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Chapter 467 Evil Buddha

“A Buddha statue?” Mu Yi was a little surprised. It was hard to imagine that the Du family was involved with the Buddha. He sensed no sincerity towards the Buddha from the Du family. Moreover, he was curious about what kind of Buddha was able to remain relevant to the life and death of the Du family?

   If that treasure was merely a valuable item, it was obviously not worth Du Jun’s level of concern, so the problem must be with that Buddha statue.

“To tell you the truth, that Buddha statue is an evil Buddha. It was my mother’s dowry in those days. It’s strange. People can be bewitched if they stare at it for a long time. It’s said that it’s a cult sacrifice from the previous dynasty. If others know that my family collected this thing, the consequences would be unimaginable.” Du Xiaoshan said solemnly. After all, he was hiding an evil item of the previous dynasty. If someone spoke against him for it, even the Du family would not be able to withstand this kind of loss of reputation unharmed.

   While Du Xiaoshan was talking, Du Jun looked around nervously. Fortunately, the servants had just been told to get out. Now, there was only Mu Yi in the room, together with him and his son.

“Evil Buddha? In that case, how did the Empty Hand know about this?” Mu Yi asked again.

“He didn’t know that it was an evil Buddha. He just knew that there was a treasure in my house, so he came to steal it. But I’m afraid he probably knows now.” Du Jun said bitterly with strong regret. If he hadn’t been so smug, he might not have to face this issue now.

“Can the evil Buddha truly bewitch people?” Mu Yi suddenly became more interested in the Buddha. He was trying to help Du Xiaoshan at first, but now he really wanted to get a real look at the evil Buddha. He is not a Buddhist, but he used the Buddhist magic of the glaze Vajra body. So, from this perspective, there was some predestined fate between him and Buddhism.

   No matter how evil the evil Buddha was, there was also the word Buddha in its name. Also, it was an item for sacrifice, so there must be some sorts of extraordinary aspects to it. Since Du Jun was just an ordinary person, he couldn’t really understand the magic of the thing, and could only vaguely know about the bewitching ability of the evil Buddha.

   But if this kind of thing came into Mu Yi’s hands, its value would immediately change.

“Master Du, could you please check on who is missing in the mansion right now?” Mu Yi thought for a moment and said.

“Who is missing?” Du Jun was stunned, but he was a smart man. He responded quickly, and asked Du Xiaoshan to accompany Mu Yi while leaving in a hurry.

   Looking at the view of his father’s back, Du Xiaoshan smiled bitterly. He then looked at Mu Yi and said, “Taoist Priest, my father is not malicious, but that item is too important for my family. We can’t lose control of it. Please don’t blame him for that.”

“No big deal. His actions are understandable.” Mu Yi sat down and said, “I just heard that it was your mother’s dowry? How’s your mother now? “

“My mother passed away soon after she gave birth to me. It was my father who brought me up all these years.” Du Xiaoshan replied. He expressed dissatisfaction with his father before, but according to his explanation, he likely cared about his father very much deep in his heart.

“In fact, I don’t have any memory about my mother, and my father was reluctant to mention my mother ever since I was a child. But I can feel that he still loves my mother very much. Otherwise he wouldn’t keep himself single for so many years. The evil Buddha was the only thing left of my mother for him, but that thing is too evil to stare at for a long time. It will lead to delusions, and eventually one’s spirit will be engulfed, or at least cause one to suffer from a serious illness. ” Du Xiaoshan explained.

“The evil Buddha can engulf spirits? Who did you hear that from? ” Mu Yi asked.

“It’s my personal experience. When I was 11 or 12, I stole the evil Buddha due to my naughtiness. It seemed that there was a voice in the evil Buddha that night, telling me to stare at it. Then I was enchanted. If it wasn’t for my father finding me in time, I’m afraid I would be worse off than merely falling ill. Later, my father told me that my spirit was partially swallowed by that evil Buddha. Since then, I was forbidden to get close to that evil Buddha.” Du Xiaoshan recalled, still with a trace of lingering fear on his face. Obviously, the evil Buddha had left him with a strong trauma.

“Has your father never told you how your mother came to own the evil Buddha? And how is your mother’s family? “Mu Yi continued.

“No, and my mother had no relatives. According to my father, my mother was alone back then. My mother was not too healthy, so she died after giving birth to me.” Du Xiaoshan then stared at Mu Yi closely. He was not a fool. Mu Yi had asked so many questions. Obviously, Mu Yi had thought of something, but Du Xiaoshan could not determine the truth of all this, so he could only hope that Mu Yi could give him a clear answer.

“I know what you want to ask, but now I’m not sure right now. Only when I see the evil Buddha will I know the truth.” Mu Yi looked at Du Xiaoshan and said.

“Taoist Priest, Taoist Priest.”

   At this time, Du Jun hurried in from the outside. He was almost tripped up by the door in his hurry,

“Father, be careful.” Du Xiaoshan immediately went over to his father.

