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Chapter 460 The choice of Zhen Ping’er

“May I see it?” Zhen Ping’er was not only asking Mu Yi, but also about herself.

“Yes, follow me, and I’ll show you the world.” There was a trace of bewitchment in Mu Yi’s voice.

“Follow you?” Zhen Ping’er looked at Mu Yi.

“Yes, follow me. I can make you strong.” Mu Yi nodded.

“I… what do you want from me in return?” Zhen Ping’er was not a fool. She knew that if she wanted to get something, she needed to pay. There was no such thing as a free lunch, and no one would help her selflessly.

It seemed to be obvious what the greatest value of a beautiful woman was in the eyes of a man.

“It turns out that all men are the same.” Zhen Ping’er suddenly thought in her heart. She thought that Mu Yi would be different. After all, from the beginning, Mu Yi showed no interest in her. He had no so-called pity for her.

“Your loyalty, as well as…” Mu Yi said slowly, and Zhen Pinger’s heart relaxed.

“Your faith.” Mu Yi finally said.

“Faith?” Zhen Ping’er was stunned. She looked at Mu Yi for an explanation. Loyalty was easy to understand. After all, no one wanted his subordinates to betray him, but what about faith? Did he want her to believe in him alone?

The land, City Gods, and many other cults might need belief. However, in Zhen Ping’er’s eyes, those cults were mostly a means of deceiving people and making money. However, she had never heard of the Sparrow Organization being such a cult. After all, they paid attention to fairness, how could they act that way?

Was she wrong?

“Yes, faith.” Mu Yi said, and a symbol flew out of his eyebrow. This symbol was the seal of the rose finch. At present, only Yun Mengxuan had the seal of the rose finch.

Once upon a time, Mu Yi thought that there were only three seals of the rose finch, which belonged to three fighters respectively. Once the lamp was completed, he realized that there were twelve seals in total. It was these twelve symbols that made up the main symbol of the lamp. Mu Yi also had power at the perfect-level because of his integration with this symbol of the Xin lamp.

When the lamp was complete, the symbol could be split again, and it would not affect the main symbol, but the split sub symbol needed enough energy provided by the lamp oil.

There was some surplus of lamp oil, so Mu Yi could form a sub symbol. As long as Zhen Ping’er absorbed this sub symbol, she would accept a prohibition in her soul. This prohibition was even more hegemonic than the original one. Even if Zhen Ping’er’s future strength exceeded Mu Yi’s, she could not betray him.

However, this Symbol could also speed up the cultivation of the host. Besides her qualifications, the reason why Yun Mengxuan could advance so fast was mostly due to the Xin lamp.

Of course, the greatest function of this sub symbol was to contribute the power of faith. A while ago, Mu Yi had realized the benefits of the power of faith, especially after refining the lamp. The power from faith was pure, and could be absorbed by anyone. This power could not only break through bottlenecks, but could also directly increase one’s achievements with different powers, without having to worry about any signs of instability.

However, because there was only Yun Mengxuan as his source of faith, the power of faith provided was too little. Because of this, Mu Yi had the idea to increase the sources of belief. However, he had not found the right person for a long while. After all, there were only 12 possible sub symbols in total, so he had to be careful.

Of course, Mu Yi originally thought that only women could bear the seal of the rose finch. This turned out to be wrong. As long as one truly submitted and willingly integrated with a sub symbol, they could become a new source of faith.

Mu Yi had never been a pedantic character. Since increasing the source of belief could rapidly increase his strength, he would not miss this opportunity. Especially, since the Last Calamity was coming. How could there be a good end without fighting back? Only by fighting against the heavens could there be a chance of success.

As early as back when he was on the mountain, Mu Yi had these thoughts in mind. After all, whether you were talking about Zhen Ping’er or Yan Wushuang, their qualifications could be counted highly among their peers. If they could become a source of faith and integrate with the seal of the rose finch, their strength would definitely breakthrough once again, and their cultivation in the future would be much more efficient. At the same time, their energy source would continue to provide the power of faith to Mu Yi.

However, Mu Yi had hesitated all this time. It was for this reason that he didn’t mention this until now. Now however, fate had once again entangled them, and Mu Yi naturally didn’t want to let this chance go. Just as the saying goes, if you don’t accept what Heaven gives, you will be punished.

