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Chapter 470 Recruiting the Empty Hand 


Even Du Jun, an ordinary person, knew that the Evil Buddha was strange, let alone the Empty Hand. However, he was confident due to his excellent skills. In addition, the Evil Buddha had been owned by an ordinary person, so although he was afraid of it, he had still stolen it. He had planned to study it well after he had escaped.

But he hadn’t expected to be caught before he left. He didn’t expect to meet the abnormal Mu Yi.

He was never an arrogant man. On the contrary, he was very cautious. He wouldn’t provoke any big forces. He had always avoided the a-thousand-year sects like Mao Mountain or Longhu Mountain. It was precisely because of this prudence that he had attained a great reputation in the world. And despite the many people who hated him, he still lived well.

Of course, this was also related to his mastery of disguise. Few people knew his real identity, but just as the old saying goes, if you always walk near a river, your shoes were bound to get wet. Now, he had walked along the river at night and had met a ferocious ghost.

He felt that his poor luck must be related to the Evil Buddha, but it was too late to regret taking it now.

“It turns out that you’re the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. I was so blind that I didn’t recognize you.” After discovering Mu Yi’s identity, the Empty Hand was quick to admit defeat. If it had been someone else, maybe he would dare to fight back. After all, his Yu’s Steps, at great achievement, were very powerful.

But Mu Yi was also proficient in Yu’s Steps. Mu Yi’s Steps were weaker, but now that Mu Yi had shown his strength at the perfect-stage, he knew that he had no hope of escaping at all.

It could also be seen from his behavior that he was absolutely not a tough guy. He tended to bully the weak and fear the strong. As far as he was concerned, as long as he survived, he had hope.

“Do I look old?” Mu Yi smiled at the Empty Hand. At the moment, he was not in a hurry. The Empty Hand was definitely a talent. His Vermilion Bird hall needed this kind of talent. If the Empty Hand would join him, the advantages would far outway the disadvantages. Even just by the virtue of his great achievement in Yu’s Steps, as long as he didn’t meet experts at the perfect-stage, he could go anywhere he wanted, and Mu Yi had plans for his skills.

After all, there were few experts at the level of perfection. How could the Empty Hand easily encounter them?

As long as the Empty Hand joined The Vermilion Bird Hall, he could definitely improve the intelligence capabilities of The Vermilion Bird Hall. At the same time, the Empty Hand’s skill with disguises was also very valuable. Although Mu YI couldn’t demand the skill, he could have the Empty Hand teach several disciples, particularly Yun Mengxuan and others. If they learned this skill, their ability to protect themselves would increase a lot.

“Ah, no, no, everyone knows that you are very young and an unprecedented talent. No one in the future can transcend you.” Although the Empty Hand was flattering Mu Yi, it was also true that some people really felt this way about Mu Yi. After all, at the age Mu Yi was at, it was good enough to attain just second-class strength in the world. To obtain strength at the first-class was even more impressive.

As it was, everyone thought that Mu Yi was almost 20 years old. If they knew that his true age was only 16, people’s shock would be much more intense. After all, the importance of a 20 year old who had attained his strength and a 16 year old who had done the same were quite different.

The reason why no one had doubted his age was that Mu Yi’s sophistication and his face made him seem much more mature than a boy of 16. Mu Yi hadn’t explained his true age because looking older was better for him regardless.

“How about joining The Vermilion Bird Hall?” Mu Yi didn’t pay attention to the Empty Hand’s flattery but spoke directly.

“Ah?” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, the Empty Hand was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he hadn’t expected Mu Yi would directly invite him to join The Vermilion Bird Hall.

The Empty Hand’s expression suddenly became embarrassed. If he had wanted to join a force, he would have been warmly welcomed already; even those forces from millennial sects would have invited him. Just his Yu’s Steps being at great achievement would make countless people excited.

But the Empty Hand couldn’t bear to be restricted, so he had never thought about joining any force. It was preferable to be untamed.

But now, Mu Yi had put forth the proposition in person, directly after he had been caught. If the Empty Hand didn’t agree, the consequences were uncertain.

Although the Empty Hand cared about freedom, his life was more important. The Empty Hand had never been a dauntless person, otherwise, he would not have admitted defeat in such a straightforward manner just now.

“Think about it. Although your Yu’s Steps have reached great achievement, you have no advantage in the face of experts at perfection. All in all, your own strength is too low. If you had  strength at the seventh rank with your Yu’s Steps at great achievement, who could stop you? Even the strength of those at perfection may not be able to catch up with you.” Mu Yi attempted to persuade the Empty Hand. Of course, he was not included in the experts at perfection who would be unable to catch up with the Empty Hand.

