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Chapter 474 A Big Dream

   Sure enough, when Mu Yi heard that Nian Nuer had gone to Liao Fan, he just nodded his head. He did not get angry or lash out, as if he had expected this to happen. Mu Yi’s attitude puzzled Yun Mengxuan, but Mu Yi was not angry, and so she was relieved.

   In fact, Yun Mengxuan had worried too much. Although Mu Yi’s personality had changed, he was still Mu Yi. He also knew that the situation in his body was very different. Most of his energy was used to suppress and devour the Evil Buddha’s power.

   Moreover, he could feel that Nian Nuer cared about him. As for Nian Nuer trying to invite Liao Fan, Mu YI felt it was useless. If he guessed correctly, Liao Fan would not come. Nian Nuer was doomed to fail this time.

   Of course, with Nian Nuer and the Big Slave’s strengths, he was not worried. Nian Nuer was no longer the little girl who had only just come down the mountain. Over the past year, she had been growing rapidly, and Nian Nuer had not been overly coddled.

  So, with no worries, he continued to ignore his surroundings. As for the Sparrow Hall, he threw it to Yun Mengxuan again.

   Time passed, and in a twinkling of an eye the end of the month had come. Nian Nuer had left in a hurry, and only now came back. Just as Mu Yi had guessed, Liao Fan wasn’t with her.

   After seeing Nian Nuer coming back with only the Big Slave accompanying her, Yun Mengxuan’s heart also thumped, “First Miss, that monk did not come?”

“No, I think he is a big liar. He has no real ability and he can only boast.” Nian Nuer said hatefully. Obviously, things didn’t go well for her this time. She was full of anger towards the Thousand Sound Temple.

“Shall I use the power of the Sparrow Hall?”

   This was about Mu Yi’s safety. Yun Mengxuan would not be polite. Since he couldn’t be invited here, then they could just tie him up.

“No, that monk is very powerful. I don’t think anyone but my brother is his opponent.” Nian Nuer said immediately. Since she was so sure, she likely tried it herself. Otherwise, with her character, how could she come back alone? She would have let the Big Slave tie him up.

“What did he say?” Yun Mengxuan asked again.

“He said that it is a calamity meant for my brother, and his coming here would not be useful.” Nian Nuer said.

“This…” Yun Mengxuan hesitated at once. Since the monk had said this, it must not be without reason. Plus, Nian Nuer said that no one was his opponent except for Mu Yi, so it was obviously impossible to force him to come.

“Although he didn’t come, I fought with him, and threatened that if he didn’t come, I would burn his Thousand Sound Temple with a fierce flame. Finally, he gave me a sarira, saying it might help my brother.” Nian Nuer said.

“Really? We should send it to the Lord now. ” Yun Mengxuan said.

“Ok.” Nian Nuer did not hesitate and came to the place where Mu Yi was closed.

“Brother.” When she came to Mu Yi’s room, Nian Nuer didn’t look proud suddenly, and instead looked timid. She seemed guilty. Nian Nuer was worried that Mu Yi would blame her for not obeying.

“You’re back?” Unexpectedly, a smile appeared on Mu Yi’s face and he looked at Nian Nuer with concern.

   Nian Nuer showed a happy expression immediately. “Brother, have you recovered?”

   Mu Yi shook his head. “I’m really okay, but the power of the Evil Buddha has not been consumed.”

“By the way, brother, the big monk said that this sarira may help you. Try it quickly.” Nian Nuer said. She hurriedly took out the sarira, which was the size of a pigeon egg and had an irregular shape. But when the sarira came out, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere was felt.

“Um?” Mu Yi was a little surprised that the sarira contained such pure power. When the ghost king was sealed, Mu Yi saw that Liao Fan had used a sarira, which contained all the power of a perfectly eminent monk. It could be said to be the most precious treasure of Buddhism.

   Mu Yi didn’t think that Liao Fan would give up a sarira. He looked at the sarira and thought, “Did Liao Fan ask you to bring this to me?”

   For Liao Fan, Mu Yi knew him very well. He would not let Nian Nuer bring back a sarira for no reason. Obviously, there was a deeper meaning here.

“The big monk said that this is a calamity meant for you. No one else can help you. You can only rely on yourself.” Nian Nuer was still worried.

