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Chapter 473 the Decision of Nian Nuer

  Qian Kongkong wanted to carry out this order and he wanted to leave Mu Yi even earlier if he could. At the moment, Mu Yi felt too dangerous. Although it was dangerous to go to the capital, as long as he didn’t break into the Forbidden City, he would be okay with his ability.

   What’s more, Mu Yi just asked him to find out what had happened in the capital, but he didn’t say that he should go to the Forbidden City. Therefore, for Qian Kongkong’s, this task was nothing but running some errands.

   In addition, this was the first task assigned to him by Mu Yi. He also wanted to be able to play a role in the Sparrow Hall, so he agreed very happily.

   After Qian Kongkong left, Mu Yi and his party returned to Dongting Lake, and Yun Mengxuan, who had been informed of his arrival for a long time, came out to meet them in person.

   Originally, when Yun Mengxuan went to Yangcheng City to see Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang and taught them some secret skills, she was supposed to come back later than Mu Yi. However, unexpectedly, Mu Yi had spent ten days in Du Prefecture. Such a long time was enough for Yun Mengxuan to finish her work and return.

“My Lord.” Yun Mengxuan was shocked after seeing Mu Yi. The changes in Mu Yi were too great, especially for those who knew him well. A nearly unknown person could recognize the changes in Mu Yi, let alone Yun Mengxuan who had known Mu Yi for a while.

   However, after a moment’s hesitation, Yun Mengxuan decided that although Mu Yi had changed a lot, he was still him, and this was enough.

“Ummm.” Mu Yi nodded to Yun Mengxuan coldly, then stepped on the boat and drove to the island in Dongting Lake.

   Mu Yi’s actions made Yun Mengxuan a little confused, and even worried. Was there something she did that did not satisfy Mu Yi? Yun Mengxuan frowned and thought back, but she couldn’t remember what she had done wrong.

“Have you met those two?” Mu Yi stepped on the island and said suddenly.

“My Lord, I’ve already met them. Both of them are smart people who are rare talents. Congratulations.” Yun Mengxuan said immediately. She really had a good impression of Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang. What’s more, she also felt the same energy in the two women, which belonged to the resonance of the seal of the rose finch.

   With this discovery, the last worry in Yun Mengxuan’s heart disappeared. She was very clear about what the seal of the rose finch represented, so she didn’t have any reservations when she taught them. It could be said that she gave all she had to them and called them sisters.

   In the future, with the efforts of the three Towers, their relationship would be even closer.

“Well, I’m at ease with your work. How about the cooperation with Tangxi Zhai?” Mu Yi nodded and asked.

“Everything is good. Tangxi Zhai has given full support to the Sparrow Hall. Now two groups of excellent soldiers have arrived. In addition, Wang Tao has also come to join us. I have assigned him to the new army. After watching him, he is indeed a material that can be forged into something good. However, because his time in the new army is too short, he has not been promoted to a higher position for the moment. I was waiting for you to come back to make a decision.” When Yun Mengxuan spoke, she took a little care unconsciously. Mu Yi exuded some level of majesty at the moment. In the past, unless she took the initiative, Mu Yi seldom asked about these things. Now, he had asked her about them first.

“No, you can do as you see fit. If he has the ability, he can be in a higher position. Otherwise, if he has no ability, a high position will hurt him.” Mu Yi shook his head and said. Although he still had an impression on Wang Tao, he had become gradually indifferent.

“Yes.” Yun Mengxuan nodded, and felt something very different from Mu Yi.

   After Mu Yi left, Yun Mengxuan could only follow his steps, but she saw that Nian Nuer, who was following him, winked at her.

   Yun Mengxuan stayed for a while, and then nodded quietly. She believed that Nian Nuer would not wink at her for no reason. In fact, Nian Nuer was the closest person to Mu Yi, and she also believed that Nian Nuer would not harm Mu Yi.

   Obviously, Nian Nuer was looking for her because of the changes in Mu Yi at the moment, which was what Yun Mengxuan wanted to know the most about at the moment.

   Although Mu Yi now looked more like a Lord-like being, Yun Mengxuan preferred the former Mu Yi.

   After Mu Yi entered his room and announced to not disturb him unless it was important, Yun Mengxuan came to Nian Nuer’s room quietly.

“First Miss.” Yun Mengxuan said to Nian Nuer.

