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Chapter 464 The Secret of the Capital

   From the moment Xiang Xinyue bowed down to Mu Yi, the Hehuan Clan was incorporated into the Sparrow Hall completely. It seemed to be very simple considering Mu Yi swallowed the Hehuan clan without any effort. This had also greatly increased the power of the Sparrow Hall.

  There were many things to consider however. Xiang Xinyue was not a fool, and Mu Yi was not the son of fate. It was impossible for Xiang Xinyue to bow down merely due to a few words.

   Without the fear of when Yan Feifei left, the shock when Yan Wushuang came back again, Mu Yi’s unveiling of this world’s secret, Mu Yi’s absolute strength, and Mu Yi’s coercion, Xiang Xinyue would never have so easily surrendered.

   Even if what Mu Yi said today proved untrue in the future, this would be good for the clan in the long run.

   After all, the interests of the clam aligned somewhat with Mu Yi’s plan. If Yan Wushuang was not one of the three leaders, and their lives weren’t guaranteed under the Sparrow Hall from then on, Xiang Xinyue wouldn’t have agreed directly, and would definitely try to refuse.

   As for Zhen Ping’er, whether she wanted it or not, there was an inseparable relationship between her and the Hehuan Clan. As a result, the Hehuan Clan occupied almost half of the three Towers of the Sparrow Hall. If the Hehuan Clan could seize this opportunity, it would be like a fish leaping into the dragon’s gate. Xiang Xinyue would become known as the most discerning and courageous headmaster of the Hehuan Clan. She would then be followed and remembered by later generations.

   Who said women had no wild ambition?

   It was a pity that Xiang Xinyue didn’t know about the seal of the rose finch, let alone that Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang wouldn’t betray Mu Yi in any way. Although Yan Wushuang still respected her as usual, if there was a conflict between her and Mu Yi, Yan Wushuang would definitely stand on Mu Yi’s side without hesitation.

   So, if Xiang Xinyue had any traitorous thoughts, they were doomed to fail.

   Since Mu Yi dared to absorb the Hehuan Clan, how could he leave it unrestricted? Whoever looked down on Mu Yi because he was young was bound to suffer a big loss.

   In the old days, the old Taoist Priest took him to travel in the world. What he taught was not just wisdom, but also street smarts and tactics.

   While Mu Yi was talking to Xiang Xinyue, Yan Feifei and others were told the truth of the event leading up to now by Yan Wushuang. Of course, this truth was what Mu Yi wanted them to know and no more. It was not necessary to tell them about the things like the seal of the rose finch and Zhu Xianglan’s death.

   In particular, since the matter of Zhu Xianglan had been solved, there was no need to cause more troubles. However, when they learned that Yan Wushuang and Zhen Ping’er had been able to open two chakras in a short period of time with no sign of instability, and with no damage to their foundation,  everyone was also excited.

   Everyone wanted to improve their cultivation. But it was too difficult. It was not a matter of one day and one night. So if there was such a shortcut, they didn’t mind walking it.

  Mu Yi stayed for two days in the Hehuan Clan and instructed them personally. Everyone who was instructed had a sense of progress, as if she was going to break through in the next moment. The reason for this was not only that Mu Yi had mastered all these realms and had his own advice; they also had stayed in their current realms for a long time, merely lacking an opportunity to advance. Now Mu Yi provided that opportunity, so they made great progress.

   A few days after Mu Yi’s departure, Yan Feifei even took the lead in breaking through her realm. So far, people believed in Mu Yi, and there was no objection to the incorporation of the Hehuan Clan into Fire Phoenix Tower.

   In addition, Mu Yi and others went back together, and met Yun Mengxuan in a hurry. Yun Mengxuan had no objection to adding two more Towers. In her mind, as long as it was beneficial to Mu Yi, it was fine.

   Moreover, she had proposed this to Mu Yi before. After all, the three Towers were the most suitable model for the development of Sparrow Hall, but there had been no suitable people to lead each one. Now that Mu Yi had found such people, and had taken this opportunity to annex the Hehuan Clan, it was natural for Mu Yi to reestablish all of the towers.

   In this way, they could keep up with the rapid development of the Sparrow Hall. Now, Sparrow Hall was changing every day, and her control of the huge Sparrow Hall was stretching more and more thin. The rapid development of the Sparrow Hall was not only related to the strength of the perfect-stage Mu Yi had achieved, but also related to the coming chaos in the world.

