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Chapter 461 Reconstruct the Three Towers

“Why?” Yan Wushuang looked at Mu Yi and asked. She didn’t understand why Mu Yi chose to do this? In her opinion, Mu Yi would never be short on helpers, so why did he choose Zhen Ping’er? Didn’t he know she was pitiful?

“You should not be asking me about this. Ask her. Everyone makes their own choices and needs to be responsible for their choices. She is no different.” Mu Yi shook his head and made it clear that he did not force anything on her. Everything was Zhen Ping’er’s own choice. Of course, he was very clear about why Zhen Ping’er did so. In fact, he was definitely suspect for taking advantage of anothers’ danger, so Yan’s accusation was not without legitimacy.

“Well, bring it on then.” Yan Wushuang suddenly looked at Mu Yi.

“What?” On the contrary, her attitude confused Mu Yi, and he didn’t react for a while.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid. Isn’t this what you were aiming for from the beginning?” Yan Wushuang looked at Mu Yi with scorn on her face. At this time, Mu Yi understood what Yan Wushuang was talking about. His expression suddenly became strange. He really didn’t think too much about it, but looking at Yan Wushuang’s expression, he knew that no matter how he explained it, she wouldn’t understand his intentions.

He looked at Yan Wushuang and thought about her carefully once again. Although Yan Wushuang had opened one chakra less than Zhen Ping’er, her qualifications were not actually inferior to those of Zhen Ping’er. If she was a source for his power of faith, she would be more than qualified. This could only benefit Yan Wushuang.

“Forget it, since you want it this badly, who am I to deny you?” In his heart he sighed as the last part of the lamp oil was consumed completely, and an identical symbol flew out from between his eyebrows.

Yan Wushuang looked at the symbol in front of her and was curious, but more so nervous. To be honest, she regretted her words just after saying them. Her words were pure impulse, but her stubborn character doomed her to grit her teeth and swallow this bitter fruit even if she regretted it later.

What’s more, she had to save her good sister. How could she keep her sister from the tiger without entering the tiger’s den?

After gritting her teeth, Yan Wushuang copied what Zhen Ping’er did before. She reached out her finger and pointed it at the symbol in front of her eyes. In the next moment, her eyes suddenly opened wide. Then the symbol directly penetrated into her eyebrows. Deep in her eyes, there was a flash of regret. But it didn’t take long for that regret to disappear. When looking at Mu Yi again, she actually felt a little lucky. Fortunately, she chose to do this.

Soon after, a blue flame appeared on the surface of Yan Wushuang’s body, and she began to cultivate.

Mu Yi didn’t lie. After integrating the seals of the rose finch, they might lose some freedom, but what they would gain was undoubtedly more valuable. This integration was an opportunity for both of them.

Mu Yi didn’t leave, but sat down on the bed with his knees crossed. In his sea of knowledge, the Xin lamp was rotating quietly, and the fire was still burning, as if it would never go out.

He had formed two symbols in a row, so the energy of the lamp was weak. However, this was only temporary. It would recover in a short time. Moreover, with two more sources of faith, the lamp would absorb more power.

The power of his mind and spirit integrated with the Xin lamp. When his mind urged, a white silk thread appeared in his consciousness. This silk thread was a so-called faithline. One end was connected with the Xin lamp, while the other end was reached out toward the boundless void. At the end of this line, was Yun Mengxuan.

Vaguely, Mu Yi could feel Yun Mengxuan’s position, but this feeling was not clear because she was too far away and Mu Yi’s strength was insufficient. But Mu Yi believed that when his strength was strong enough, with the help of the faithline, he could definitely pinpoint the other’s locations with a thought.

In addition to Yun Mengxuan, Mu Yi also felt the two symbols twinkling beside him, but because they were merely at the beginning stages of integration, there were no faithlines.

But with the sub symbol, he could also feel the state of their bodies.

At the moment, Zhen Ping’er was making up for her foundation, and the Nanming Li fire had the effect of quenching her body. She felt pain, but the pain was within her tolerance.

When Mu Yi put his attention toward her, Zhen Ping’er became aware of his presence, and her mind was shaken. He was so scared that Mu Yi hurried out of her mind for fear of unpredictable consequences caused by his recklessness. If that were to occur, he would be unworthy of their faith..

For this reason, Mu Yi didn’t disturb Yan Wushuang either. He just entered into meditation and waited.

When the color of the day gradually darkened, Mu Yi suddenly felt shaking from the Xin lamp. Two faithlines appeared. At the other ends were Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang.

After these two faithlines appeared, the lamp began to draw in the energy, and the previous consumption began to recover slowly.