   The first sister was Nian Nuer’s identity in the Sparrow Hall. Everyone knew that she was the only sister of Mu Yi, and Mu Yi was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Thus she was the princess of the whole Sparrow Hall. So they called her the first Miss.

“Sister Yun, do you see the changes in my brother?” Nian Nuer beckoned Yun Mengxuan to sit down, and her face was also sad. How could she not see the changes in Mu Yi? She was the one who worried the most along the way.

   However, she could do nothing to help. 

“What happened to him, First Miss?” Yun Mengxuan asked.

“My brother absorbed the powers of an Evil Buddha and he turned into what he is now.” Nian Nuer had figured out the cause for a long time. She had even ‘forced’ some answers out of the Du family while Mu Yi was behind closed doors.

   The real origin of the Evil Buddha was a cult in the previous dynasty. It did a lot of evil and killed innocent people. Later, it was justly killed by the people. The Evil Buddha was passed around before finally being owned by Du Xiaoshan’s mother. In fact, the Evil Buddha was a branch of the cult at that time, but now it had a hidden surname and didn’t want to be known.

   Even today, the cult had been revived for some time. The only thing they were sure about was that the cult was related to the White lotus religion. It was for this reason that Du Jun was very careful and he didn’t want the truth to be known.

   But what Du Jun knew was very limited. What’s more, he didn’t know that there was a huge evil force in the Evil Buddha, which had been swallowed by Mu Yi.

   Nian Nuer had thought of many ways to help. She even tried to lend the Bamboo Tree of Life to Mu Yi, but was rejected. She was very clear that Mu Yi was conscious and showed no signs of being controlled. But the more this was so, the more worried she was.

   Mu Yi’s lucidity proved that he was clear about his situation, but even so, he didn’t think he had a problem. This matter was very serious.

   So as soon as Nian Nuer came back, she couldn’t wait to find Yun Mengxuan, and wanted to work out a solution.

   After listening to Nian Nuer, Yun Mengxuan’s face was a little solemn. It seemed that things were more serious and more difficult than she thought.

   Mu Yi was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, whereas Yun Mengxuan was only a leader and Mu Yi’s subordinate. No matter what Mu Yi decided, she only had the right to comply with it. Moreover, she had no ability to resist Mu Yi. As long as Mu Yi decided something, she would implement it faithfully.

   Even if Mu Yi went to war with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag or another force of similar strength, and even if she knew Mu Yi was wrong, she would not stop him. This was the hegemony of the seal of the rose finch. It had its advantages, but also a big disadvantage.

   In this way, it would lead to the absolute power of Mu Yi. No one could question his orders. For a leader, this was very dangerous and could lead to some disastrous consequences.

“What can you do, First Miss?” Yun Mengxuan really had no options, so she could only look to Nian Nuer. Although Nian Nuer was just like a child, no one would look down on her. Yun Mengxuan knew the horrors of Nian Nuer.

“I don’t know, but there’s someone who may have a way.” Nian Nuer shook her head first, and then said.

“Who is him, first Miss? I’ll invite him. “Yun Mengxuan said quickly.

“A big monk, my brother learned the glaze Vajra body from him. He should know something about that strange thing from Buddhism.” Nian Nuer was thinking of Liao Fan. She later heard about the Thousand Sound Temple from Mu Yi and knew where the Thousand Sound Temple was.

   Although she was not sure if Liao Fan really had a way, at present, it was her only hope.

“Where is it?” Yun Mengxuan continued.

“I’m going to go there myself, so please take care of my brother.” Nian Nuer’s face was full of seriousness.

“Let me go, first Miss, or the Lord will be angry when he wakes up and finds you are gone.” Yun Mengxuan hesitated for a moment and then spoke as such because she knew how important Nian Nuer was in Mu Yi’s heart. Before, because it was too dangerous for her to enter the Yellow River’s Ancient Road, he let Nian Nuer stay here.

“No, I’ll take Big Slave with me. We’re both fast. As for my brother…” Nian Nuer hesitated for a moment, and then went on: “if my brother asks, you can tell him where I went, and I will come back as soon as possible.”

   Nian Nuer knew that this couldn’t be concealed from Mu Yi, so she was not going to hide at all. Anyway, when Mu Yi discovered her plan, she would be far away with Big Slave. With her strength and Big Slave, as long as she didn’t meet a perfect-stage expert, there wouldn’t be any problems.



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