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Chapter 468 The Empty Hand


Du Jun directly took Mu Yi to the secret chamber directly to avoid alerting the enemy. It was located under Du Jun’s bed. With the addition of machine-operated traps, it was usually safe to keep it here. As long as he had assigned people to guard here, no matter how talented the Empty Hand was, it would have been difficult for him to steal the Evil Buddha without leaving a trace. But Du Jun had thought himself clever and believed that it was safer to keep the Evil Buddha with him.


He had also assigned people to guard at the door of the bedroom, but it had been new year’s Eve last night and he had wanted the whole family to have a reunion dinner, so he had stayed in the hall. He had felt that if he stayed there all night, the Evil Buddha would be safe.


Since the Empty Hand had said that he would take the treasure on new year’s Eve and if that time passed, he would not continue to attempt to steal it. Then, the Evil Buddha would be safe.

Unexpectedly, the Evil Buddha had disappeared under his nose. Even now, Du Jun didn’t know when the Evil Buddha had been stolen. When he had felt something wrong at midnight, the Evil Buddha had been lost.


But nothing had happened here in the bedroom and nothing had been lost in the secret room. He had even put a valuable jade horse to mislead the Empty Hand, but it was intact and had not been taken.


Du Jun started one of the mechanisms. The bed immediately split and then a section of stairs appeared. The secret chamber to hide the treasures of the Du family was located downstairs. The secret chamber was extremely solid. If you wanted to dig a hole up from the underground to enter the chamber, you were doomed to fail. This was also an escape route prepared by Du Jun in case his family had to flee.


In the secret room, there were oil lamps providing light, but Mu Yi didn’t feel stuffy at all. The whole secret room was similar to the room above. It was quite spacious. Outside the secret room, there were several big boxes stacked in the corner. You could almost guess what was inside. On the shelf beside, there were many jewels and antique calligraphy and paintings. These things were also valuable. Even if the Du Clan faced a crisis, as long as they had these things, it would be enough for them to rise from the ashes.


However, when he walked inside, Du Jun hesitated before finally walking in first.

Only when Mu Yi followed him inside did he understand why Du Jun had been hesitant just now. There were some taboo items inside including; armors, long sabers, spears, and even several boxes of guns.


If someone knew there were so many weapons in a businessman’s house, the Du family would run into some troubles. However, considering the situation of the Manchu Government, Du Jun’s preparation could be understood. In fact, Du Jun was likely not the only one to prepare this way. Anyone with some force would quietly prepare a route of retreat for himself.


With the world looking to soon become chaotic, it would be good for the Du family to rely on these weapons to protect themselves. Otherwise, the Du Clan’s property would be an easy target in other people’s eyes.


Seeing that Mu Yi didn’t show any unusual expressions on his face after seeing these items, Du Jun was relieved. Then he went to the wall, lifted up a picture that had been hanging there, and exposed a gear behind it. The gear was opened with the key. Du Jun then took a box out of a small door that had been unlocked.


“Taoist Priest, the Evil Buddha has been kept in this box for many years. Please see if this will work.” Du Jun said and opened the box directly. There was a crystal clear jade horse in it. It was priceless at a glance. Obviously, Du Jun’s original intention had been to let the Empty Hand think that the jade horse was the most precious treasure of the Du Clan.


He hadn’t expected that the Empty Hand didn’t come here at all. He had carefully designed all these tricks but had ultimately been played.


The valuable jade horse was tossed aside. Even though it was precious, it was not as good as the Evil Buddha in Du Jun’s  mind.


Mu Yi reached for the box and paused for a while. A cold wave entered his body, shocking Mu Yi. He could feel that when this cold force was introduced into his body, there was a slight vibration from the Vajra glaze body. This discovery immediately made Mu Yi understand that the origin of the Evil Buddha might not be a trivial matter. Perhaps it was even related to the Vajra glaze body he cultivated.


The Vajra glaze body was a Buddhist skill, and it was one of the top Buddhist techniques. Normally, Mu Yi could only practice the Vajra glaze body step by step and couldn’t take any shortcuts. But now, the power of the Evil Buddha made the Vajra glaze body vibrate, so how could Mu Yi not be excited?


