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Chapter 472 Changes in Mu Yi

In front of the Du’s house, father and son looked at a distant carriage. They didn’t speak for a long time, and their facial expressions were complicated. Although Mu Yi lived in the Du’s house for another ten days, their relationship never got closer. Because after Mu Yi obtained the evil Buddha that day, he closed his door, and no one saw him.

It was not until yesterday that Mu Yi came out and returned the evil Buddha. At the same time, he also left.

Although the father and son of the Du family were reluctant to part with him, they could only watch Mu Yi leave. Also, they didn’t know if it was an illusion, but when Du Jun took the evil Buddha from Mu Yi, it seemed as though the evil Buddha had changed. It was impossible to say exactly how it had changed however, and the evil Buddha had no apparent physical changes.

To this end, Du Jun could only think that it was because the Buddha was in Mu Yi” hands for too long, but he did not think anything of it.

In the carriage, Mu Yi kept his eyes closed. At that moment, he was the only one in the carriage. It was not that no one wanted to come with him, but the energy on Mu Yi’s body at the moment was uncomfortable. So, in desperation, Mu Yi borrowed a carriage from the Du family. 

Chong Jiayi drove the carriage and looked back from time to time. He could clearly feel a deep chill coming from behind him. The chill was not the cold of ice and snow, but the kind of cold that froze the soul and brought fear in its wake.

It was for this reason that Nian Nuer, Big Slave, and even the Empty Hand were all in the carriage Wu Xiaosi was driving behind Mu Yi’s carriage.

Chong Jiayi had a little worry on his face, but he also knew that he couldn’t help Mu Yi. He could only make the carriage as stable as possible, so as not to shake Mu Yi.

In fact, Mu Yi was in a poor state at the moment, otherwise he would not have stayed ten days in the Du mansion. The evil intention of the evil Buddha was far beyond his imagination. The only thing he could confirm was that the evil Buddha had something to do with the Vajra glaze body.

Originally, Mu Yi’s body had reached the fifth level, and his body had become more and more powerful. Some small symbols had even been created in the deepest parts of his body that gave off a golden light.

But since absorbing the powers of the evil Buddha, the Vajra glaze body started to break through at an amazing speed. In just ten days, it had reached the fifth level of perfection, which even Mu Yi didn’t think was possible. He had thought it would take at least two or three years for the Vajra glaze body to reach this step. After all, the further the Vajra glaze body developed, the more difficult it was to cultivate.

Although the power of Buddhism was infinite, its biggest characteristic was sturdy foundations and slow cultivation. Therefore, except for those reincarnated Living Buddhas, almost all practitioners of this path were quite old.

If they regarded the sixth level of the Vajra glaze body as the level of perfect completion, then one could imagine how fast this kind of progress was. Mu Yi believed that if he hadn’t suppressed the Vajra glaze body’s growth deliberately, the Vajra glaze body would have broken through in that moment.

After the breakthrough, he could compete with the perfect-stage power with his physical body alone, which showed how perfect his physical body had become.

The problem was that Mu Yi felt a threat; a disaster threatening extinction. Even the Tao seed in his heart had begun to show warning signs. All this proved that once he broke through to the sixth level, Mu Yi would be doomed.

Therefore, Mu Yi could only suppress his growth with the help of the Xin lamp from time to time. Even the Xin lamp could barely control the situation. Mu Yi couldn’t use the Xin lamp easily in the future. Otherwise, without the suppression of the lamp, the Vajra glaze body would continue to break through. This would cause Mu Yi’s strength to be, paradoxically, greatly reduced. This was what Mu Yi hadn’t expected.

Originally, he thought that with the aid of evil Buddha, he could enhance his strength, but instead he forced himself into a dangerous situation.

Of course, danger was often accompanied by opportunities. Although the power of the evil Buddha had brought him danger, there were also great benefits. First, his body had become extremely strong. At the moment, even the Big Slave was not his opponent in physical strength.

These ten days of pressing and honing himself made his mind and spirit purer, and had even made Mu Yi develop a wonderful mood.

At the same time, the Tao seed had also absorbed some of the power of the evil Buddha. It was open to any power. Whether it was the power of belief or the power of the evil Buddha, it would devour it. 

However, when Mu Yi used to cultivate the Vajra glaze body, the symbols in his body were all gold. Now, there was black in the gold. The two kinds of light were constantly entwined. This change had even spread to his chakra and the Avatar of Life within Mu Yi.

Mu Yi exerted the power of the Avatar of Life, the light wheel of his destiny was gold mixed with black. However, these were only internal changes.

