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Chapter 459 Refining the Magic Tool

If Mu Yi had known of the two women’s dependence on him, he would have been surprised. In his opinion, the two women should regard him as a cold and inhumane person.

Chong Jiayi had prepared another room for Mu Yi early in the morning. After returning to the room, Mu Yi did not rest but took out the immortal binding rope and studied it carefully. As long as the rope was refined, he would have one more trump card.

The Xin lamp had both attack and defense functions, while the immortal binding rope could bind people, which was more flexible in its usage.

In that underground tomb, that ancient existence in the deep had removed the seal on the immortal binding rope. Mu Yi’s mind could go deep into it directly. As expected, no obstacles were encountered despite the instinct of the immortal binding rope repelling him. But this was nothing. As long as enough time was given to Mu Yi, he could completely refine the rope.

Mo Yi held the immortal binding rope in his hands and gradually closed his eyes. At the same time, a huge power built from his mind and spirit rushed into the immortal binding rope. Suddenly, a misty space appeared in Mu Yi’s mind.

   This misty space was similar to the interior space of the Xin lamp. When Mu Yi’s spirit arrived in this space it took the form of his body. Then, he heard a roar.


The roar sounded like a dragon crying. Mu Yi didn’t know why he had this thought. It was almost instinctive. Of course, Mu Yi didn’t think that there was a dragon here, but clearly, the materials for refining the immortal binding rope must have been extraordinary.

“Is it a dragon’s meridian?” He thought.

Finally, the fog slowly spread to both sides, and a huge creature appeared in front of him. Seeing this, Mu Yi was relieved but disappointed, because the creature in front of him was not a real dragon from the legends, but a huge snake instead. However, the snake had a single horn on its head and two front claws sticking out under its abdomen. However, it had no back legs.

Flood Dragon!

Mu Yi immediately understood, no wonder the ancient existence had asked him to look for the soul of a dragon. In this way, it would undoubtedly have excellent affinity with the rope, and  would definitely increase the power of the immortal binding rope.

“Do I need to beat you?” Mu Yi looked at the Flood Dragon which was slowly moving, and suddenly he was full of fighting spirit. This was the first time that he was going to really begin refining a magic tool.

Although the Xin lamp was also a magic tool, when the old Taoist Priest had given it to him, it had lost its kindling, which was the most important part. Besides, he wouldn’t have been able to start refining it with his strength at that time without the help of the old Taoist Priest. 

Later, he had found the Nanming Li Fire to give the lamp kindling again. At that time, he had finished refining the lamp, so when the kindling had been put in later, he easily refined the Nanming Li Fire with the Xin Lamp. Of course, it was also related to the fact that he had absorbed the memory of the flame at that time.

It was not until the repair spells on the Xin lamp had been completed that it had been completely integrated with him and became his magic tool. So for various reasons, Mu Yi had not encountered any challenges refining the Xin lamp

But the immortal binding rope was different. It was a completed magic tool. Although its quality was not as good as the Xin lamp, it was not bad. Because of this, it was going to be somewhat difficult for Mu Yi to refine it.

He understood that the first step to refine the rope was to defeat the Flood Dragon in front of him. This Flood Dragon didn’t have the same strength as when it had been alive, but its strength was still at the level of perfection. 

“Come on.”

Mu Yi did not have the Xin lamp or the Bamboo Tree of Life in this place. The only thing Mu Yi could rely on was his own mental power and will, but he was not afraid.


The Flood Dragon roared again, but it was different from the previous roar. Obviously, the provocation from Mu Yi had made it angry. It wanted to devour Mu Yi.

The Flood Dragon jumped in the air and twisted its body. A large mouth appeared in front of Mu Yi, intending to swallow him.


Mu Yi also cried out loudly and threw out a punch. This punch was a punch formed from pure will. Here, the stronger one’s will was, the more powerful the strength one emitted. Mu Yi’s will had already reached the threshold of perfection.


This punch directly hit the dragon’s chin and that big mouth snapped shut.

The Flood Dragon raised its head high and a claw that was as big as Mu Yi’s body suddenly struck down. Although the Flood Dragon’s body was huge, it moved like the wind and was incredibly flexible.

Mu Yi shook his body and dodged the claw. At the same time, he launched another attack on Flood Dragon’s body.

The body of the Flood Dragon was so huge that the power from Mu Yi’s attack had been reduced a lot. But even so, with Mu Yi’s strength, it was enough to cause the Flood Dragon to suffer.


Just when Mu Yi felt satisfied with his attack, the Flood Dragon suddenly whipped its tail. Mu Yi couldn’t avoid it and was struck. Mu Yi’s body disappeared from the mental space.


In the mental space, only the roar of the Flood Dragon was left.


Outside, Mu Yi opened his eyes and pain flashed on his face.

“I was careless.” Mu Yi whispered. Although he knew Flood Dragon was very strong, he had thought there was no risk to his life in that space, so he instinctively underestimated it. He hadn’t expected to learn a lesson in caution..

If that had been a real fight, Mu Yi would have been seriously injured even if he hadn’t died.

“It’s no wonder that the number of magic tools is small. Only people at half-step perfection or true perfection can fully control a magic tool and exert its power.” Mu Yi thought. Magic tools were equivalent to the existence of the perfect-stage to some extent.

If you wanted to refine the magic tool completely and integrate it with yourself, you needed to defeat the original consciousness within the magic tool. That was to say, if you didn’t have enough strength, you couldn’t make the magic tool recognize you as its master.

Of course, the origin of the magic tool was still limited after all. Even a senior level expert might succeed in refining it if he tried again and again at any cost. But it might take several years or even decades.

