slower and slower, and the expression on her face was getting stiff.


  Finally, the spirit in Zhu Xianglan’s eyes disappeared, and her soul was directly inhaled into the half-empty rune.

  It seemed that the little girl was also shocked by her power. She didn’t react for a long time. Only once Zhu Xianglan’s’ son roared and ran away without turning back did the little girl come back from her trance. The spirit character Rune also slipped into her brow without any trace.

 Both Nian Nuer and Mu Yi stayed still for a while. It was honestly not that difficult for Mu Yi to get rid of the immortal rope. He just didn’t want to destroy such a treasure. But unexpectedly, Zhu Xianglan died at Nian Nuer’s hands in such a short time.

  Though, to be more precise, she died due to Nian Weiyi. After all, the spirit character and the symbol were completed through his strength. Nian Nuer simply absorbed the power of the finger bone. Zhu Xianglan found it hard to find her place in life, and ultimately, she died under the power of the man who’s memory has been pestering her all her life. It was her destiny. 

  Maybe Nian Weiyi really did fail Zhu Xianglan, but even if this was so, that was not the reason she became the pathetic creature she was. Over the years, she had done many evil things, which could be seen from her entangled resentments. Her so-called son should not have existed in this world.

  It’s a pity that just after he escaped into the wall, Mu Yi made up his mind to save Zhen Ping’er, but also cut off the roots of this issue to eliminate any chance of a potential disaster. Moreover, he was very interested in the wall that was able to isolate energy. The immortal rope was also obtained in this place, which made him even more curious about the owner of the ancient tomb.

  After Zhu Xianglan’s death, the immortal rope lost its master. Mu Yi just made a small gesture to break away from it. At this time, Zhen Ping’er woke up.

  When she felt that she was being held by someone, Zhen Ping’er struggled, but she was weak. Her struggle was merely a weak twist of her body, and the pain of this action immediately made her frown.

“Just wake up.”

  At this time, a voice came into Zhen Ping’er’s ear. Hearing the familiar voice, Zhen Ping’er’s body gradually stiffened. She noticed a force in her body, which allowed her to barely stand. 

“Thank you for saving me.”

  After getting up, Zhen Ping’er spoke slowly and her voice was hoarse. Although she didn’t know what happened, she saw Mu Yi and could basically guess the events that had unfolded. It must have been Yan Wushuang who found Mu Yi, and then he came to save her.

“No, since I took you away, I should send you back safely.” Mu Yi said lightly, “Your injury was somewhat serious. You’d better get it treated first.”

  Mu Yi clearly knew the state Zhen Ping’er was in clearly. Although she was standing at the moment, she was at the end of her tether. Mu Yi didn’t hesitate to take out a revival charm and used it on Zhen Ping’er.

  Zhen Ping’er intended to refuse, but before she could say anything, Mu Yi moved. A strong green light, full of vitality, wrapped around her.

  Zhen Ping’er finally closed her eyes and began to absorb the energy from the charm. She didn’t know what kind of feeling was in her heart, so she focused on healing.

  Time passed quietly. Mu Yi didn’t leave until Zhen Ping’er woke up.

  A revival charm couldn’t make her recover completely. After all, she had been heavily injured, even if it had healed now to some degree. She could freely move, but her wounds would take some time to fully heal.

  When Zhen Ping’er woke up, she also saw Zhu Xianglan lying on the ground without any life. Her expression suddenly became more complicated. In fact, from the moment she saw Mu Yi, she understood that this was likely the result, but she didn’t see the corpse before, so she had some hopes.

  Now, seeing Zhu Xianglan’s body, her face also couldn’t help but show a thick sadness.

“You can seek revenge on me later.” Mu Yi looked at Zhen Ping’er and said.

“No, I didn’t expect this to happen so soon, even though I knew this would come to pass. When you found me, I already felt that it was her end.” Zhen Ping’er shook her head and said.

“You don’t hate her?” Mu Yi asked.

“No, if I hadn’t been with her, I would have starved to death. She gave me a second life and taught me everything. So even if she killed me, I would not regret it, let alone blame her.” Zhen Ping’er said slowly.

“May I bury her here?” Zhen Ping’er then looked at Mu Yi and said, “this is an ancient tomb.”

