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Chapter 469 Walking with the Principles of Taoist Astrology


Reaching great achievement in Yu’s Steps meant one was able to leverage the powers of heaven and earth to some extent. Otherwise, how could one walk using the Principles of Taoist Astrology? Although the Empty Hand was only decent at martial arts and only equivalent to the experts in the third or fourth rank, Yu’s Steps had made him invincible.

Swiftness could defeat any martial skill throughout the world. Extremity could exert unimaginable power, no matter whether strength or speed.

The Empty Hand had practiced Yu’s Steps to great achievement. Obviously, he was very talented in speed, which was likely the main reason for his success.

Mu Yi’s talent was obvious, but even he had not yet obtained great achievement in Yu’s Steps. In addition to hard work, enlightenment and integrating oneself with the world were required to cultivate Yu’s Steps.

The Empty Hand appeared behind Mu Yi after he had appeared from multiple directions, making his moves difficult to comprehend. At first, Mu Yi hadn’t been able to keep up with the Empty Hand’s speed, but slowly, he gradually grasped the path of the Empty Hand’s movement.

After all, although the Empty Hand had already obtained great achievement in Yu’s steps, his mastery of the skill was not perfect. In addition, Mu Yi was not far from reaching great achievement. Now there was such a good ‘teacher’, so he had made rapid progress.

Moreover, in terms of cultivation, Mu Yi had the advantage. Therefore, he could persist for a longer time. After all, the Empty Hand’s inherent strength was unimpressive.

There were times when Mu Yi could have hardly caught up with him if he had used some little tricks, but he had done nothing other than chase the Empty Hand using Yu’s Steps. The Empty Hand had eventually realized that Mu Yi was learning from him and making rapid progress.

At first, the Empty Hand had been confident in the victory, but eventually, he had a bad premonition. He scolded, “What a little monster!”

Based on  Mu Yi’s learning speed, all his techniques would surpass the Empty Hand soon.

If Mu Yi had been his apprentice, he would have been willing to teach him everything, but Mu Yi and he were enemies. Once Mu Yi had learned all his skills, it would be almost conceivable what would happen to the Empty Hand.

Realizing this, the Empty Hand had already decided to escape. Although escape would make him lose face, it was better than being caught.

“Little Taoist, I still have something to do today, so I won’t continue to play with you.” The Empty Hand said in a loud voice. Before he had finished speaking, he already stood on the wall of the courtyard. 

“Want to leave now? Isn’t it too late? “

At this time, Mu Yi’s voice appeared by the Empty Hand’s ears. The Empty Hand was shocked. He turned to look at the original place where Mu Yi was standing, but there Mu Yi was not there.

“Not good.” A sudden feeling of danger rose in the Empty Hand’s heart, so he changed his position almost without thought.

At the same time, a hand pierced his shadow. It turned out that Mu Yi had been standing in the way of where he was about to go through. Seeing the Empty Hand disappear again, Mu Yi only sneered and stepped forward.

“Impossible.” In the middle of the air, a strange cry suddenly burst out and the figure disappeared again. But this time, the voice was a bit awkward, and there was a slight tension in the air.

At the moment, the Empty Hand clearly felt that Mu Yi was getting closer to him step by step. If he was a little slower, he would be caught.

“There’s no impossibility. The real Yu’s Steps is superior to what you use. Since the Yu’s Steps technique is also known as walking with the principles of Taoist Astrology, it should be apparent that the technique was able to lock the heavens and the earth. If you escaped before, I might not be able to catch you. But now, I’ve already warped space and blocked it. Where else can you go?” Mu Yi’s voice rang out clearly in front of the Empty Hand.

The Empty Hand was astonished. Since he could cultivate Yu’s Steps to the level of great achievement, how could he not know that Yu’s Steps could be used to lock the heavens and earth? But till now, he had always used Yu’s Steps to escape, or speed up his journey, and he had never failed. Gradually, he had ignored Yu’s Steps’ real ability, and had gone astray.

When Mu Yi had been chasing the Empty Hand, the true meaning of Yu’s Steps had gradually revealed itself to Mu Yi.. Although he still hadn’t reached great achievement, there was a chance to improve and enough time to enable him to change the terrain and show the true power of Yu’s Steps.

There seemed to be a lot of things in the air above the courtyard that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, and the whole house was sealed in space. Every movement of Mu Yi’s caused a slight fluctuation, and space actually held the characteristics of flowing water.

“Hum, little Taoist, so what if you locked heaven and earth? Yu’s Steps was originally used to look for a slim chance of survival in a desperate situation. I will break through your blockade.” The Empty Hand screamed, but his body suddenly rushed towards the house. Obviously, his words were just to confuse Mu Yi.

“I knew you had that idea.” Mu Yi appeared in front of the door one step in advance, blocked the Empty Hand, and reached out to catch him at the same time.

