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Chapter 463 Annexation

“Thank you very much for sending Wushuang back.”

   In the palace, Xiang Xinyue looked at Mu Yi and thanked him. Although she knew that someone of Mu Yi’s identity would not come to her for no reason, she did take the initiative in asking what that purpose may be. 

“Headmaster Xiang doesn’t have to be polite. Wushuang has joined the Sparrow Hall after all.” Seeing Xiang Xinyue pretend to ignore the meaning of his coming to the clan, Mu Yi said clearly.

   The whole palace became silent suddenly. Even Yan Feifei looked at her apprentice in shock. Xiang Xinyue was the headmaster after all, and she had a calmer mind; but even she didn’t expect Yan Wushuang to join the Sparrow Hall. This could easily be considered a betrayal of the Hehuan Clan.

   Although she knew that Mu Yi was very powerful, this was related to the dignity of the Clan, so Xiang Xinyue’s face became serious.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag must be joking. Wushuang is a disciple of the Hehuan Clan. How can she join Sparrow Hall? ” Xiang Xinyue said.

“My Sparrow Hall doesn’t care about that.” Mu Yi’s answer was not what she asked, and he only spoke of the Sparrow Hall, but he refused to mention the rules of the Hehuan Clan.

  Xiang Xinyue’s face was gloomy, but she was still a little rational. She didn’t fight with Mu Yi directly. She was very clear that since Mu Yi dared to come here, it was obvious that things had been settled, and no one in the Hehuan Clan was a match for Mu Yi.

  She finally understood why Yan Wushuang’s strength had improved so much. There was no love without reason in the world. If you wanted to get something, you needed to pay something, but still….

   Looking around, Xiang Xinyue found that there was not much anger on other people’s faces, but rather meditative looks.

“Wushuang, is what the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag said true?” Yan Feifei asked finally.

“Master, it’s true that I have joined the Sparrow Hall. Not alone mind you, so has sister Ping’er.” Yan Wushuang said respectfully. When she spoke to the master who raised her since childhood, Yan Wushuang showed respect from the bottom of her heart.

“You, you…” Yan Feifei pointed to Yan Wushuang and then Zhen Ping’er. Her face was full of disappointment.

“This seat has a question. I don’t know if Xiang headmaster can solve the problem.” Mu Yi said suddenly, and the title he addressed himself with has changed from “I” to “this seat”. This kind of change in phrase made those there feel a rush of pressure that cleared their minds.

“Please speak, Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Xiang Xinyue said solemnly and she was very clear that if today’s affairs were not handled well, it might be a disaster for the Hehuan Clan.

“Now that the world is in chaos. How can the Hehuan Clan remain safe?” Mu Yi asked directly.

“Although we are not a big faction, we have existed for many years. We were established at the beginning of the dynasty, and we had several disasters since then, but they were all resolved by our elders at that time. Now we are close to the mountain and can be self-sufficient. Even if the world is in turmoil, we can just close the mountain. We believe that the danger of the terrain was enough to protect the Hehuan Clan from danger.” Xiang Xinyue said slowly. This was also a reason why the Huan Clan chose to build the mountain gate here.

   Moreover, she hadn’t told Mu Yi about some of their secrets. After several generations of efforts, many parts of the mountain where the Hehuan Clan was located had been hollowed out, and a large amount of food had been stored in it. Even if the Hehuan Clan closed the mountain, it would be enough for people to live and eat well until the end of the chaos and the beginning of a new dynasty.

“If it was in the past, you might be able to avoid this chaos. Unfortunately, Xiang headmaster does not know what this chaos represents.” Mu Yi shook his head gently.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Xiang Xinyue’s face changed.

“You all leave.”

   Xiang Xinyue waved for all the elders and disciples to leave. Although they were puzzled, they all left. Only Mu Yi and Xiang Xinyue were left.

“Please speak, Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Xiang Xinyue said.

“The heaven’s way is ever-changing. I once heard a senior say that heaven’s way devours the thoughts of all living beings, so when people’s minds reached a certain level, the heavens and the earth will change accordingly. Do you know what’s the difference between the heavens and the earth are then from before?” Mu Yi said directly.

“Difference?” Xiang Xinyue frowned.

“A few years ago, foreigners attacked the Forbidden City with guns and cannons. You should know this, right?” Mu Yi asked.

“Yes.” Xiang Xinyue said. The Hehuan Clan was only half-hidden, and so they were clear about the general situation of the world, and were also sensitive enough to think of something from what Mu Yi said.

“Among the most powerful people in the world, there is one living in the Forbidden City. With the power of a Godly Man at the third-stage, even if he can’t fight against tens of thousands of armies, he would have no problems sneaking into their ranks and killing all the foreign leaders. In this way, those foreign people would be in a mess. Even though the Manchu is decadent, the green camp still has fighting power. How could they flee in a hurry? Don’t you want to know why? “Mu Yi said slowly. In fact, this was what many people didn’t understand.

