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Chapter 466 Treasure and Truth

   On the first day of the New Year of the lunar calendar, the younger generation is supposed to kowtow to their elder. But this morning, it was Mu Yi who met with the head of the Du family, Du Xiaoshan’s father.

   Du Jun was more than 50 years old. Du Xiaoshan was his only son, and he was already old when Du Xiaoshan was born. The hair on his temples were a little gray, and he looked firm and a little tired, but he stood straight.

“Last night, I was rude and disturbed you. I hope you don’t mind.” Du Jun looked at Mu Yi and said directly. At the same time, someone nearby had put a plate on the table in front of Mu Yi; there was gold on top of red silk.

   The tray was full of gold pieces worth hundreds of Liang.

   These kinds of gold pieces were usually made only by those rich and noble families, not for spending, but for a reward in the Spring Festival. Usually, the gold piece was only the size of a thumb, being a symbol of wealth and luck. 

“Earlier you saved my son and daughter-in-law, we had not appropriately thanked you yet. Right now, it’s the New Year, so here is a small gift for you. It could also give some luck to my unborn grandson.” Du Jun’s words were polite and reasonable without any mistakes. He was worthy of being a clever businessman.

  The so-called thanks for the rescue was actually just an excuse. If Du Jun really wanted to thank him, why would he wait until now? And there was no need to give all those gold pieces? Obviously, this was used to make amends. It was just presented cleverly. After all, hundreds of Liang of gold was a large sum of gold that ordinary people couldn’t even earn in their whole lifetime.

   That is to say, the Du’s had a great enterprise, so they could give this gift without much thought.

   Of course, he had to have a request in exchange for the gift. Mu Yi wouldn’t believe that he was just apologizing. What Mu Yi said last night must have proven true. They must have found some useful information from his suggestion, but the information was not enough to find the treasure belonging to the Du’s. Therefore, he came to Mu Yi.

   After all, many people saw what Chong Jiayi did last night. Mu Yi was extraordinary even to Du Jun. If they could find the treasure of the Du’s with Mu Yi’s help, not to mention a hundred Liang of gold, even if it was ten times more, he wouldn’t hesitate.

   Du Xiaoshan stood behind Du Jun. He had no choice but to deal with what his father chose to do. He knew how his father was very well. If he had no interest in something or someone, he would ignore it no matter how close they were. But if he had any interests in something, even if he was humiliated, he could also smile and listen.

  Du Xiaoshan was somewhat disgusted by that behavior, so there were some conflicts between him and his father. But he understood his father gradually after he began to learn how to do business. However, it was still only an understanding; he still often disagreed with how his father acted, like now.

   He felt that people like Mu Yi would not be moved by interests at all. The key was friendship. Mu Yi saved them on the way earlier. This was friendship. When he invited Mu Yi to his home for the New Year, it was also friendship. But if friendship was mixed with interests, it would not remain friendship for long.

“This is really polite of you. However, I will be leaving shortly.” Mu Yi smiled, and didn’t even lay his eyes on the gold pieces.

   Du Jun had been in business for so many years, and he usually was able to see through people. But today, he found he couldn’t see through Mu Yi. Money could make people do anything. Everyone loves money. Over the years, he had met all kinds of people.

   Some were greedy, and they couldn’t take their eyes off the money when they saw it. Some were cold, and they pretended they didn’t care about it, but in reality, they craved for it. However, it was the first time that he met someone like Mu Yi who didn’t care about it at all.

   Especially since Mu Yi wasn’t pretending to be relaxed. He really was calm; as if the hundreds of Liang gold was only a cent or a piece of worthless stone to him.

   But when Du Jun heard that Mu Yi was leaving, he became anxious. He could basically conclude that Mu Yi was the kind of person that had real ability. In this case, how could he let Mu Yi leave? What’s more, for Du Jun, what could be solved with money was never a problem to begin with. What now had him at his wit’s end was this problem that can’t be solved with money.

“Today is the first day of the New Year; it’s forbidden to go out, yes? Besides the snow has not melted, it’s too hard to travel. It would be better for you to stay here for a few more days, Xiaoshan could keep you company.” Du Jun said immediately, pulling in help from his son.

“After your instructions last night, the servant had revealed everything he knew. Someone gave him a thousand Liang of silver and asked him to say what he had deliberately.” Although Du Xiaoshan didn’t like the way his father acted, he had to speak honestly.

“Now that a clue has been found, just look into it.” said Mu Yi simply.

