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Chapter 465 Theft at Du Clan


   Originally, Mu Yi thought that he could go back to Funiu Mountain, or even to Dongting Lake for the new year. But he didn’t expect the heavy snow and the events at the Hehuan Clan to delay his plans, and prevent him from going back in time, so he had to spend the new year halfway to his destination.

   Fortunately, Mu Yi had good luck. On the way, he saw someone’s carriage had broken down on the side of the road and he assisted. After knowing that Mu Yi couldn’t make it home, he invited him to his home for the new year. Mu Yi hesitated before finally agreeing.

   This was a newly married couple. The man did business with his father and had a solid family background. The woman was the daughter of his father’s business partner. The two families were related by marriage. The couple’s relationship was very good. Before, the man accompanied his wife to stay at his father-in-law’s house. If it wasn’t for this snow, they would have returned home long ago.

Unfortunately, there was really no way to make it home in this weather. They didn’t expect the carriage to fall into a pit and broke the shaft.

   Fortunately, they met Mu Yi. Otherwise, they could have only walked home on foot. The woman was pregnant, and she may not have been able to protect her child. That’s why the couple was very grateful to Mu Yi and invited him directly to celebrate the new year. Otherwise, they would not be so rashly to invite him.

   Of course, it also had a lot to do with Mu Yi’s red lips, white teeth, beautiful appearance, and him being a Taoist. People should never judge others by their appearance. But, appearance did have its benefits. Just as men love beautiful women and women like handsome men.

   On the way, Mu Yi learned that the man’s name was Du Xiaoshan and the woman’s name was Chen Ailian.

   Du Xiaoshan’s old house was quite magnificent, like a small garden. However, after entering Du’s house, Mu Yi also found that the atmosphere here seemed to be a little tense, as if the people here were guarding against something.

  The big man at the door, the guard on patrol, and the servants who rushed by, all proved this.

   Du Xiaoshan and his wife had just arrived, so they didn’t know what had happened. They immediately settled in Mu Yi and his friends; then they went to see their father.

“Master, the Du family seems to be in trouble.” Chong Jiayi said to Mu Yi in a low voice. Even Wu Xiaosi noticed this. Only the big slave looked unaware.

“Well, don’t worry about it for the moment. We’ll leave after the new year.” Wu Xiaosi noticed something strange here, let alone Mu Yi, but Mu Yi didn’t want to meddle in their affairs. In fact, from him entering the house till now, the leader of the Du family hadn’t appeared, which showed the severity of the problem.

   However, the other party didn’t drive them out, because he had helped Du Xiaoshan and his unborn grandson. Mu Yi would not take the initiative to ask for trouble. Otherwise, he would only be suspected of having ulterior motives.

   After all, the timing of Mu Yi’s appearance was too coincidental to when the Du’s young master’s carriage ran into problems. These things were questionable. If they hadn’t arrived, and the inn here wasn’t either closed or full, Mu Yi would have left directly.

   In spite of this, in the evening, the Du family was not stingy. Except for the host’s absence, there were many good wines and dishes provided to Mu Yi and his friends.

   Chen Ailian hadn’t appeared since she had returned. Likely, she had been resting and taking care of her baby. After all, she had suffered from the cold before. In the evening, Du Xiaoshan came to pay homage to Mu Yi and share a few glasses of wine. His face was ashamed. He looked at Mu Yi and was about to speak, but said nothing in the end.

   Mu Yi didn’t ask. He met the couple by chance and saved them on the road. In return, they took in Mu Yi and offered a meal, which Mu Yi was satisfied with.

“Brother, I’m a year older.”

   Nian Nuer leaned beside Mu Yi and her face was slightly red. She had also drank a few glasses of wine. Mu Yi was surprised that ghosts could drink. But it was not that surprising since it happened to this little girl.

“Yes, I am as well.” Mu Yi smiled. Another year where Nian Nuer would be with him. 

   After the new year, Mu Yi had turned sixteen. It’s a pity that no one gave him any lucky money.

   Next to him, Chong Jiayi also lamented that if he hadn’t met Mu Yi, he would still be practicing to reach the first stage. He would have stayed in that small village. Maybe he would have lived alone for the rest of his life, let alone find an apprentice to inherit his mantle and serve him while living.

   But since meeting Mu Yi, all his dreams had been realized, so even without the ghost slave control technique, he would not betray Mu Yi in his lifetime.

   Wu Xiaosi also felt a little warmth. At first, he was just a beggar. Then he joined the Vermilion Bird hall and his life was changed; but the real change was after encountering Mu Yi. He had then  gained step-by-step success. Before, he was scolded constantly. Now, even the leader of the hall was polite to him, called him a little brother, and he had become a ‘great man’.

   He also knew all these changes happened because of Mu Yi, and he knew what he should pay for. Besides, he also had his master and could cultivate. He was hopeful for the future.

   As for whether he could really live forever, Wu Xiaosi didn’t care. He secretly swore when he was a beggar, that he would be vigorous and awe inspiring in his life. Therefore, cultivation was his foundation to realize all this, rather than merely living a long life in vain.

   Wu Xiaosi had asked Chong Jiayi if Mu Yi could live forever because of his cultivation? At that time, Chong Jiayi was silent and speechless, because it was hard for one to live forever.

   After that, Wu Xiaosi asked if he might live forever. Chong Jiayi was silent for a short time, and there was hesitation on his face. Finally, he sighed helplessly.

   It’s a good wish to live forever. At least he had never heard of anyone who could live forever.

   He had confidence in Mu Yi and believed that Mu Yi would surely reach the third stage in the future, but even becoming a Godly Man was still far from the stage where one could live forever. Because of this, how could he say that even Mu Yi would be able to live forever?