   Originally, Mu Yi merely had some doubts in his mind, but his visit to Guifeng Mountain made him understand a lot, including some secrets.

   After Mu Yi’s words, Xiang Xinyue didn’t answer immediately, but pondered. Some things were just like a quagmire in which you struggled; The more you knew, the more difficult it was to pull out your feet.

   However, as a leader, Xiang Xinyue needed to take the interests of the Hehuan Clan as her first priority. Although her reasoning told her that this was a big hole, she had to jump down regardless.

“Please Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, tell me the reason.” Xiang Xinyue said finally.

“Because the heavens above do not any longer allow us to exert our strength. The stronger your strength is, the more severe the repression is becoming. This constraint is still growing. Maybe years later, even you and I can’t won’t be able to make use of our strength.” Mu Yi said, shaking his head.

   Xiang Xinyue’s face was full of shock. She didn’t fully understand what Mu Yi said, but his words were like a heavy hammer, hitting her head and making her dizzy.

“How could this be true?” Xiang Xinyue refuted instinctively.

“Why not?” Mu Yi glanced at Xiang Xinyue lightly. With the strength Xiang Xinyue had, she really couldn’t feel anything now. Mu Yi knew however, that this kind of thing would be felt sooner or later. This was the Last Calamity. Until there was no trace of practitioners in this world faded away and all the extraordinary forces became a thing of the past, the heavens would not rest.

“So, if this was the past, then the Hehuan Clan could survive in the coming chaos, but you should also know that these kinds of firearms and cannons could not be stopped by this mountain. At that time, the practitioners would begin to fall behind. Ordinary people will have mastered a power beyond that of the practitioners. What do you think the results will be? ” Mu Yi said softly, but it was thunder rolling in Xiang Xinyue’s ear.

“Impossible…isn’t it?” Xiang Xinyue couldn’t believe this, but ultimately, she had accepted what Mu Yi had said in her heart. She was not the kind of headmaster who ignored the outside world and only knew how to cultivate. She knew the external situation very well.

   Now, with what Mu Yi said, she began to think about  the current situation of the world seriously.

“You should ask yourself rather than me. Although I’m not willing to admit it, this world has become more and more impatient with our practitioners. There are many things you don’t know; things I only recently came to know myself. However, the facts do not care about what is convenient to our knowledge. The time left for us cultivators is not long. Although we don’t know whether it will matter in the end, we must resist.” Mu Yi said.

“We don’t have a lot of people and we’re not strong enough.” Silent for a moment, Xiang Xinyue said bitterly.

“I only ask for self-protection, to survive in the Last Calamity, as for contending for the world, I never thought about it.” Mu Yi said directly.

“What does the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag want me to do?” Xiang Xinyue made up her mind. No matter whether her heart, or the things Mu Yi had told her, she had to agree to help him. Otherwise, the Hehuan Clan would be in danger of being overturned.

   Mu Yi looked amiable, and he seemed to speak well, but Xiang Xinyue did not dare to make that gamble.

“I want to rebuild the three Towers to collect information and to command and supervise the Sparrow Halls. Yan Wushuang is the leader of the Fire Phoenix Tower, Zhen Ping’er is the leader of the South Phoenix Tower, and the Hehuan Clan is to be merged into the Fire Phoenix Tower. I will not ask anything else except to assist the Sparrow Hall.” Mu Yi said finally.

   The reason why they were to be merged with the Fire Phoenix Tower, rather than South Phoenix Tower, or divided into two was mainly out of consideration from Mu Yi.

 The  Fire Phoenix Tower was a little far away from the Hehuan Clan. If the Hehuan Clan was incorporated into Fire Phoenix Tower, it would be necessary to migrate. Even though there were still people left at the mountain gate, most of their people would be moved there. 

It was not that Mu Yi did not believe in the Hehuan Clan, but just in case, he did not want to risk possible betrayal to test the Hehuan Clan, because no matter if they failed or succeeded, the price paid would be too big, so it was better to cut off the possibility entirely.

   As for the South Phoenix Tower, although there was no help such as that from the Hehuan Clan, Zhen Ping’er had a certain foundation in Yangcheng City. If her adoptive father was included, it could definitely make up the gap between South Phoenix Tower and the Hehuan Clan. In this way, South Phoenix Tower and the Hehuan Clan could also stand up and play their roles as soon as possible.

   Of course, this matter was related to the division of the power of the Sparrow Hall, which required Yun Mengxuan to come in person. After all, now the Sparrow Hall was in her hands, and she could be said to be below one and above ten thousand. Moreover, some secrets of the Sparrow Hall, and how to operate it, were hers to teach.

“I’ve understood the words of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Xiang Xinyue got up and solemnly bowed to Mu Yi again, but this time it was quite different from before.

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