If the Evil Buddha could really catalyze the Vajra glaze body, then his strength would definitely be increased further. He would go to the capital soon. He needed to improve his strength. Now, just as he had this need, an opportunity came. This was a chance. Of course, whether the Evil Buddha was really useful would not be determined until it was found.


 Therefore, Mu Yi became even more determined to find it.


“This will work,” said Mu Yi.


Hearing Mu Yi confirm the usefulness of the box, the anxiousness of Du Jun and his son immediately turned into joy.


“Let’s go to find the Evil Buddha first.” Mu Yi took the box and went out.


Originally they had also wanted to see some Taoist magic, but Du Jun and his son could only quickly follow Mu Yi with some regret.


Du Jun, in particular, had seen a Taoist religious rite before, so he had not expected Mu Yi to leave directly after seeing the box. Maybe he had received the information he required by smelling it? But Du Jun was not so stupid as to ask.


After leaving the secret chamber, Mu Yi went directly towards the back yard. At first, Du Jun and his son had been curious, but when they determined where Mu Yi was heading, their faces became gloomy. This was because Mu Yi was heading towards the place where the womenfolk of their family stayed. Although the Du Clan’s womenfolk now only counted Du Xiaoshan’s wife among their ranks, no one else should go there. Of course, they didn’t doubt Mu Yi’s intentions. Was the Evil Buddha there?


Thinking of this possibility, Du Xiaoshan immediately became nervous. The Evil Buddha was not a good thing. Even his energy and spirit had been engulfed once. If it happened to his pregnant wife, the consequences would be really unimaginable. Du Jun was also nervous. After all, Du Xiaoshan was his only son, that was to say, Chen Ailian had his only grandson in her stomach.


Finally, when Mu Yi stepped into Chen Ailian’s yard, Du Xiaoshan finally couldn’t help running towards the house first, shouting, “Xiaolian, Xiaolian.”


The people inside seemed to have heard the noise and a woman came out, “Greetings to Young Master and Master.”


“Where’s Xiaolian? How is she?” asked Du Xiaoshan anxiously.


“Young Master, the Young Lady was resting in the house, but you…” before the woman finished, Du Xiaoshan had already walked past her and entered the house.


“Has the Young Lady been ill?” Du Jun did not rush into the room but asked the woman.


“Master, yesterday the young lady had some poor dispositions due to the long walk. The doctor prescribed medicine and told her to have a good rest. Now she just took the medicine and is resting in bed.” The woman looked at Du Jun and said.


“Well, I see. There’s nothing you could do to help here. You can leave first.” Du Jun was relieved to hear that his daughter-in-law was okay and asked the woman to leave.


“Wait a minute.”


Mu Yi suddenly spoke just as the woman was about to leave. Du Jun was stunned. He didn’t know why Mu Yi had acted as such. But when he saw Mu Yi staring at the woman, he was shocked.


“Empty Hand.” Du Jun pointed to the woman and shouted and Mu Yi didn’t deny it.


“Master, what do you mean? I have nothing in my hand.” The woman looked so shocked and puzzled that she even raised her hands to show that they were clean indeed.


Du Jun was not sure. He had just been staring at the woman, especially when he had called out the name Empty Hand. But the woman didn’t panic but was just dazed, which made him doubt himself. Was he wrong?


He turned his eyes to Mu Yi and wanted to hear Mu Yi’s opinion. After all, it was Mu Yi who had stopped her. In fact, Du Jun was a little incredulous. How could the Empty Hand pretend to be a woman? The Empty Hand was a man. And he knew the woman in front of him very well. She had been working in his house for many years, and he didn’t see any flaws.


“It’s said the Empty Hand’s skill of bone changing is unparalleled throughout the world. I didn’t believe it before, but now I find it to be truly admirable. At least in this respect, you can definitely be called a master.” Mu Yi looked at the woman and said slowly.


Du Jun showed a trace of consternation and deep disbelief. Was this woman really the Empty Hand?


“Is Taoist Priest talking about me?” The woman was dazed and even frightened.


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. I’ll see how you can argue when you get rid of your disguise.” Mu Yi smiled and then grabbed at the woman.


The woman’s eyes suddenly sharpened. Although she was the same person visually, her temperament had changed greatly. Then she showed a strange smile. Mu Yi’s hand passed through the shadow of the woman. When he looked back, the woman was standing several feet away.