“Do whatever you want to do. Don’t ask me. Rather, do you know whose grave lies here?” Mu Yi asked again. At the moment, the immortal rope was in his hands. No one was controlling it. The immortal rope was only one-meter long and its thickness was like a small thumb. The surface was dark and inconspicuous. If you looked at it carefully however, you could see that the immortal rope was not simply black, but made up of small scales. But these scales were too small and could be easily ignored.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know that she had been hiding here for so many years.” Zhen Ping’er’s tone was a little low. As an apprentice, she didn’t know this place. Obviously, she didn’t get Zhu Xianglan’s trust, which was even more devastating to her than seeing Zhu Xianglan’s death.

“Well, you don’t have to be too sad. She could have had a worse ending. You do what you must. I’ll go inside and have a look.”

  After Mu Yi finished speaking, he took the immortal rope and walked towards the wall, while Nian Nuer followed him closely, barefoot.

  Seeing Mu Yi and Nian Nuer disappear into the wall, Zhen Ping’er was not too surprised. After a while, she came to Zhu Xianglan’s corpse and squatted down. She gently covered Zhu Xianglan’s eyelids with one hand, then went to a corner of the tomb and dug out the ground with both hands.

  Although she had cultivation remaining and could dig the hard ground with her hands, her fingers were still stained with blood. However, Zhen Ping’er seemed to be unaware of this and continued to dig there.

  At the moment he passed through the wall, Mu Yi only felt that he was abruptly pushed in. He had tested it with his hand before. The wall was very hard, and even the eye of heaven could not differentiate it from a normal wall. When he thought of passing through the wall, and he actedto do so, the hard wall suddenly softened and let him pass through.

  It was the first time Mu Yi saw such a magical wall. Although Taoism had a wall-penetrating technique, it was not the same concept in any way. But thinking of the immortal rope in his hand, Mu Yi was not surprised. Since the ancient tomb had the immortal rope, it was normal for it to conceal even more secrets.

  Looking back, the wall has returned to as it was before. Even if Mu Yi reached out to touch it, it just seemed to be an ordinary wall. If he didn’t see Zhu Xianglan coming out of here, Mu Yi would never have imagined that there was such a huge space behind the wall.

  When he came in, Mu Yi did not see Zhu Xianglan’s so-called son. The thing was not even a human being, save for a layer of human skin. It was more appropriate to describe it as a tool used for murder..

  Although the undead tool was nowhere to be found, he didn’t bother thinking about it for now.

  The area here was five or six times wider than that of the tomb outside, and the furnishings were similar to that of a study. There were two rows of bookshelves, which should have been filled with books originally. At the moment however, there now stood many porcelain, jade, yellow, and white objects. Calligraphy and paintings covered the walls.

  However, these things were obviously added later, and there were many daily necessities here. Zhu Xianglan has taken this place as her home of sorts. There was a wall and a crystal ball. This place was really safe. Even if someone broke into the ancient tomb, as long as they didn’t know of  the mystery inside, they wouldn’t likely find it.

A huge table stood near the wall. One crystal ball with a big head was left on the table.

  Mu Yi tried to communicate with the crystal ball with the power of his mind. A picture emerged above. It was the scene of Zhen Ping’er digging a hole with her hand. Obviously, Zhu Xianglan used the crystal ball to observe the outside area before. He had thought that the wall could be seen through from the inside, but it seemed he was mistaken.

  Mu Yi saw Zhen Ping’er’s hands stained with blood from the crystal ball and looked numb.

  Looking at her appearance, Mu Yi sighed in his heart. In fact, even if Zhu Xianglan did not die at the hands of Nian Nuer, Mu Yi would not have let her go.

He turned away from the picture in the crystal ball and the image disappeared. Mu Yi continued to observe the surrounding area. On the other side, there was a huge jade bed. The jade bed alone was priceless. Practicing on it would only require half the effort.

  Later, Mu Yi also found traces of the undead’s escape. In the corner of the wall, there was a stone gate. Mu Yi stepped forward and pushed the stone gate open with a little force. After a while, a strong dead energy came out of it.

  This dead energy was very strong, and it could not have been formed within a short time. However, no matter how strong it was, it would not cause any harm to Mu Yi. When his mind moved, Mu Yi’s whole body would be covered with a bright fire, and the dead energy would be burned away.

 Mu Yi took Nian Nuer and went in.





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