   Mu Yi did not have such a long time to waste, and even without the help of the Xin lamp, his own strength had reached half-step perfection. Although the immortal binding rope was not comparable to the Xin lamp, it was also obviously beyond those ordinary magic tools.

“It was through a lucky fluke that I could refine the lamp. Was the fact that there was no kindling in the lamp something arranged by the old Taoist Priest long ago? Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence? Just when I found the envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, the King Xian’s Grave was opened. And no one else was able to subdue the Nanming Li Fire, but I did.” Mu Yi couldn’t help thinking.

“But no matter what, this is a rare opportunity for me right now. I can just practice my fighting skills in that space. As long as I can defeat that Flood Dragon, my strength will definitely increase as well.”

After all, Mu Yi had spent too little time to achieve his breakthroughs. It would take decades for others to achieve what he had obtained within a year. Although his power was very strong, his subtle control of that power was still not as good as those experienced masters. Unfortunately, it was not easy to find an existence at his level to practice.

But at present, Mu Yi saw an opportunity. Although every time he failed, he would lose a little mental power, he could afford the temporary loss.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi didn’t hesitate to infuse his mind and his spiritual power into the immortal binding rope once again. Although he had just failed, his mind and spiritual power didn’t disappear but gradually integrated into the immortal binding rope. So even if he had failed before, there was now a faint connection between him and the immortal binding rope.

As soon as Mu Yi appeared, the Flood Dragon came directly at him, and a fierce fight broke out. But this time, Mu Yi took the fight seriously, so he had persisted for a while. But in the end, he had still failed. This time, he had been scratched by the dragon.

After coming out, Mu Yi did not enter into it again, but meditated instead. He restored his mental and spiritual strength, reviewed the previous battles, and absorbed what was useful to him.

The Xin lamp appeared and the light enveloped him, making his mind and spirit recover quickly.

Half an hour later, Mu Yi entered again and fought against the Flood Dragon. This time, Mu Yi had persisted for a longer time, and his punch had become more dominating and domineering.

Within a day, Mu Yi had entered the space ten times in a row. This was because the Xin lamp had restored the power of his mind and spirit. If it had been someone else, they would be able to hold on for two or three times at most. After all, the power of the mind and spirit would be reduced too quickly otherwise and may hurt one’s foundation.

Even with the Xin lamp, it was close to Mu Yi’s limit to enter ten times.

The ten battles had caused Mu Yi’s temperament to change a little and subsequently he looked a little fiercer. This was because he’d fought too many battles and it was difficult for him to shake off his bloodlust. However, after Mu Yi relaxed for a while, that fierceness would gradually disappear.

After ten battles, Mu Yi had obviously felt that his strength had been improved a lot. His physical strength had not been increased at all, but his overall power and technique had improved.

Mu Yi didn’t fight anymore. He used his mind and the immortal binding rope began to shrink and finally became a belt tied to his waist. It was a simple level of control which had resulted from Mu Yi’s ten battles. However, it would take several more days to make the immortal binding rope obey his commands fully.

Zhen Ping’er woke up after sleeping a day and a night. After waking up, she was mostly dull and unwilling to talk. For this reason, Yan Wushuang asked Mu Yi to speak with her.

“If you want to die, I can help you.”

When Mu Yi came to Zhen Ping’er’s room, Mu Yi could see her situation state at a glance. Despair was the greatest sorrow. Although she was still alive, she was like a dead woman walking.

Maybe it was Mu Yi’s words that stimulated her. Zhen Ping’er looked up at Mu Yi, wriggled her mouth for a while, and finally said, “No.”

“Sometimes people don’t just live for themselves. But if they lose themselves, it’s meaningless to live. So, people always have to find a goal for themselves.” Mu Yi was not polite either. He sat down directly. Although he was young, as long as he stood there, no one would care about his age.

“What’s your goal? Dominate the world?” Zhen Ping’er’s eyes slowly glimmered a little.

“No, it’s too much trouble to dominate the world. My goal is just to survive,” said Mu Yi lightly.

“To survive?” Zhen Pinger looked at Mu Yi with a little surprise as if she hadn’t believed it.

“Yes, to survive.” Mu Yi nodded and said. He couldn’t wait to improve his strength now, so as to cope with the coming Last Calamity at any time in order to survive.

“The world is bigger and more complicated than you think. If I don’t watch out, even I will lose my life.” Mu Yi repeated the words of Jiao Hua to Zhen Ping’er.

Zhen Pinger remained silent and didn’t seem to know how to respond.

“Do you know what I saw under the tomb last night?” Mu Yi ignored Zhen Ping’er’s reaction and said.

Zhen Ping’er looked up at Mu Yi and seemed to wait for him to talk.

“I saw thousands of sarcophagi, where many people died a long time ago and may come back to life in the future. It’s called a resting place.” Mu Yi said, but his words were a little incomprehensible to Zhen Pinger. Why could they revive after they had died? Would those who revived still be the ones they had used to be?

In fact, there was no answer to this question. Maybe the ancient existence knew the answer.

“Do you know why your master ended up like this?” Mu Yi asked again.

“Because of a man.” Zhen Ping’er hesitated for a moment but still answered.

“It’s true, because of a man named Nian Weiyi who should have been immortal. But he died because of his arrogance.” Mu Yi continued.

Zhen Pinger listened carefully, and the rigidity on her face melted slowly. She had more vitality and no longer had the dead silence.

“What do you live for?” Mu Yi asked suddenly.

“For what?” Zhen Ping’er was at a loss. She didn’t even know what she was living for. 

“Do you want to see the world?” Mu Yi asked.

“May I see it?” Zhen Ping’er hesitated a little. She knew that the world mentioned by Mu Yi was not the same as the world in other people’s eyes or even the world she was familiar with. However, her strength was too low. Although she had opened four chakras, she was still too weak.

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