His mind and spirit had integrated with the Xin lamp, so his strength was already at the perfect-stage and his Yu’s Steps were also at the stage of great achievement. Therefore, even if the Empty Hand also obtained perfect-stage strength, he would still be unable to escape from Mu Yi. It could be said that Mu Yi was his counter.

Obviously, the Empty Hand also understood this point, but it was precisely because he understood it that he struggled more. He was very clear that once he joined The Vermilion Bird Hall, there would be no room for repentance. It was not a matter of credibility. He had no such thing anyway, otherwise, he would not have stolen from ordinary people regardless of his identity.

But he was not a fool either. Since Mu Yi dared to recruit him, he must have a way to restrict him and force him to obey. Now, he had to think about which was more important; his freedom or his life.

“Well, I also know that my strength is not sufficient, but at my age, the possibility of further improvement is not great. It was a coincidence that my Yu’s Steps reached great achievement. It really has nothing to do with my qualifications. My little amount of strength should not be able to impress you, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Seeing that Mu Yi didn’t attack him, he couldn’t help bargaining. Ultimately, unless he had to, he didn’t want to join The Vermilion Bird Hall.

“That’s not necessarily true. There are many ways to increase your strength. The key is whether you are willing to attempt them or not. One thing I can guarantee is that as long as you join The Vermilion Bird Hall, you can cultivate using the huge amount of resources The Vermilion Bird Hall has. It would be far different compared to practicing by yourself. And I won’t force you to do anything dangerous. You would be free to do as you wished in ordinary times. You only need to appear when I need you to. You don’t want all your skills to be lost after you are gone, do you? I can assign the three top leaders of The Vermilion Bird Hall as your apprentices. Think about what your position in The Vermilion Bird Hall would be. Even if you get into any trouble in the future, The Vermilion Bird Hall can protect you,” said Mu Yi without hesitation.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, the Empty Hand was moved. Although he knew that these benefits would not be gained at no cost, he still couldn’t help being tempted. Just the resources of The Vermilion Bird Hall and having a big backer made moved him, let alone the other benefits. As for apprentices, he also understood Mu Yi’s thoughts. Mu Yi just wanted to obtain the skills he had, but the Empty Hand was not a stingy man.

Yu’s Steps were well known by many people, but how many of them had obtained great achievement? There were few people in the world who could cultivate it even to the ordinary achievement, let alone great achievement.

As for his skill in disguise, although it was precious, it was not impossible to teach it to others. As long as the price was reasonable, nothing was impossible.

“If you agree, you will be a member of The Vermilion Bird Hall. I’ll take care of you.” Mu Yi continued after seeing Empty Had was moved.

Although he had agreed in his mind, the Empty Hand couldn’t help asking, “What if I reject?”

“Reject? Then I’ll simply guide you to hell.” Mu Yi smiled, but his smile was terrible in the eyes of the Empty Hand.

“Yes, I agree.” Without any hesitation, the Empty Hand nodded quickly, fearing that he would be beheaded if he was slow. That would be too unjust.

“Well, I’ll believe you and I will not even put restrictions on you. But if you dare to betray me, no matter how big the world is, there will be no place for you.” Mu Yi took a deep look at the Empty Hand.

If it had been in the past, Mu Yi would have certainly used the ghost slave control technique as he had done to Chong Jiayi, in order to ensure his loyalty. But now, with the strength of Mu Yi increasing, he didn’t need to use this method. He believed that as long as he was strong enough, no one would dare betray him.

On the contrary, if his strength was too weak, even if there were restrictions, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee the loyalty of anyone. Only his own strength was eternal.

As long as the Empty Hand was not stupid, he would not betray him, and Mu Yi believed the Empty Hand would do what he said.

“I, Qian Kongkong, promise to join the Vermilion Bird Hall. I will never betray you in this life. If I disobey, I will be struck by lightning.” The Empty Hand promised ecstatically. In fact, when he had agreed, he had been ready to be restricted. Unexpectedly, Mu Yi was tolerant with him.

As for the name Qian Kongkon, it was indeed his real name.

He felt that it was a good choice to join the Vermilion Bird Hall. From then on, he was not a person without a backer. Some of the people who had been trying to kill him before would have to give up.

Thinking of the beautiful days in the Vermilion Bird Hall in his future, the Empty Hand was even excited.

 “Remember what you said today. Find a place to stay for now. When I leave, we can go back to the Vermilion Bird Hall together.” Mu Yi threw a look at the Empty Hand, and then turned away without hesitation.

He believed that the Empty Hand knew what to do next, provided that he was not a fool.

Looking at Mu Yi leaving, the Empty Hand clapped his chest and felt a little uncomfortable. He put his hand into his bag and grabbed two steamed buns. Then he looked at them and then took a bite with an expression full of satisfaction.

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