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Chapter 458 Resting Place 

Behind the stone gate, there was a long ladder winding deep into the underground. The deeper it went down, the more dead energy there was in the air. It was the first time Mu Yi encountered such strong dead energy. No wonder there was no grass on the surface. Even if humans or animals had attempted to live there, they would soon have been assimilated by the dead energy and die.

“Crack! Crack! “

When Mu Yi left the steps and stepped onto the hard ground, he froze with shock rising on his face. His eyes were fixed forward.

In front of him were numerous sarcophagi. At a glance, there were thousands of them. Each sarcophagus had an oil lamp on it, but all had gone out.

Moreover, Mu Yi had noticed the residual energy of something atrocious before, but when he arrived here, he couldn’t sense it any longer. He thought that the ferocious thing he sensed should be hiding in the deepest part of this place.

“What exactly is this place?” Mu Yi came to his senses after a long time. It would take many people and material resources to create up this huge underground world. If there were people in each of the thousands of sarcophaguses, there would have been thousands of people. But what was in the deepest place? Nobody knew.

“Should I explore?” Mu Yi hesitated. After all, this place was too dangerous. Even with his strength at perfection, he couldn’t guarantee anything. As Jian Hua had said, the world was far more complicated than he had imagined.

Since he had known of the existence of the land of four ends which had been a secret since ancient times before the Last Calamity, Mu Yi believed that even the masters of the fourth stage could not live forever, let alone he who was only at the perfection-stage now.

If it was just in the normal world, with his strength, there were not many things that would make him worry. But this was different. If he went in too deep recklessly, he might lose his life.

Mu Yi thought he should err on the side of caution.

“Leave, young man. This is not a place you should be in.”

When Mu Yi hesitated, an old voice came from the deepest part. Countless sarcophaguses vibrated at the same time. The oil lamps placed on them were also about to be ignited. However, a cold wind blew by, and the sarcophaguses went silent again.

The sudden voice and change startled Mu Yi. His mind was connected with the Xin lamp immediately and a circle of light was glimmering behind his head. In this case, Mu Yi had a sense of security in his mind.

“Where is this place, elder? “Mu Yi didn’t retreat immediately but asked with a bow.

“The dead rest in peace, and this is just a place for a group of homeless souls to rest.” The old voice came again.

From this voice, Mu Yi clearly heard two key points. One was that there were all dead people here. But if they were all dead people, who was the man talking now? And what about the shaking sarcophaguses and the almost lit oil lamps?

The other was homeless. What kind of people are homeless in such a way that they all had needed to gather together and build such a place?

“Did you see the ferocious thing coming in just now?” Mu Yi continued to ask. Although he hadn’t intended to intervene at the beginning, since he had already done it, he naturally wanted to wipe out any future troubles in one stroke. Moreover, if the atrocious thing went out, it would definitely be a disaster for the world. If the cause and effect was counted against his karma, it would be a great injustice.

The man kept silent, and Mu Yi didn’t urge but quietly waited.

Finally, the old voice again said, “It was dead!”

In a simple sentence, Mu Yi felt no movement except to feel a deep breath churning in the deep.

“Thank you very much, sir.” Mu Yi didn’t doubt the other side’s words, because such a powerful being had no need to cheat him. That creature was not worth mentioning in the eyes of a man of this level. If Mu Yi hadn’t reached perfection, the other side may have chosen to kill him directly instead of talking to him.

Since it was a resting place, it shouldn’t be disturbed.

“By the way, is this yours?” Mu Yi then asked, raising the immortal binding rope in his hand.

Although he hadn’t had time to check it carefully, Mu Yi felt that the rope seemed to have been sealed with some powers.

“The immortal binding rope.” The old voice whispered like an evocation, and then the immortal binding rope in Mu Yi’s hand seemed to suddenly come alive. It disappeared in a flash, which was so fast that even Mu Yi could only see a shadow.

“This thing is not mine, but it was in my hands for a period of time. The immortal binding rope is an imitation of the ancient immortal binding chain. Although its power can’t compare with the chain, it’s hard for humans to escape it. If you can inject the soul of a flood dragon into it, even immortals can’t escape from it.” The voice continued, but it made Mu Yi wet with cold sweat. Fortunately, Zhu Xianglan could not bring out the real power of the immortal binding rope, otherwise, he would not have escaped.

As for the soul of a flood dragon, Mu Yi didn’t know where one was. Moreover, since it was related to a dragon, he couldn’t easily go get it. Mu Yi didn’t dare to think about it.

