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Chapter 471 Get evil Buddha

Mu Yi was not surprised by the Empty Hand’s submission. The conditions Mu Yi gave were good enough that there was no reason for him to refuse.

Mu Yi was also happy to be able to recruit an expert for the Vermillion Bird Hall. Since he didn’t have much time to participate actively in his Vermillion Bird Hall, he would naturally add more capable people to it when he could. Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang were some such people, as was the Empty Hand.

Although his reputation was not great, he didn’t care. He didn’t need to rely on his reputation as long as he could use his strength at the critical moment.

In fact, Mu Yi had the desire to attract talents. Nowadays, the Vermillion Bird Hall’s hidden network in the capital was basically removed, and they had no idea about the situation in the capital. But there was no doubt that the Qing Dynasty did this to hide something big. 

Even if Mu Yi didn’t want to dominate the world, he didn’t want to rely on his luck alone. This was not in line with his interests. If he didn’t want to be eliminated in the future, he must take the lead. At present, Mu Yi was qualified to play chess on this board called the world.

It was his intention to let the Empty Hand go to the capital first. If the Empty Hand could find out more about the situation there, it would undoubtedly be of use.

The Empty Hand wanted to go to the Vermillion Bird Hall to have a good time, but he knew that Mu Yi had prepared things for him to do already, and he could not refuse at all.

Mu Yi soon returned to the backyard of the Du family, and saw the father and son of the Du family standing there.

Seeing Mu Yi’s return, the eyes of both of them became bright at the same time, Du Jun said in a hurry: “Taoist priest, have you caught Empty Hand?”

This was the most urgent thing for Du Jun to know at present. Mu Yi didn’t need to be afraid of the Empty Hand’s revenge, but the Du’s were not so lucky. Once Mu Yi left, if the Empty Hand came for revenge, no one in the Du family could resist him.

“He escaped.” Mu Yi didn’t say that he joined Vermillion Bird Hall. At present, the father and son didn’t know his identity, so it was better not to mention this.

Hearing Mu Yi’s say that Empty Hand had run away, Du Jun’s face suddenly turned pale. Even Du Xiaoshan’s face was not very good, but he didn’t say anything.

“You can rest assured that although he escaped, I can guarantee that he will never come back to cause you for trouble in this life, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Mu Yi knew what they were thinking, so he said directly.

“Really?” Du Jun’s eyes lit up immediately.

“Dad, since the Taoist priest has spoken as such, the Empty Hand will not come.” Du Xiaoshan hurriedly reminded him. He was afraid that his father would anger Mu Yi. After all, his words at the moment were showing doubt for Mu Yi.

“Ah, yes, thank you very much, Taoist.” Du Jun responded immediately and made up for the gaffe.

“It’s okay. We have solved that problem, so we’d better find the evil Buddha now.” Mu Yi didn’t care about the attitude of the Du’s. At present, the most important thing to him was the evil Buddha. Although he caught Empty Hand, Mu Yi didn’t need him to hand over the evil Buddha, because he already knew where the evil Buddha was.

In fact, after stealing the evil Buddha, the Empty Hand hadn’t taken it out. At the moment, the evil Buddha was still in the Du’s house. Mu Yi could feel its presence.

Du Jun and Du Xiaoshan followed Mu Yi and came to a phoenix tree in the yard. The phoenix tree had been planted by Du Xiaoshan when he was young, and it had grown up well.

But the phoenix leaves had fallen off the tree and it looked bare. The vitality of the phoenix tree had disappeared. That was to say, the phoenix tree had died, and it would not germinate in the coming year.

It seemed likely that everything was due to the evil Buddha buried under the tree. With a slight step on the ground, a pit appeared, revealing a black item.

Seeing this, Du Jun was also excited, but he did not take out the evil Buddha. Instead, he waited for Mu Yi to act.

Mu Yi squatted down and took out the evil Buddha carefully. The evil Buddha wasn’t easy to break, but Mu Yi felt it better to be cautious at the moment.

