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Chapter 462 Coming to the Hehuan Clan

  One of the reasons for the reconstruction of the three Towers was to place Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang in positions where they could flourish, in addition to finding something for them to do and helping to share the pressure currently on Yun Mengxuan’s shoulders. This would make the Rose Finch Hall more stable. Even in the face of the coming chaos, it would have enough power to resist.

   When Mu Yi proposed to go to the Hehuan Clan, the two women realized Mu Yi’s plan immediately. However, even Yan Wushuang didn’t object to this, on the contrary, she encouraged Mu Yi to hold the Hehuan Clan in his grasp. With the help of the power of the Hehuan Clan, he could gather the other sects in the lower nine streams.

   Obviously, Yan Wushuang at the moment had completely regarded herself as Mu Yi’s person. In her eyes, it was undoubtedly a better choice to depend on Mu Yi rather than the clan. The Hehuan Clan was too weak after all.

   After a brief discussion, Zhen Ping’er became part of the South Phoenix Tower. This place was in Yangcheng City. In addition to her original foundation there, she had the idea of relying on another force. Although it was impossible to pull Huang Feihong into Rose finch Hall directly, it was enough to form an alliance with him. After all, he was a perfect-stage expert, and Zhen Ping’er was his adopted daughter. This was enough to protect South Phoenix Tower.

   Yan Wushuang became part of the Fire Phoenix Tower, which was also in line with her character. However, Fire Phoenix Tower was far away from Yangcheng City. The most suitable place for Fire Phoenix Tower was Guiyang.

   Yan Wushuang’s chose this place, and she was full of confidence in herself.

   The next day, two carriages drove towards the direction of the Hehuan Clan one after the other.

   After getting up today, Yan Feifei was a little uneasy. In fact, since she went back to the mountain alone, she had been thinking about Zhen Ping’er. Once Yan Wushuang sent a message back, she was a little relieved. But it had been more than two months, and even after a few days before the Spring Festival, and they still didn’t come back. Had an accident occured?

She was a little uneasy, and her bad premonition was getting stronger and stronger. But this kind of thing couldn’t be told to others. Moreover, she didn’t know where her apprentice and Zhen Ping’er were. Even if she wanted to find them, she couldn’t do so.

“Elder, sister Wushuang is back.”

   A disciple hurried to Yan Feifei’s residence. Hearing about the return of her apprentice, Yan Feifei was very happy. But then she noticed that the disciple who reported the news had a strange look. She couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter? Is Wushuang hurt?”

“Replying to the elder, sister Wushuang has not been hurt, moreover, she has returned with someone.” The disciple replied.

“Take someone back? Is she a beautiful woman?” Yan Feifei thought of Zhen Ping’er instinctively.

“There is a beautiful woman, but there is also a young Taoist. They are going up the mountain soon. The headmaster asked me to invite you.” The disciple said.

“Is it him?” Hearing her disciple’s words, Yan Feifei suddenly opened her eyes wide and worried. She didn’t expect that her apprentice would bring back Mu Yi. This might not be a good thing for the Hehuan Clan.

“Was she coerced?” Yan Feifei thought in her heart, but no matter what, as her master, she should stand on the side of her apprentice and not allow her apprentice to be hurt. So, Yan Feifei hurried to the reception hall.

   Mu Yi followed Yan Wushuang all the way to the Hehuan Clan. Although it was not far from the town where he stayed before, the snow blocked the road, so they walked very slowly. They were even pushed forward by Big Slave in many places. Therefore, it wasn’t until the next day that a group of people came to the Hehuan Clan.

   At the foot of the mountain, Mu Yi didn’t let Chong Jiayi, Big Slave and other people follow him, and instead went up with the two women alone. At this moment, the mountain was covered with snow. As soon as the three people went up, they attracted the attention of the Hehuan Clan. Especially since the three people didn’t hide their approach. They walked all the way, not only enjoying the snow, but also giving the other party enough time to prepare.