“Yes, it is my own calamity.” Mu Yi nodded, then looked at the worried Nian Nuer and continued, “but you don’t have to worry. I’m sure I can get through it.”

   Mu Yi’s confidence stemmed from both his own strength and, more importantly, the sky patching stone.

   According to the mysterious Shining Man in the Yellow River’s Ancient Road, the sky patching stone could save him from a lethal crisis once. If he really couldn’t suppress the power of the Evil Buddha, then the sky patching stone should be able to save him.

   Of course, Mu Yi would never place all his hopes on the sky patching stone. After all, no one could confirm whether the mysterious Shining Man’s words were true or false. It was better to believe in yourself than to rely on others.

   That said, the sarira Nian Nuer brought back managed to cause him some excitement. The sarira was an essence of life left by a Buddhist monk. The power contained within was not only pure, but also had some Buddha’s nature. The glaze Vajra body was a kind of bodily protection magic skill. Although there was not an apparent use for the Buddha nature energy, it must be useful.

“Well, Nuer believes in you.” Nian Nuer nodded hard, and then handed the sarira to Mu Yi.

   Holding the sarira, Mu Yi felt that the Evil Buddha force suppressed by the seal of the Xin lamp began to move, trying to feel out Mu Yi’s intentions.

   Mu Yi hesitated for a moment, and then closed his eyes, and the power of his mind and spirit entered the sarira.


   When these powers entered the sarira, Mu Yi felt a thunderbolt go off in his mind, and his consciousness shook.

“Bang bang bang.”

   A sound of knocking was transmitted to Mu Yi, who felt as though he was in a trance. He felt as if he had become a little monk. A little monk knocked on a wooden fish and slowly became himself.

“This…” Suddenly, the little monk stopped knocking the wooden fish, and his face was at a loss for a moment. He raised his hand and looked at it.

“Oh, I shouldn’t be distracted.”

   The sound of the wooden fish clapped out again. It was clear and crisp. It came out of the temple from far away.

   Mu Yi felt as if he had incarnated as a little monk, but also felt as if he was just a passer-by. He was not shocked, he was not in a hurry, and he just looked at all this quietly, watching the vicissitudes of the world and the changes of the years.

   The little monk grew up slowly. He became the host of a broken temple when he was middle-aged. Then he grew old slowly. With each change of the little monk, Mu Yi seemed to experience it personally.

   He could recite all the Buddhist scriptures that the little monk had seen, and he could understand all the feelings the little monk ever had.

   When the little monk had grown old, he raised his head in a moment of silence. His eyes seemed to penetrate space at this moment, looking across from Mu Yi. Then Mu Yi saw that he smiled, “Who can know a dream? I’ve known myself all my life.”

   With a pause, Mu Yi only felt the stars changed and the consciousness returned to the body.

“Who knows the dream? I’ve known myself all my life.”

   Mu Yi said softly, and then opened his eyes. At this moment, his eyes were like the eyes of the old monk.

   Mu Yi didn’t know the monk’s name. His whole life was just spent in the broken temple. Besides chanting, he was as plain as water, without making magnificent waves in the world nor possessing the ups and downs of emotions. However, Mu Yi saw the presence, freedom, and fearlessness in his eyes towards his end.

   Mu Yi sat down with his hands folded slightly. A pure Buddha’s mental energy emanated from him. At this moment, the Avatar of Life was invoked. A light chakra appeared behind Mu Yi’s head. Now, there was no black in the chakra. Instead, there was just pure light.

“Brother, are you going to become a Buddha?”

   Nian Nuer stared at Mu Yi in a daze. Mu Yi froze suddenly before, and his consciousness seemed to disappear from his body. Nian Nuer was originally shocked by the situation, but she later found that Mu Yi’s consciousness hadn’t really disappeared, but entered a state that she didn’t understand. With Mu Yi’s breath remaining stable, it didn’t look like something bad would happen.

   So, she put down her worries for a while and kept guard.

   But she hadn’t expected that this state would last for a whole three days, and it was not easy to just wait until Mu Yi woke up. When he did finally awaken, she saw that Mu Yi was full of Buddha’s light, and the word Buddha came out instinctively. However, she wasn’t sure what a Buddha was exactly. Maybe it was just like Mu Yi?