Judging from the beings words however, it seemed the old voice might give the rope to him. Was it possible?

Just when Mu Yi began doubting, the immortal binding rope suddenly flew back from the deep and fell into his hands.

“I have removed the seal on the rope. Since you have this thing, it means that you are destined for it. I just hope you can treat it well, and don’t use it to do anything evil.” The Old voice said with a trace of reluctance.

“Thank you very much, sir.” Mu Yi sincerely thanked him. According to the words of the being, humans couldn’t escape from this rope, which meant that even people at the level of perfection could be bound. With this, Mu Yi had definitely obtained a big advantage.

However, if he wanted to use the power of the immortal binding rope, he needed to refine it. Besides, the immortal binding rope was a unique magic tool. If he wanted to refine it, it would not be a matter of one day and one night. However, Mu Yi thought it would be worth it at any cost.

“Go, young man.”

The old man’s voice came again, and then fell silent, as if asleep. Mu Yi took a deep look and turned away with Nian Nuer.

Just after Mu Yi left, the oil lamp on one of the sarcophagi suddenly lit up, and the sarcophagus lid slid away slightly to one side.

Under the lamp, a figure slowly sat up.

However, Mu Yi didn’t see any of this. He went back to the stone chamber above, glanced at it and walked out of the magical wall again. As for the gold, silver, jewelry, and famous paintings here, they couldn’t attract his attention.

When Mu Yi came out, he saw Zhen Ping’er burying her master’s body. At the moment, her hands were bleeding, but her face was numb as if the pain of her body could no longer affect her.

“All right?” Mu Yi looked at her and asked.

Zhen Ping’er son kneeled on the ground, kowtowed and then stood up, “Okay.”

“Then go.” After Mu Yi finished speaking, he led the way, and Zhen Ping’er immediately followed. Although she looked very embarrassed at the moment, most of her injuries had been cured. With the strength of four chakras, her remaining physical injuries could not affect anything.

On the way out, Zhen Ping’er kept silent but followed Mu Yi. No matter which direction Mu Yi was going in or where he was going, she followed.

Zhen Ping’er didn’t speak, and Mu Yi naturally didn’t want to talk. When they arrived at the town, the sky was already bright. This was because Zhen Ping’er’s speed was too slow, which had delayed the for some time. The journey had been easy for Mu Yi but hard for Zhen Pinger.

She had not recovered yet, and she had almost hurried back with all her strength. It had shown that her will was very firm since she had been able to preserve, which impressed Mu Yi a bit.

Moreover, Mu Yi had been observing Zhen Ping’er, and he gradually came up with an idea.

After entering the inn, Zhen Ping’er blacked out. Mu Yi shook his head and directly sent her to Yan Wushuang’s room. That room was supposed to be his, but now, it was unnecessary. Anyway, the bed in the room was very big and spacious enough for two people.

After resting for one night, Yan Wushuang was much better, but Mu Yi hadn’t used the revival charm on her, so it would take a while for her to recover completely. Although Zhen Ping’er seemed to be in a coma at the moment, her situation was actually better than that of Yan Wushuang.

“Mu Yi, ah, my Lord, how is Ping’er?”

Yan Wushuang saw Mu Yi come in with Zhen Ping’er in his arms and immediately asked anxiously. After all, Zhen Ping’er’s appearance was a little miserable at the moment. Her long skirt was broken and shabby and a lot of skin was exposed. Through the wind and snow along the way, she had become blue and white, and her fingers were badly hurt. She seemed to have suffered from inhuman torture.

“Don’t worry, she’s all right. She won’t die,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“Thank you very much, my Lord.” Yan Wushuang immediately said. She naturally didn’t think that the injuries Zhen Ping’er suffered had been caused by Mu Yi. Rather, Mu Yi had rushed hundreds of miles late at night to rescue her. This kindness couldn’t be forgotten. Even she had been saved by Mu Yi.

“Well, you take care of her and I will stay here for one or two days.” Mu Yi hesitated for a moment and said. He had intended to leave directly, but he decided to stay for two more days considering the situation of the two women. Moreover, he had an idea he was considering.

“Thank you.” Looking at Mu Yi, Yan Wushuang said softly. In her view, Mu Yi was undoubtedly an externally cold but internally warm young person, who wasn’t as vicious as he seemed. That was why she had chosen to turn to Mu Yi, and the facts proved that she was right.

“You’re right, Ping’er. He’s a good man.”

Yan Wushang said to Zhen Ping’er who was lying in the bed unconsciously after Mu Yi left.

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