When his fingers touched the evil Buddha, Mu Yi’s body trembled again, and the Vajra glaze body suddenly became active. With this, Mu Yi concluded that the evil Buddha was related to the Vajra glaze body somehow.

When he held the evil Buddha in his hand, it was not very big. It was just the size of a person’s palm. It was dark. He didn’t know what material it was made of, but it was very heavy. What’s more, the evil Buddha had three hands, three eyes, and its face was lifelike. It was easy for Mu Yi to see that the evil Buddha was smiling, but the smile gave off a sense of creepiness.

“Do you know the origin of this evil Buddha?” Mu Yi asked after a short time.

“To be honest, I don’t know much about it. I only know that it was brought here by Xiaoshan’s mother. When she died, I was told to keep it safe. I couldn’t stay with the evil Buddha for a long time, so it was better to put it in that box. It seemed that the box could isolate the harm of the evil Buddha. As for how the evil Buddha came to be in her possession, Xiaoshan’s mother didn’t talk about it.” Du Jun shook his head and spoke, but his eyes flickered slightly when he mentioned his wife. Obviously, there were details left out of his tale, but Mu Yi didn’t ask. As long as the evil Buddha was in his hands, its origin was not so important.

“To be honest, I’m interested in this evil Buddha. Could you lend it to me for two days to study it?” Mu Yi said directly.

“No problem. It doesn’t matter how long the Taoist priest wants to study it. It’s just that the evil Buddha is really weird. Taoist priest must be careful.” Du Jun agreed without hesitation. After all, the evil Buddha was originally found by Mu Yi. It was no problem for him to study it for several days. What’s more, Mu Yi just wanted to study it and did not ask for it directly.

Although the evil Buddha was precious because it was the only thing left for him to remember his wife by, to be honest, Du Jun was also afraid of it. The main reason why he was so nervous after it was stolen was that he was worried that the evil Buddha would bring great troubles to the Du family.

But now that the evil Buddha had been found, there would be no future troubles from it. If the evil Buddha could be used to build up his relationship with Mu Yi, Du Jun might not be unwilling to give it up entirely. However, he also reminded Mu Yi of its threat, for fear that Mu Yi might blame him if something went wrong.

“Taoist priest, be careful when you study it.” Du Jun finally added another sentence and handed the box to Mu Yi.

Mu Yi was not polite either. After taking the box, he put the evil Buddha in it. It was strange to say that when the box was closed, he couldn’t feel the energy of the evil Buddha any more. Obviously, Du Jun didn’t lie before. This box could isolate the energy of the evil Buddha. 

“By the way, how is your wife?” Mu Yi nodded, then looked at Du Xiaoshan and said.

“Thank you for your concern. Xiao Lian is much better at present.” Du Xiaoshan nodded and said, with gratitude on his face. It was Mu Yi who had sent them back; and now it was Mu Yi who solved the disaster of the Du family. Du Xiaoshan was really grateful without guile.

Mu Yi could also feel this, which was why he was willing to be closer to Du Xiaoshan, even if he was just an ordinary person.

“Well, that’s good. But after all, she is pregnant. I am a tad worried. I’ll go have a look and see if maybe I can help her, if needed,” said Mu Yi.

Du Xiaoshan knew that Mu Yi had great abilities. Although Mu Yi spoke in this manner, Du Xiaoshan felt Mu Yi was being modest. Although he didn’t want to trouble Mu Yi any more, this was related to his wife and children, so he could only nod his head in embarrassment.

As for Du Jun, he was smiling. The more Mu Yi cared about Du Xiaoshan, the more he could build up a relationship with Mu Yi.

When they arrived at the house, Chen Ailian got up to salute. She could hear the news from outside. She was worried. But once she saw her husband coming back with Mu Yi following behind. She knew that everything was fine.

“Don’t be too polite. Lay in bed and I’ll examine you,” said Mu Yi.

Chen Ailian looked at her husband and hesitated. After all, men and women should remain at a distance unless necessary. Du Xiaoshan immediately went over to help his wife lie down, and then stood aside.