   After asking these two questions, Wu Xiaosi was clearer about his choice, and Chong Jiayi didn’t force Wu Xiaosi anymore. Wu Xiaosi’s qualifications were acceptable, but compared to Mu Yi, he was inferior to Mu Yi. Even Mu Yi couldn’t live forever, let alone Wu Xiaosi.

   Maybe longevity was originally just a wish of Chong Jiayi. Later, it gradually became his obsession. So, after accepting Wu Xiaosi as his apprentice, he instinctively passed on to Wu Xiaosi his obsession along with his expectation, but he hadn’t considered whether he could succeed.

Tonight, both Chong Jiayi and Wu Xiaosi’s minds were racing. Only the big slave, who was always eating, seemed to have no thoughts about the current events. Maybe this was everyone’s happiness.

   In other people’s eyes, the big slave was silly, but in the big slave’s heart, there were not so many troubles, not so many helplessness, but more happiness.

   After the end of drinking and eating, firecrackers began to sound outside. Du’s family was more boisterous. But in the bustle, there was still a bit of tension, even fear.

   In the middle of the night, the front yard suddenly rioted, and then gradually spread to the whole Du mansion, even Mu Yi here, and the noise outside proved that something happened to Du family.

“Dong Dong!”

   Finally, someone knocked at the door and Chong Jiayi opened the door, people poured into the courtyard where Mu Yi was. This courtyard originally belonged to Du Xiaoshan, but tonight he lent it to Mu Yi, which was a kind of compensation.

“I’m sorry to disturb you late at night, Taoist.”

   Du Xiaoshan looked at Mu Yi with a tired face and apologized repeatedly. Beside him, he followed a middle-aged man with a cold look and suspicious face. After seeing Mu Yi, he looked closely at him.

“It doesn’t matter, but what happened?” Mu Yi asked if he didn’t mind. In fact, he wouldn’t mind. After all, this was Du Xiaoshan’s home.

“Yes, a thief stole some treasure from this family. It is very important for the Du family. Is there any news of this you may have heard recently? Du Xiaoshan asked politely.

   Not waiting for Mu Yi to answer, the middle-aged man beside him already couldn’t help himself and said “Young master, I will handle it.”

“This Taoist priest, someone saw a black shadow coming this way before. I don’t know if you’ve seen it?”

  It was clear that the middle-aged man believed that the thief was hiding in the yard Mu Yi was in, and even thought that Mu Yi was the thief. After all, the timing of him showing up was too coincidental, which caused others to have some doubts.

   Du Xiaoshan seemed to want to explain something on behalf of Mu Yi. But someone had assured them that the thief was coming here. He didn’t want to believe that Mu Yi could be a thief, but he could only listen to his father.

   At the same time, he also secretly regretted inviting Mu Yi and allowing him to be subject to such scrutiny. Especially since the thing his family lost was related to the lives of the Du’s people to some extent.

   So, Du Xiaoshan had to stand up for the whole family.

“I have not seen anything.” Mu Yi said directly. In fact, he did not see anything, and even if someone had approached, he would know by his perception. That is to say, the thief did not come to him and Du Xiaoshan, or these people, were deceived.

        In this case, even if Mu Yi had great abilities, it was impossible to know who stole the treasure of the Du family. Since it was a treasure, it must have been protected well. It should be impossible for ordinary people to steal it.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Du Xiaoshan seemed relieved, but the middle-aged man did not give in.

“Could the Taoist priest allow us to search?”

“How dare you!”

   The middle-aged man’s words made Chong Jiayi angry. Mu Yi didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t stand for this. This kind of behavior was basically shaming Mu Yi. If Mu Yi was just a normal person, then he would have no strength to resist. But Mu Yi was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, and he was a perfect-stage expert.

   Who in the world could hide something from him?

  After Chong Jiayi spoke, all of a sudden, he burst out a furious energy. Chong Jiayi only reached the second stage and had only opened up one chakra, but his power was definitely not what ordinary people could resist. The middle-aged man was also a third-class expert himself, but was nothing compared to Chong Jiayi.

   The middle-aged man was scared by Chong Jiayi. He could not help but step back and stare at Chong Jiayi with a face full of horror. It seemed that Chong Jiayi was a hidden expert.

   Even the middle-aged men couldn’t stand it, let alone other ordinary family members. When the middle-aged men fell back, they also fell back together, showing fear in their eyes, as if they were facing a great disaster.

   Among them, Du Xiaoshan was the least frightened. Maybe because he had got to know Chong Jiayi for a bit. Along the way after all, Chong Jiayi had driven their carriage. In addition, Chong Jiayi didn’t deliberately target him, so he was far less afraid than those middle-aged men.

   However, he was not a fool after all. The expression of the middle-aged man and the changes of the servants couldn’t be concealed from him. His expression was a little more complicated. Of course, this kind of complexity was not aimed at Chong Jiayi, but at Mu Yi.

   He knew that Chong Jiayi was just a servant of Mu Yi’s, and he was so powerful. What was Mu Yi’s backing? There was no doubt that Mu Yi was not just an ordinary Taoist.

“Do you trust me?” Mu Yi ignored the middle-aged man, just looked at Du Xiaoshan and said.

“Yes.” Du Xiaoshan’s eyes suddenly brightened and he nodded without hesitation.

“Well, since you believe me, go back. The thief is not here and has never been here. But you can interrogate the man who saw the thief coming towards me. I think your interrogation will be fruitful.” Mu Yi said directly.

“Thank you, Taoist priest. I will.” After Du Xiaoshan finished speaking, he left with his servants, ignoring the middle-aged man.

  The middle-aged man saw that the situation was not good for him, and he could only follow them to leave. He didn’t even dare to show any hatred towards Mu Yi. Maybe he also understood that to show hatred to a person who was far more powerful than himself was asking to die.


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