“I know, but the problem is that no matter how hard we torture him, the servant won’t tell us who asked him do it. According to what he has said, he forgot everything about the man.” Du Xiaoshan said bitterly.

   He didn’t believe the servant’s answer, but even if he invited the person who was the best at extorting confessions, he couldn’t force the servant to tell him who the man was, as if the servant truly didn’t even know, so he could go to Mu Yi for a favor.

“Didn’t you find out who he contacted yesterday? Since he is a servant, where he went should be controllable. Obviously, the man knew that I was here and wanted to lead trouble with his answer to me. In fact, it was most possible that this man was from your family.“ Mu Yi said directly.

“From our family?” 


   The former was Du Xiaoshan, the latter was Du Jun.

   Mu Yi didn’t speak, and just looked at the father and son.

“Perhaps you didn’t know, but Xiaoshan and I are the only people who know where the treasure is stored, and we are the only two people who have the key. It can’t be me or my son who stole it.” Du Jun had no choice but to explain.

“Well, I’ll go with you to the scene of the crime to have a look, but I can’t guarantee that I can find the thief. I can only try my best.” Mu Yi thought about it and decided to repay Du Xiaoshan.

“This way please.” Du Jun was delighted and hurriedly led the way ahead.

“By the way, when I came here earlier, I saw that the house was safely guarded and the guards were cautious. Perhaps they already knew the treasure would be stolen.” On the way, Mu Yi asked casually.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Du Jun trembled slightly. Although it was slight, Mu Yi still saw it.

“Dad, what are you hiding from me?” Du Xiaoshan said out loud suddenly, and he looked angry. If it was as Mu Yi said, then even he was tricked.

   Hearing that, Du Jun was embarrassed. Looking at Mu Yi and his son, he said, “Have you ever heard of the greatest thief known as Empty Hand?” 

“Empty Hand? I’ve heard something about him. “Mu Yi nodded. He did know the Empty Hand, but he didn’t know anything recent. He knew of the Empty Hand when he was going around the world with the Old Taoist. The Empty Hand was famous all over the world. He was fond of robbing the rich and helping the poor. Moreover, he had a strange habit, in which he wrote a letter to the owner before stealing anything, telling him when he would steal and what he would steal, and then he carried out the act. The owner would then find the things stolen shortly afterwards.

   It’s said that the Empty Hand had never failed, so he was known as the greatest thief.

   Du Jun received the letter from the Empty Hand earlier, saying that he would steal the treasure of the Du family on the eve of the lunar New Year. When he saw the letter, Du Jun became nervous and sent more guards. He even secretly switched the treasure to another place personally. The most heavily guarded place was actually a trap.

   At first, Du Jun thought that his plan was  foolproof, and he waited for the Empty Hand. Last night, he waited and waited. After midnight, Du Jun finally couldn’t help himself. He went to the place where he had hid the treasure secretly, and his face suddenly paled. The treasure had disappeared. There was only one piece of paper, painted with a hand tightly holding a money bag; the signature of the Empty Hand.

   After Du Jun explained everything, Du Xiaoshan was already gloomy. He didn’t expect his father to hide this from him. Especially after what had happened, he continued to lie, so that he could ask for Mu Yi’s help and gain Mu Yi’s trust.

   Contrary to Du Xiaoshan’s expectations, Mu Yi was not unhappy after hearing this.

“Let’s go and have a look.” Mu Yi smiled and comforted Du Xiaoshan.

  Du Jun was very happy and hurried to lead the way. He only wanted to take advantage of Mu Yi, but now he didn’t dare to hide anything anymore and put all his hopes in Mu Yi.

   Soon, everyone came to the place where Du Jun had hid the treasure. It was also the place where the Du’s had dinner on New Year’s Eve. He hid the treasure under a vase in the corner of the wall. There was a hole in the ground tile, which could be used to hide things.

   But now, it was empty. At the same time, Du Jun gave the piece of paper to Mu Yi.

   The hand on the paper was a little chubby, but it held a money bag tightly, and the money bag was bulging. The painting was quite lifelike.

“What could you find from this?” Seeing Mu Yi was thinking, Du Jun asked at last.

“What is the treasure of the Du’s?” Mu Yi asked.

“ Umm…”  Du Jun hesitated.

“Dad, why are you still hiding?”  Du Xiaoshan couldn’t help exclaiming before looking at Mu Yi and saying. “It was a statue of the Buddha.”  

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