Chen Ailian’s situation was clear to Mu Yi after sweeping over her with his mind and spirit. She still had cold air in her body. If she went on like this, she would surely be branded the root of  disease. When she reached middle age, she would surely be haunted by this.

After thinking about it, Mu Yi reached out his index finger and began to sketch in the void. His fingertips gradually emitted a ray of white light, and then became more and more bright, but not overly dazzling. At present, Mu Yi was able to draw some simple symbols.

After all, when he reached the peak, he could use the power of heaven and earth. What’s more, even if he didn’t have the Xin lamp to increase his strength, he was a half-step into perfection. 

For Chen Ailian, a pregnant woman, an exorcism charm was obviously the most suitable choice. It could not only dispel the cold in her body, but also comfort her body. It would not only benefit her, but also the children in her stomach. After birth, she would be healthy, and would not get sick easily.

In this era, it was normal for children to die early. Some families might never have one child grow into adulthood, but with this help from Mu Yi, Chen Ailian’s mother and son were almost certain to be safe.

When the exorcism charm was formed in the air, Mu Yi gently dropped it onto Chen Ailian’s eyebrow. As time passed, Chen Ailian was bathed in a white light. She felt warm and comfortable in her stomach, without any pain. Gradually, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When the white light disappeared, Du Xiaoshan saw his wife’s rosy face and that she had fallen asleep peacefully. Even though he was ignorant, he understood the general effect of the white light. He immediately wanted to kowtow to Mu Yi and thank him. However, he could not kneel down any more after being touched by Mu Yi’s void wave.

“Your wife is well. Stay here and take care of her.” Mu Yi nodded to Du Xiaoshan, then turned away.

Even so, Du Xiaoshan also sent Mu Yi to the door. Du Jun went with Mu Yi to the courtyard where he lived.

Before, when Mu Yi fought, he only knew that Mu Yi was very powerful, but now, after just a little bit of light, his daughter-in-law was healed completely. In his eyes, such means were no different from legendary methods of revival.

As long as one was a human being, they would be afraid of death. Du Jun was no exception. Although he was not ill, he felt more and more powerless at present. If it was not hard to for him to ask anymore of Mu Yi, he would had Mu Yi motion towards him as well.

Mu Yi was clear about Du Jun’s thoughts, and he could do the exorcism charm at will, but he didn’t do anything. Sometimes, a favor needed to be stingy in order to be precious. If you could get it at will, no one would cherish it.

Back in the yard, Nian Nuer immediately drifted to him and looked at the box in Mu Yi’s hand with curiosity.

“Brother, what is this?”

“An evil Buddha. It’s strange. Let’s study it first.” Mu Yi said to Nian Nuer and went back to his room.

Nian Nuer didn’t bother with this anymore. She went to play with the Big Slave.

When he returned to his room, Mu Yi finally stopped worrying. He opened the box and took out the evil Buddha directly. After a while, the Vajra glaze body shook again. When he held the evil Buddha tightly, his heart felt hungry. He felt a desire to eat the evil Buddha that was in his hand.


Mu Yi suddenly gave a cold snort, and his powerful mental and spiritual strength hit the evil Buddha heavily.


The evil Buddha made a sound of lament, and the hunger disappeared. As for the evil Buddha, the surface was undamaged.

“A mere evil Buddha wants to bewitch me?” Mu Yi sneered, but the weight of the evil Buddha in his heart suddenly increased a good bit. Although it had little impact on him, it was enough to show that this evil Buddha was terrible.

“Since this evil Buddha could cause my Vajra glaze body to vibrate, there was obviously a connection between the two. It was just that the origin of the evil Buddha is a mystery. It must not be absorbed recklessly. It would be better to find out the origin of the evil Buddha.” Mu Yi stared at the evil Buddha and thought to himself.

Although he saw that there was something wrong with Du Jun’s tale before, he didn’t mention it. He was clear that Du Jun was just an ordinary person. He might know something, but he would never really be able to help Mu Yi, so Mu Yi didn’t bother to press him for answers; content to study it for himself.

Mu Yi began to scan the evil Buddha with the power of his mind and spirit.

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