As for the exterior, although Mu Yi’s appearance hadn’t changed in any way, the Avatar of Life’s temperament was quite different. If Mu Yi used to seem gentle like a jade gentleman, he now seemed cold. There was even a trace of evil-spirit like energy, especially from his eyes, which seemed to be much narrower. Just being looked at by Mu Yi, would cause one to have a kind of creepy feeling.

Chong Jiayi felt this quite strongly. Even Nian Nuer couldn’t stand these changes of Mu Yi’s at moment.


In the carriage, Mu Yi spat out a long mouthful of turbid gas. It seemed that there were flames all around his pores. There was a trace of black impurities in the flame. However, just after leaving his body, all of them were burned to ashes by the flame.

At the center of Mu Yi’s eyebrows, a fire lotus slowly rotated, then disappeared.

“At last, the power of the evil Buddha has been suppressed.” Mu Yi thought in silence that this time was really dangerous. If it wasn’t for the Xin lamp, he was afraid it would have been difficult for him to survive. The power of the evil Buddha was extremely pure and was opposite to the power of the Vajra glaze body. This was why Mu Yi felt a strange familiarity before.

However, the power of the evil Buddha was far beyond the power of Mu Yi’s own cultivation. The evil Buddha’s power had wanted to swallow him.

At the critical moment, the light of the Xin lamp in his sea of knowledge shone very bright, and severely damaged the evil power. But then, the evil Buddha began to assimilate into his body starting with the Vajra glaze body. At the same time, he quickly began to break through. He reached the full fifth level from the beginning fifth level in one quick stroke. If he didn’t try to suppress it, he would have broken through the bottleneck to the sixth level long ago.

In addition to the assimilation of the Vajra glaze body, the six chakras that had been opened up in his body had also been assimilated to the evil energy in varying degrees. They had been infected with the black power of the evil Buddha. His original power of peace had become a little sinister at the moment.

Although Mu Yi managed to suppress the power of the evil Buddha with the help of the Xin lamp, these forces were at war within him at all times, and there were countless disorderly thoughts that were constantly born and died and tried to bewitch him in his mind.

“There is a great terror between life and death. The ancients did not deceive me.” Mu Yi’s face showed a smile, but with his temperament at the moment, the smile seemed full of evil.

“Evil Buddha? Although I didn’t know your origin, when I devour you, I will reach true perfection. So, thank you for your sacrifice. ” Mu Yi continued to say in his heart.

The so-called state of dependence on blessings and disasters was the state that Mu Yi found himself in at the moment. As long as he could overcome the evil forces, he would obtain everything in an instant, and even open the last chakra directly. When the time came, the seven chakras would be opened and three flowers would bloom. He would reach the perfect-stage in one step. This kind of perfection was his own completeness. The perfection of his spirit and body was far more than the kind of perfection achieved when he relied on the Xin lamp.

The Xin lamp only gave him strength, but it didn’t give him the actual realm and feeling he would have when he was truly perfect. Only when he reached the perfect-stage, could he hope to be a higher level of heavenly man.

“Qian Kongkong. There is one thing you need to do.”

In the next few days, their pace was slow. When he was about to arrive at Dongting Lake, Mu Yi sought out the Empty Hand.

During this period of time on the road, the Empty Hand and Nian Nuer had made rapid progress in their relationship, and Empty Hand had also changed to look like an old man. Mu Yi knew that this look was still not his real face, but Mu Yi didn’t care, as long as the other listened to him.

“Master, please command me.” In fact, after agreeing to the invitation from Mu Yi, he did not regret it anymore, but waited for his command. But when he saw Mu Yi again, he seemed to have changed to another person.

If he had not been very confident in his face changing technique, he was afraid he would think that the current Mu Yi had switched with another one.

He didn’t know why. Looking at Mu Yi’s bearing, there was always a faint chill rising, which made him dare not to show any disrespect. It seemed that if he dared to slack, he would be killed.

With this feeling, he would not dare to face Mu Yi alone. At the moment, he was even more stubborn. When hearing that Mu Yi had a task to do, he was not unhappy, but instead had a feeling of liberation.

Even if Mu Yi wanted him to go around the world, he would gladly agree, rather than stay by Mu Yi’s side.

“This Lord needs you to go to the capital to find out everything there, especially what the Qing Dynasty has done recently and what secrets they hold.” Mu Yi spoke. Although he didn’t feel anything and felt everything was normal, the power of the evil Buddha was still influencing him.

For example, he had never intentionally used the word Lord to refer to himself before, beyond certain reasons and occasions. Now however, he had taken himself as a Lord, and even deliberately displayed his majesty and supremacy.

However, Mu Yi didn’t realize all this and thought he was acting as usual.


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