Seeing this situation, Mu Yi was at ease. Three lines of belief meant three sources of belief. Mu Yi believed that the Xin lamp would evolve again sooner or later. At that time, he would also attain greater strength. Even in the face of a heavenly man, he thought he could fight back in several ways.

Of course, this was just his guess. How strong was a heavenly man? He hadn’t seen them before, so he couldn’t tell them at all.

At this time, the Tao seed, which had been silent in his heart, suddenly came out. Although it didn’t enter the sea of knowledge and the Xin lamp, it generated a suctioning force as soon as it appeared. The three faithlines originally belonging to the Xin lamp were shaken as one of them broke, disappearing without a trace.

Seeing this situation, Mu Yi was shocked. After all, it was not a small thing to be without a faithline. After all, only when people died would a faithline disappear.

At the same time, Mu Yi clearly felt that there was a kind of anger exuding from the Xin lamp, which seemed to be aimed at the Tao seed.

When Mu Yi concentrated his mental and spiritual power on the Tao seed, he finally understood where the missing faithline had gone. The line was snatched by the Tao seed and was directly occupied by it. Moreover, the Tao seed was devouring the faith energy.

This discovery shocked Mu Yi. He never heard that the power of faith could be absorbed by a Tao seed. In this way, were not all heavenly men gods that could accept faith?

However, Mu Yi soon found that the Tao seed did not directly devour the power of faith. It devoured the energy after it was refined by the Xin lamp. No wonder the Xin lamp was so angry. This was basically a tiger snatching food. If the Xin lamp was a person, it would definitely jump to blame the Tao seed for its despicable behavior.

After discovering this situation, Mu Yi began to comfort the lamp. After all, the Tao seed was more important to him. After absorbing the power of faith, the cohesion speed of the Tao seed’s virtual shadow had obviously accelerated. Perhaps, as long as there was enough power from faith, the Tao seed could also be made to mature in advance.

As long as he opened the seventh chakra and achieved true perfection, he could directly step into the third-stage and achieve the state of a heavenly man with the help of Tao seed.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi’s heart couldn’t help but get hot.

Suddenly, Mu Yi opened his eyes and resisted the urge to find someone to accept the seal of the rose finch immediately. After all, there were only 12 seals of the rose finch, and at present there were three masters. The rest must be carefully selected. After all, it was related to the power of faith. An ordinary person gave much less power from faith than the power of faith produced by those in the second stage.

Therefore, strength and potential were very important; especially the latter.

At this time, Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang woke up. Two strong energies erupted from them. After a day’s practice, Zhen Ping’er had successfully opened the fifth chakra without any sign of instability. Yan Wushuang had also opened the fourth chakra, and their strengths had greatly increased.

In addition, they looked at Mu Yi the same way Yun Mengxuan did. Although they were very conscious and their memories were perfectly intact, they could not hate Mu Yi in any way, and they were even grateful to him

“Thank you very much for your help.” They said almost at the same time.

“No need.” Mu Yi gently waved, and then asked the two, “What are you going to do in the future?”

“At your command.” Zhen said.

At present, both Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang had monumentous strength compared to their peers. If they didn’t use it, it would be a waste. Thinking of the three Towers in the Sparrow Organization back in its heyday, Mu Yi suddenly had an idea.

Although Yun Mengxuan currently planned everything for the Sparrow Organization, the rapid expansion of the Sparrow Organization had gradually caused her to become overwhelmed. Especially in the far south. It was so big that she couldn’t get there in a short time from Dongting to Yangcheng City. Even with carrier pigeons, she couldn’t achieve the speed needed. Therefore, the urgent task now was to rebuild the first three Towers.

“Do you know the name of the three Towers of the Sparrow Organization?” Mu Yi said directly.

“My Master, I have heard a little.” Yan Wushuang said.

“Very well. At present I want to rebuild these three Towers. Zhu Phoenix Tower is still powerful, and doesn’t need to be rebuilt. What really needs to be rebuilt was the South Phoenix Tower and the Fire Phoenix Tower. Once done, these three Towers would represent the whole South Sparrow Organization. Are you willing to take this burden?” Mu Yi said solemnly.

The reconstruction of the three Towers was not so simple, and the three Towers were not like the general sparrow hall. It needed more care and professional talents. Fortunately, the business of the Hehuan Clan was to gather information, which saved him a lot of trouble. However, the only problem was that Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang couldn’t really represent the Hehuan Clan, and the best way was for him to pay them a visit in person. 

“We will.”

Zhen Ping’er and Yan were both happy. They seemed to be very happy in fact.

Seeing this, Mu Yi smiled.

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