“Thunder Dart.” The Empty Hand shouted when he was blocked. With a flick of his right hand, a dark shadow was shot at Mu Yi.

Hearing the phrase, ‘Thunder Dart’, Mu Yi was surprised. If he really let the Thunder Dart explode, he might be okay but Du Jun’s family might not be. In that case, even if they had seized the Empty Hand, it would end up ultimately pointless.

Mu Yi acted quickly and warped space and took the dark shadow into the distance.

The Empty Hand laughed and flew away.

The moment Mu Yi had touched the Thunder Dart, Mu Yi had realized that he had been cheated, but he hadn’t dared to gamble. It was obvious that the Empty Hand had expected his concern and had decided to cheat him. In that moment, he had changed space and let the Empty Hand find a flaw to exploit. 

“Naive.” There was a cold flash in Mu Yi’s eyes. All in all, it was still because he hadn’t reached  great achievement in Yu’s steps and couldn’t complete the blockade or cause the blockade to last as long as he wished. However, if the Empty Hand thought he could escape from Mu YI, then he had obviously underestimated Mu Yi’s capabilities.

Mu Yi hadn’t intended to bully the Empty Hand with his strength at the perfection leve. Not because he was a gentleman, but because he had planned to use the Empty Hand to hone his Yu’s Steps. Now, since the Empty Hand wanted to escape, why would he care about fairness?

Therefore, Mu Yi’s mind directly integrated with the Xin lamp, and the familiar sense of complete control raised within Mu Yi. Mu Yi’s Yu’s Steps suddenly soared to great achievement under perfect-stage control. Unfortunately, this achievement was only temporary. Once he withdrew the Xin lamp, his Yu’s Steps would also return to their original form. However, Yu’s Steps would be pushed to the level of great achievement in the near future after the experience he’d obtained during this battle. At least he knew what to do next.

In the next moment, Mu Yi’s figure slowly dissipated. At the same time, Du Jun, who was still staying in the yard, heard a cry from afar. Du Jun couldn’t come to his senses even after a long time. Although he had also seen some so-called experts before, he had never seen ones like Mu Yi and the Empty Hand..

Du Jun finally understood there would always be someone better than you. Despite his wealth of billions, he had no ability to resist such a strong expert. The Du Clan would have been wiped out in an instant even if the Empty Hand just wanted to kill them and take his money.

As for Mu Yi, at the moment, Du Jun was thankful to him, but also a little afraid. If it had not been for his son, he would have offended Mu Yi. At present, even if the Evil Buddha could not be found, Du Jun also felt that he had to please Mu Yi. If he could form a good relationship with Mu Yi, the Du Clan would have security for the future.

“Father, where is the Taoist Priest?” Later, Du Xiaoshan came out of the house. He had heard the chaos outside just now, but he had stayed to protect his wife and children until everything seemed to calm down.

“The Taoist Priest is chasing the Empty Hand. Xiaoshan, you remember that no matter how much you need to pay, you must make friends with the Taoist Priest, and you must be able to develop a relationship with him.” Du Jun looked at his son seriously.

“Dad, his disposition is indifferent and he is different from your business partners.” Although Du Xiaoshan didn’t know why his father suddenly had such a big change, he still said seriously.

“I know. I didn’t ask you to use the money to merely cozy up to him. By the way, isn’t Xiaolian about to give birth? How about asking Taoist Priest to be the Godfather of Xiaolian’s baby?” Du Jun still said.

“Dad, I can’t treat him with rudeness initially, then respect afterwards. I met the Taoist Priest by chance. If it weren’t for him, it would be questionable whether the children of Xiaolian could have been saved. At present, he’s forgiven us and helped us to catch the Empty Hand. Such kindness is hard to repay, so how can we think of using him?” Du Xiaoshan angrily refused.

“I didn’t ask you to use him. You just need to get closer to him.” Du Jun said painstakingly.

“If you wish to form a business relation with him, do it on your own. No matter what the Taoist Priest decides, I respect him,” said Du Xiaoshan, shaking his head.

While the two were arguing, Mu Yi had already appeared outside the Du’s mansion and cornered the Empty Hand.

At the moment, the Empty Hand was looking at Mu Yi with a little panic on his face. He stared at Mu Yi, who had suddenly appeared in front of him and locked him completely. Now, as long as he dared to move, he felt he would likely die.

He had no doubts about this feeling because he had felt an energy that only a perfect-stage expert could have emanating from Mu Yi. A powerful Taoist at such a young age. If he still couldn’t guess who the man in front of him was, he would have wasted half of his life wandering in the world.

Evil Taoist Mu Yi, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, was the rising star in the world. Moreover, he had strength at the perfect-stage. No matter by what means he had reached the perfect-stage, his strength was strength.

“I know that the Buddha is too evil to be moved casually. Now retribution has come.” The Empty Hand thought sadly.

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