   Usually, people were bored. But who was willing to be bullied if he had some skills? Now, the world was in turmoil, and dragons and snakes rose from the ground. This was an era of heroes.

    According to the information collected by Yun Mengxuan, during the period when Mu Yi left, after the alliance between Sparrow Hall and Tangxi Zhai, the whole world had shown increasing signs of instability. Many people were ready to move, and some people had made up their minds to move to the Sparrow Hall.

  Mu Yi hadn’t appeared for more than two consecutive months, which made some people anxious. Recently, there had been more and more conflicts within Sparrow Hall. However, all of these had been suppressed by Yun Mengxuan. Mu Yi was very satisfied with her methods, as her attitude should be harder at this time. Only in this way could the Sparrow Hall stand firm in this mess and continue thriving.

   At the same time, Yun Mengxuan also told Mu Yi something very important; something that was important enough for her to not dare to use carrier pigeons to send messages.

   As early as the rise of Sparrow Hall, Yun Mengxuan sent some people to the capital secretly. She even used some hidden connections left by the previous generations of leaders to pay close attention to every move of the capital.

   However, since last month, these people had gone missing one after another without any signs. Even though Yun Mengxuan responded quickly, the intelligence network that she had worked hard to establish had been almost uprooted. The remaining forces could only be hidden, and no news could be transmitted.

   It could even be said that at the moment, the Sparrow Hall was like a blind man to the capital.

   If it was just for the Sparrow Hall, then this was already a problem. But according to the latest news from one of the few spies remaining, it seemed to be happening for all people and all forces.

   Such a big event attracted people’s attention. Unfortunately, all the people who tried to do something about this situation had failed. Only the Manchu could do this in the capital, or the old Buddha in the Forbidden City.

  If Manchu was acting like this suddenly, then there must be something important that they didn’t want people to know.

   Mu Yi felt that a bigger storm was brewing.

   Because of this, he must be prepared, and Sparrow Hall must become more stable. Now that the three Towers had been built, the next step was the Six Departments of Supervision. The Sparrow Hall had been reestablished, and the staff was mixed. It might not matter at the beginning, but as time went on, some bad-hearted people would cause trouble certainly.

   Therefore, the next step was the Six Departments of Supervision. A force and an Envoy of the Flag couldn’t make people happy and sincere only through grace. The key was to be fearsome, to win over people with kindness, to shock people with blood. Attaining an equal status for grace and prestige meant one was a qualified superior.

“Leave it to me. I’ll go to the capital next year.” Mu Yi pondered for a moment, then nodded his head with a dignified face. At the moment, he had a vague intuition that by next year’s warm spring, the capital would be the most remarkable center in the world, and he was bound to go on this trip.

    This trip would likely be dangerous, but unless he was besieged by an army of tens of thousands, or forced to deal with a slew of perfect-stage experts, Mu YI was confident that he could escape from whatever danger may come his way.

   When he got there, everything would naturally come to reveal itself. However, there was not much time left for him. It was obviously impossible to open the seventh chakra in this short time, the last life wheel.

  Both the thunder techniques and glaze Vajra body had just experienced a breakthrough, and they couldn’t make progress in a short time either. Since he couldn’t do anything internally, he could only use external forces.

   The Xin lamp added a source of faith, and its power would increase gradually. It would take more time for the cohesion of Tao Seed, so ultimately there was only the immortal binding rope left for Mu Yi.

   In recent days, Mu Yi would concentrate his mind and spirit to fight against the flood dragon every day, and the time he persisted on was getting longer and longer. Although his body there was formed by the power of his mind and spirit, it was actually no different from Mu Yi’s real body, so the strength of Mu Yi’s mind and spirit became stronger, which meant that Mu Yi’s own strength increased with it.

   As long as he could defeat the flood dragon completely before entering the capital, make it surrender, and refine it; then with the help of the immortal binding rope, his strength would be greatly increased. After all, the immortal binding rope could bind even perfect-stage experts.

   Seeing Mu Yi would go out in person, Yun Mengxuan was relieved. Although the capital was dangerous, she believed that Mu Yi would be okay.

   After a short stay, Mu Yi set out, and Yun Mengxuan went to Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang. The three women met for the first time. They were not only the three leaders of the Sparrow Hall, but also the most trust-worthy people to Mu Yi, as they had the seal of the rose finch and were the source of faith for the Xin lamp.


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