“This symbol is also called the seal of the rose finch. As long as you merge with it, you can at least open another chakra.” Mu Yi said lightly. This kind of thing was her greatest wish. If Zhen Ping’er didn’t really accept this, then she couldn’t integrate the seal of rose finch regardless.

“After integration, you would be the only one I’d need to obey, right?” Zhen Ping’er looked up at Mu Yi.

“Well, you could say that.” Mu Yi nodded. Although he didn’t want to admit it, the truth was that Zhen Ping’er could not betray him in her whole life as long as she integrated the seal of the rose finch.

“I accept.” Zhen Ping’er didn’t seem to have much hesitation. She spoke directly and happily. Even Mu Yi was surprised. He just looked at Zhen Ping’er’s expression. She didn’t feel nervous or uneasy. She was as calm as ever.

“Well I don’t agree.” At this time, there was a sound outside the door. Then the door was pushed open. Yan Wushuang angrily walked in. Although she had left before, she didn’t truly leave because she was not at ease. Instead, she secretly eavesdropped at the door.

Mu Yi and Zhen Ping’er didn’t deliberately suppress their voices, so Yan Wushuang heard them clearly.

“At first, I thought you were a good man, but I didn’t expect you to be so shameless and take advantage of others’ danger.” Yan Wushuang looked at Mu Yi angrily. Fortunately, she had not lost her mind and knew that she was not his opponent.

Mu Yi was silent, and didn’t even refute, because at present, he did indeed take advantage of the danger Ping’er had experienced.

“Wushuang, it’s my decision.” Zhen Ping’er suddenly said, then she looked at the seal of the rose finch in front of her, with a trace of both sadness and firmness on her face.

She had never been an ambitious person, and if possible, she only hoped to live a simple life. Unfortunately, the existence of Zhu Xianglan was doomed to make all this her fantasy. Once upon a time, she longed to get rid of Zhu Xianglan’s control. Although she was her respected teacher, that kind of life was not what she wanted.

But when Zhu Xianglan really died before her, she suddenly lost her will. She did not know how to move on, nor what her purpose was.

Rather than Mu Yi’s words moving her, she felt that she had found a goal and a path to follow. She would rather be manipulated like a puppet than live like a walking corpse.

“Are you crazy? Do you know what that means?” Yan Wushuang looked at Zhen Ping’er with a face full of disbelief. During their time on the mountain, they had developed a deep friendship.

“Do you not know that it is never good to be completely beholden to another?” 

But Zhen Ping’er suddenly smiled, and before Yan Wushuang could react, her fingers had already met the symbol.

At that time, Zhen Ping’er was shocked. It felt like an electric current passed through her fingertips. For a moment, she couldn’t move.

Then, the seal of the rose finch imprinted between her brows, and she could clearly feel that there seemed to be something in her mind. She felt that there was a kind of connection between her and Mu Yi. She had good feelings toward Mu Yi, as if the person in front of her was the closest person to her in her life.


Just as Zhen Ping’er was about to speak, the mark on her brow suddenly flickered, and then a blue flame wrapped her directly.

This sudden change also scared Zhen Ping’er. However, she soon found that the flame did not cause any harm to her. Instead, she felt a pure force drilling into her body, and the realm she had just broken through was quickly consolidated. In addition, she had many thoughts flow into her mind, regarding opening up the first chakra through the sixth chakra, including detailed notes on how to accomplish this.

“I went awry.”

According to these experiences, Zhen Ping’er soon found some problems with her previous cultivation. She sat on the ground with her knees crossed and began to correct her previous mistakes a bit.

All this happened so fast that Yan Wushuang didn’t react. However, she understood that it was useless for her to say anything else. Fortunately, Zhen Ping’er was very calm at the moment. Although the flame on the surface of her body looked very scary, it didn’t hurt her.

Seeing Zhen Ping’er fall into a state of cultivation similar to enlightenment, Yan Wushuang’s expression suddenly became complicated. She knew that since the kidnapping, her good sister had been different, and the culprit of all this was the man next to her, Mu Yi.

“Why?” Yan Wushuang looked at Mu Yi and asked.


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