   The Hehuan Clan was in the middle of the mountain. The road was not very rough. You could see many buildings from afar which were owned by several generations of disciples from the Hehuan Clan. The town could be self-sufficient. There were a lot of good fields at the foot of the mountain, and they were rented to the villagers under the mountain. After all, most of the Hehuan Clan were female disciples. In addition, they had no time to farm because of their cultivation.

   Moreover, the disciples of the Hehuan Clan were good at management, and they were not short of money. The only thing they lacked might be decisive power.

   According to Yan Wushuang, the most powerful expert of the Hehuan Clan was the supreme elder who had been in closed cultivation for a long time. It was said that his strength had reached the top of the second-stage, and seven chakras had been opened. For the Hehuan Clan, such strength was enough to suppress the basic industry in the area. In addition, this place was easy to defend and hard to attack, so there was no need to worry about being overtaken by average means.

   It was just that the supreme elder didn’t show up in ordinary times, so the headmaster of the Hehuan Clan was the most powerful expert in public. She had opened five chakras, which was at least better than Yan Wushuang’s master.

   Although there were only about one hundred disciples in the Hehuan Clan, there were five elders who had reached the second-stage. In fact, they were not weak. On the contrary, they were very strong. After all, the Hehuan Clan was a force that had been passed on for many generations. They were far more than those simple gangs in the world.

   In fact, although the Sparrow Hall looked powerful and had Mu Yi who was a perfect-stage expert, besides Nian Nuer, Big Slave, and Chong Jiayi, Rose finch Hall had only five or six people who had reached the second stage at first. Now however, the Sparrow Hall’s strength had increased greatly, and boasted many at the second stage and first-class experts that had joined up. Up till now, there were about 20 people who had reached the second stage, or were first-class experts in the whole of the Rose finch Hall. Compared with the Hehuan Clan, it was only four times as many.

   However, the territory occupied by Sparrow Hall was more than 100 times that of the Hehuan Clan. The key to their continued success thus far was that there were many second and third class experts in Sparrow Hall, and they were all forces known in the world. They were quite different from the half born and half hidden Clan of Hehuan Clan.

   One strove for development, while the other prefered to avoid conflict. The proportion of powerful experts would naturally be different.

  That said, Mu Yi was in the Sparrow Hall, and he was enough to suppress the heavens and earth to a certain extent. Plus, even without Mu Yi’s help, as long as they had Big Slave or Nian Nuer’s help, the whole of the Hehuan Clan could be wiped out.

   What’s more, now the Sparrow Hall and Tangxi Zhai were in an alliance. If Zhen Ping’er could pull Huang Feihong into the chariot, the Sparrow Hall would have three perfect-stage experts. When Nian Nuer reached the perfect level, there would be four. Then they would be equal to the foundation of the Millennium faction.

   Of course, outsiders were outsiders after all, and the alliance also existed because there were enough benefits. If the stakes of betrayal were higher, that so-called alliance was just a piece of waste. So ultimately, Mu Yi could only rely on himself and those closest to him.

   Plus, there was the “SOUL” symbol. Nian Nuer would surely reach the perfect-stage at a rapid pace. The other one that made Mu Yi have some expectations was Big Slave. In addition to his natural power, his speed of cultivation could only be described as the speed of flight. He was definitely a talent. Although he was not smart, God made up for that with his strength.

   With his pure mind, there was a great possibility of him breaking through to the perfect-stage in the future. As for achieving the third difficulty, Mu Yi never thought about it.

   In addition to the Big Slave, Yun Mengxuan, Zhen Ping’er, and Yan Wushuang had good qualifications, and they each had the seal of the rose finch. They could benefit from the experiences Mu Yi had gone through. In the future, they would reach the top, and likely even the senior level. The perfect-stage would be difficult however. 

   After all, no matter how powerful the Xin lamp was, it was impossible to mass produce perfect level experts. They could reach the senior level, mainly because of the high qualifications of the three women.

“Headmaster.” Yan Wushuang looked at the headmaster. Her master and some elders who were there welcomed her and she saluted respectfully. Although she had integrated with the seal of the rose finch and became one of Mu Yi’s people, she had ultimately not changed in any way. She was still herself as she was before in every conceivable way. It was just that how she treated Mu Yi, would change somewhat, but outsiders would never realise this.