“Taoist Priest, one of the senior servants in the mansion is gone as you have said. I have searched his residence but found nothing.” Du Jun waved at Du Xiaoshan and said quickly.

“Sure enough.” Mu Yi nodded slightly. He noticed that Du Jun and Du Xiaoshan were still confused. Mu Yi continued to explain: “I heard a rumor before that the reason why Empty Hand cannot be found by anyone is because he is good at disguising himself and is proficient at bone shrinking. No matter if he takes the form of an adult or a child, he will not reveal any flaws. So up to now, no one in the world knows about what Empty Hand really looks like. “

“Taoist Priest, do you mean that Empty Hand disguised as my servant and then stole the Evil Buddha?” Du Jun’s eyes were wide open. He couldn’t believe that there was such a magical skill in the world. If it is as Mu Yi said, he only needed to change his identity after stealing the item, then who could find him?

“It’s about right. When you were on guard, he was already in the mansion, but you were not aware of that.” Mu Yi said.

“But he has already escaped.” Du Jun said hatefully.

“Escaped? Did your people see him leave with their own eyes?” Said Mu Yi, shaking his head.

“Taoist Priest, do you mean he hasn’t escaped yet?” Du Jun asked in disbelief.

“Since he can pretend to be the missing servant, why can’t he continue to pretend to be someone else? Maybe he is watching everything happen in a corner of the mansion right now.” Mu Yi said.  He knew that people like the Empty Hand would have some eccentricities.

   There is a saying that states if one doesn’t return home after becoming wealthy, it’s the same as wearing fancy clothes for a pointless nightly walk.

Similarly, the Empty Hand had received such a great reputation in the world, he would surely be proud of himself. But he couldn’t show up directly and revealed his identity. It must be oppressive, being unable to take claim for his skill publicly.

   If a person was repressed in this way for a long time, he would not be able to bear it anymore. This feeling must be exacerbated for those who have never been able to reveal themselves. So, he must have developed some level of eccentricities. Money was definitely not the reason why he stole, but rather the thrill from a successful theft. But how could he enjoy his success fully if he did not show himself?

   Putting himself in the situation of the Empty Hand, Mu Yi believed that if he was Empty Hand, who had the ability of disguising his identity so that no one could find him, he would change his identity and stay somewhere nearby after he had succeeded. He would watch as the victim scurried about looking worried and gathered a troop of people to look for the thief. The Empty Hand would stay right beside the victim. That kind of satisfaction would not be much worse than the theft itself.

   Of course, all this was based on Mu Yi’s own speculation. In fact, he learned of this kind of disposition from the old Taoist Priest. At that time, the old Taoist Priest often made him pretend to be someone else. He would not only completely forget about his original identity, but also put himself wholeheartedly into it, so that he could subconsciously think as though he was that person.

   So, Mu Yi had just put himself into the Empty Hand’s shoes. Based on his usual style and imagination, what would drive him to publicize his plan before stealing? What was he thinking when he left a card after stealing to show his identity?

   So, Mu Yi concluded that Empty Hand hadn’t gone far yet. It’s even possible that he was in this mansion. He was watching Du Jun getting worried, while others were looking for him.

“Still in the mansion? I’ll get everyone together right now. I don’t believe I can’t find him today.” Du Jun said as he was about to gather everyone. There was a trace of anger on his face. He had never been tricked in his daily business, but today he was fooled by a thief.

   Du Jun grew furious, especially when he thought about the possibility that the thief was laughing at him in his mansion at the moment.

“If you don’t want to make a fuss, you’d better wait.” Mu Yi’s voice came again, which made Du Jun stop confusedly. He looked at Mu Yi with a puzzled look on his face.

“The Empty Hand is annoying, but I believe that Master Du cares more about the evil Buddha, right?” Said Mu Yi.

“Yes, as long as you can find the evil Buddha, I’ll get over it even if you can’t find the thief.” Du Jun said without hesitation. He hated the Empty Hand, but it was obviously more important to find the evil Buddha than to go after the Empty Hand’s life.

“That’s right. Since the Empty Hand is still in this mansion, I would guess the evil Buddha is still here as well. In order to avoid acting rashly, and causing him to become aware of our thoughts, it would be better to find out where the evil Buddha is first and then try to catch him,” said Mu Yi.

“Thank you, Taoist priest. Whatever you ask me to do, I will follow your instruction.” Du Jun promised.

“I need something that has been close to the evil Buddha for a long time. It’s better to have an item that has kept some of the smell of the evil Buddha,” said Mu Yi.

“How about the box containing the evil Buddha? Because the box was too big to be put into the cave before, I took out the evil Buddha and wrapped it with cloth. As for the box, it remained in its original position.” Du Jun said in a hurry.

“That will be sufficient.” Mu Yi nodded. With the box, Mu Yi could find the evil Buddha according to its smell.

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