“Yu’s Steps?” Mu Yi’s eyes suddenly brightened. The Yu’s Steps, also known as walking with the principles of Taoist astrology, happened to have been practiced by Mu Yi. However, Mu Yi’s technique hadn’t reached the state of great achievement as of yet. He hadn’t expected to see someone using Yu’s Steps at the level of great achievement when he decided to capture the Empty Hand.


In fact, the Yu’s Steps technique was widely spread, but few people were able to obtain great achievement. As for achieving perfection with them, he had never heard of someone accomplishing this. Just now the Empty Hand had only shaken his body slightly, but he had clearly mastered the essence of Yu’s Steps since he had been able to avoid Mu Yi’s grasp. Although Mu Yi only grasped at him randomly, his strength was at half-step to perfection without the Xin lamp. Despite this, he hadn’t managed to catch the Empty Hand.


It was no wonder that the Empty Hand hadn’t been caught even after he had stolen across half the world. He was invincible with this technique alone. It was difficult to catch him unless he met a master at perfection.  Although there were a fair number of masters in perfection, they were still rare. Many top-notch masters might not see a master in perfection for their whole lives. As long as he didn’t go to the Forbidden City, the Millennial sects, or steal from under the eyes of masters at perfection, he would be worry-free. The whole world was his oyster.


“Eh, you have some insight. No wonder you could find me.” The voice was no longer a female voice but sounded like an old man’s. No one knew if it was the Empty Hand’s real voice, but Mu Yi thought it was likely not.


“If you had run away after stealing the Buddha, I might not have been able to find you. But you’re too confident. You think others can’t find you. So after you steal things, you tend to stay to watch the chaos to satisfy yourself, so you gave me a chance.” Mu Yi said slowly.


“Yes, I was careless this time, but even if you found me, can you catch me?” Looking at Mu Yi with a happy expression, the Empty Hand did not continue to escape but lightly provoked Mu Yi.


“Can’t I?” Mu Yi smiled and stepped forward. His body slightly blurred, and when he appeared, he was standing in front of the Empty Hand.


“Whoa!” The Empty Hand exclaimed and his body disappeared at the same time. However, he was still scared by that step of Mu Yi’s. If he hadn’t been on guard, he would have been captured.


“I didn’t expect that you could use Yu’s Steps and had such an achievement at such a young age. Not bad. Not bad at all. Who is your master?” When the Empty Hand reappeared, he was already standing on a tree in the yard, looking down at Mu Yi.


“Who is my master? I’m afraid you’re not qualified to know.” Mu Yi’s body flickered again and he followed closely. Mu Yi did not integrate the Xin lamp and only chased him with Yu’s Steps.


However, the Empty Hand’s Yu’ Steps were obviously better than his, so even if Mu Yi had strength at half-step perfection, it was hard for him to catch up with the Empty Hand. The Empty Hand’s great achievement in Yu’s Steps allowed him to become a great figure in the world, and was also the greatest tool of the Empty Hand that allowed him to have confidence staying to watch the show after his theft.


“You Taoists are arrogant. I’ve even escaped from that old monster in the Forbidden City” The Empty Hand retorted immediately. Mu Yi was running after him in the courtyard. Their figures kept moving. Du Jun’s eyes had blurred and could not keep up with their speed at all.


The Empty Hand found that Mu Yi had wanted to compete with him in Yu’s steps, so his original intention to leave was weakened. Mu Yi’s arrogance had made him unhappy. He decided to give Mu Yi a lesson and let him know that there was always someone stronger than him.


“That old monster can control heaven and earth, and can create space by stretching out his hands. Even if your Yu’s Steps were in the realm of perfection, you couldn’t escape from him.” Although Mu Yi didn’t directly refute this, he doubtlessly slapped the face of the Empty Hand, satirizing his brag.


“I didn’t expect you to know so much, and you even know about space. Although I hadn’t seen the old monster, I still stole a treasure from the Forbidden City.” The Empty Hand defended himself with an excuse like a child


“The Forbidden City is so big. You can say that you stole something from the Forbidden City by picking up a brick or tile from any corner.” Said Mu Yi disdainfully.


“Well, little Taoist, are you going to contend with me today? I’ll show you what great achievement in Yu’s Steps is like. ” The Empty Hand shouted out with fury.




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