“I’m glad you came back, who is this?” The headmaster of Hehuan Clan Xiang Xinyue nodded to Yan Wushuang, and then looked at Mu Yi. Although Yan Feifei had reported it before, she still couldn’t believe it, because in her opinion, Mu Yi shouldn’t have any reason to come to the Hehuan Clan. Did the matter not resolve? Was he coming to ask for trouble?

   At the same time, Xiang Xinyue also looked at Zhen Ping’er, and she knew that Zhen Ping’er was Zhu Yun, the apprentice of fellow disciple Zhu.

“Headmaster, he is the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, the Taoist Mu Yi.” Yan Wushuang introduced Mu Yi respectfully and with grace.

“I’ve seen the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Xiang Xinyue’s face turned and saluted to Mu Yi. Although Mu Yi was young, the strong were always respected by people, and in the way of cultivation, he was also a master.

   At first, Xiang Xinyue was a little upset. After all, she was also the leader of the Clan. But soon, this feeling disappeared, because she found that there was something wrong with Yan Wushuang’s energy.

   As an existence who had opened five chakras, Xiang Xinyue was not a weak person.She was very familiar with Yan Wushuang’s strength. She was very clear that Yan Wushuang had just opened two chakras at the beginning of this year. Even if her qualifications were good, this speed of opening a chakra in two years was fast.

But at the moment, the energy that exuded from Yan Wushuang showed that she seemed to have opened two more chakras in two months, but how could it be?

After all, Yan Wushuang had just made a breakthrough, and she couldn’t control herself perfectly, so she exposed this fact inadvertently. In fact, both Xiang Xinyue and Yan Feifei noticed this.

Even when she had just met her, she had found that her apprentice was very different. After all, as her master, she was also the most familiar with Yan Wushuang. This change of temperament could not be concealed from her.

But although she saw it, she still couldn’t believe it. She looked at the headmaster and as the two people looked at each other, and they could see the uncertainty in each other’s eyes. She was sure that her feelings were not wrong. The real problem was her apprentice’s strength.

As the headmaster, Xiang Xinyue was not easy to speak with, but Yan Feifei had no such scruples. Even though Mu Yi was still at the side, she still asked her apprentice, “Wushuang, how many chakras have you opened now?”

“Responding to master, four have been opened.” Yan Wushuang replied, with a little bit of pride in her words. She had caught up with her master at four chakras. Even if she had less than the headmaster, she was only one chakra short. She believed that in a short time, she would catch up with the headmaster. By then, she would be the strongest in the Hehuan Clan.

“Four, four?” Not only Yan Feifei, but also Xiang Xinyue and the other elders of the Hehuan Clan were shocked. When was it so easy to open up chakras? If it was so simple, why did they have to waste time in this realm? Each chakra was difficult to open. Sometimes, even if they had accumulated enough strength, they dared not break through because they were afraid of the danger and lacked confidence.

In fact, this was also the problem that most practitioners in the world encountered. Beings such as Mu Yi and Yan Wushuang were abnormal.

“Yes.” While talking, Yan Wushuang glanced at Mu Yi, and her look was reflected in the eyes of everyone. At this time, they thought of Mu Yi’s identity. They had just ignored him because of the shock. Fortunately, Mu Yi was not unhappy.

At the same time, they also saw something from Yan Wushuang’s performance.

No matter Xiang Xinyue or Yan Feifei, they were not lying. They were very clear regarding Yan Wushuang’s change. In just two months of separation, she had opened two chakras in succession. It seemed that the cause was self-evident.

Therefore, many people of the Hehuan Clan were eager to look to Mu Yi. They were moved at the thought of Mu Yi’s arrival here.

“Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, it’s cold outside. Please rest in the palace.” Xiang Xinyue looked at Mu Yi and said.

“Then I will disturb headmaster Xiang and the elders.” Mu Yi said politely.

“No such thing as a disturbance. No such thing.” Everyone said hurriedly.

Therefore, under the guidance of a group of people from the Hehuan Clan, Mu Yi took Yan Wushuang and Zhen Ping’er to cross the Mountain Gate of the Hehuan Clan and entered.


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