“There is Chuang Chou dreaming of a butterfly in Taoism and the great dream Lohan in Buddhism. They are all magical powers stemming from dreams. Although they have different names, they share the same principles. It’s no wonder that Taoism and Buddhism have lasted through ancient times and have not died out even now.” Mu Yi said softly.

   When he finished this exclamation, he looked at Nian Nuer and asked, “Would you like your brother to become a Buddha?”

“No.” Nian Nuer’s little head was like a rattle.

“Why?” Mu Yi continued to ask.

“If you become a Buddha, you will leave me behind.” The little girl looked at Mu Yi seriously. 

“Then I will not become a Buddha.” Mu Yi smiled, and the Buddha’s light on his body began to dissipate slowly. This kind of dissipation was not one in which he absorbed the energy into his body, but a true dissipation of the energy.

“Ah!” Nian Nuer’s eyes went big, and her small face was a little anxious. “Don’t do this, Nuer is willing for brother to become a Buddha.”

   When the Buddha’s light disappeared, Nian Nuer felt clearly that Mu Yi’s energy was declining, but Mu Yi merely smiled and looked at her gently.

“Since I don’t want to be a Buddha, what’s the use of keeping it? Now I finally understand why the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag made me lose the glaze Vajra body. At that time, I thought she was too fussy. Now I understand the true meaning of the incompatibility between Taoism and Buddhism. Fortunately, I have obtained the Tao seed ahead of time, and my heart will not be shaken. But even so, something had to give eventually. There is no perfect thing in the world, neither Taoism or Buddhism. A combination of both, is a dead end.”

“I have practiced Buddhism for a lifetime in my dream, so I will practice Taoism in this lifetime.”

   With Mu Yi’s words, the Buddha’s light around him dissipated even faster, and Mu Yi’s face was a little pale. Some things were not so easy to give up.

“Now, I am focusing on Taoism. As for the glaze Vajra body, it has changed since long ago. It is no longer a pure Buddhist magical skill, and I can turn it into a completely Taoist body protecting divine skill. Therefore, it is useless to keep the Buddha’s energy, as it will hinder my future cultivation.”

   Mu Yi’s words were explaining his actions to both Nian Nuer and himself. His face was pale and his energy was fading, but his eyes were getting brighter and brighter.


   Suddenly, Mu Yi’s body erupted into flames. It was the Nanming Li fire. From under him, the Nanming Li fire condensed into a lotus platform. Mu Yi sat in it, and the flame around him evolved and formed petals.

   Within Mu Yi’s body, the runes produced by cultivating the glaze Vajra body were also collapsing under the fire. With the collapse of each of these runes, the energy on Mu Yi’s body dropped again and again.

   His glaze Vajra body had been continuously reduced from the fifth to the fourth level, and then the third. Even after falling to the first level, it had not stopped weakening.

“Ka Cha!”

   Finally, when the glaze Vajra body fell to its limit, Mu Yi’s body made a click, as if something had cracked.

  Mu Yi shivered, his body was covered with countless blood lines. If you looked closely, these blood lines on Mu Yi’s body were like broken porcelain, which had been reassembled. Blood was constantly flowing out of his body, making him look as though his body was formed from blood.

   Nian Nuer’s eyes were wide, and her small hands covered her mouth tightly, for fear that she would disturb Mu Yi if she made a noise, but her eyes were full of tears.

“Don’t be afraid, your brother is okay.” Mu Yi’s face was still wearing a gentle smile. He whispered to Nian Nuer. His face was no exception to the lines covering his body. It was also stained with blood. The only thing that hadn’t changed was Mu Yi’s eyes, full of determination and indomitable will.

“Mm-Hm!” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Nian Nuer nodded hard.

“Although I don’t know how the Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag repairs broken chakras, I think it’s more dangerous than the state I am in now. She can hold on in part due to her will, or maybe it’s more because of luck.” Mu Yi said slowly. Only he understood what kind of danger he was going through. If he was not careful, he would really fall apart like a porcelain doll. His body would be broken into countless pieces. If that came to pass, who knew whether the sky patching stone could save him?

   Therefore, from the moment he had made up his mind, Mu Yi didn’t think about the sky patching stone anymore. He had to forget the existence of the sky patching stone, so that he could stay determined and survive while following his newly adopted path.

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