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Chapter 475 Glaze Immortality Body

   Just as the saying goes “no pain, no gain”. Mu Yi’s situation gave visual representation to this saying. However, it was far more serious than mere ‘pain’. If Mu Yi had slipped up even slightly, he may have been dead by now.

   Fortunately, he had succeeded.

   When the glaze Vajra body was broken down completely, Mu Yi felt relaxed, even in his soul, as if he had ridden himself of a heavy burden.

“In my dream life, I completed my relationship with Buddhism. In this life, I will only focus on cultivating myself.”

A force in his body was suddenly born out of nothing. The force was not from the Evil Buddha, nor the power of Buddhism, but from his body itself.

   This power swelled in Mu Yi’s body as his energy began wildly increasing. A small rune was generated in his body and integrated into his flesh and blood. The cracks around his body were also disappearing slowly.

“From now on, the glaze Vajra body will be called the glaze Immortality body.” Mu Yi felt the changes in his body and mumbled to himself.

   He abandoned the glaze Vajra body, but it didn’t mean that he no longer cultivated his body. Instead, he changed the glaze Vajra body by removing the Buddha’s energy from it and changing its essence, which resulted in it becoming the glaze Immortality body.

   The glaze Immortality body was similar to the glaze Vajra body. However, the glaze Immortality body was more suitable for Mu Yi due to it being modified according to the Nanming Li fire. In the future, the glaze Immortality body would make rapid progress.

 Now, with the cultivation of the glaze Immortality body, his bodies previously scattered energies began to recover gradually. The newly born runes in his body had been different from the originals. Without the moderate peace that stemmed from Buddhism, he seemed more domineering.

   In less than half an hour, Mu Yi’s energy had been restored to its peak, and the glaze Immortality body had been restored to the fifth level of perfection, and there were no signs of instability.

   The most important thing was that after this event, most of the power of the Evil Buddha had been wiped out, and the rest was still suppressed by the Xin lamp. Obviously, it would take a long time for Mu Yi to wipe out or devour this power completely.

   However, Mu Yi was not in a hurry. He couldn’t be shaken by the power of the Evil Buddha through the glaze Immortality body. All he had to do was wait.

   Mu Yi got up, and shook his body, and all the blood scabs around him flew out. He became white. At the moment, Mu Yi looked like a newborn baby. Even if Mu Yi didn’t resist, he couldn’t be hurt by a second-class expert with a sabre. This was the supremacy of the glaze Immortality body.

“How are you, brother?” Next to him, Nian Nuer looked at Mu Yi excitedly.

   Mu Yi smiled, and reached for his clothes and put them on. Then he looked at Nian Nuer and said, “Thanks to the sarira you brought back, I’m ok now.”

   Mu Yi didn’t disclose his real situation. He didn’t want Nian Nuer to worry about him. What’s more, he didn’t think that the power of the Evil Buddha that was suppressed at the moment could do anything. As soon as the sarira was used, the glaze Vajra body was destroyed. Mu Yi also felt that the fate between himself and the Buddha had gone with it. From then on, he could only practice Taoism, and his road ahead was clear.

 After this honing, he obviously felt that his mind and spirit were more unified. It seemed that only one last step was needed to integrate them into one and thus achieve true perfection.

   Mu Yi understood that this step was opening the last chakra. As long as the seventh chakra was opened, he would step into perfection directly.

   However, Mu Yi didn’t rush to make a breakthrough. After all, the glaze Immortality body had just been rebuilt, and was not completely stable. Moreover, the time Mu Yi took to break through the sixth chakra was too short so he required more time to solidify the sixth chakra’s integration.

   Mu Yi thought vaguely that the seventh chakra may be one of his barriers. Once he broke through, he might run into a calamity, perhaps even a fatal calamity. Mu Yi didn’t want to take risks. It was better to wait until the Evil Buddha’s power was swallowed completely and the glaze Immortality body was stable before attempting to break through.

   For the moment, even if he didn’t reach perfection, his strength had still increased, and he had a vague feeling that even without help from the Xin lamp, his strength was not weaker than a real perfect-stage expert. It was just  pure intuition of course, and there was no perfect-stage expert around for him to test himself against.

   With this strength, even if the Xin lamp could not be used at the moment, the trip to the capital in the near future would not be enough to threaten his life.

   Qian Kongkong had rushed to the capital to investigate the truth, and he was also waiting for a proper time.

   Mu YI was no longer the insignificant little Taoist of the past, but the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. Especially after his alliance with Tangxi Zhai, it could be said that his every move attracted a lot of people’s attention. If he stepped into the capital at this critical moment, the Manchu would not let him go easily. He will become a target of the public at large, so Mu Yi was waiting for the right moment.

   A few days later, Yun Mengxuan saw Mu Yi again. When she saw that Mu Yi had returned to his original gentle appearance, she was at ease.

“You were worried these recent days.” Mu Yi said.

“As long as you’re okay.” Yun Mengxuan said immediately.

“What do you think about the formation of the Six Departments of Supervision?” Mu Yi said.

“I’ve heard that you have taken Qian Kongkong in?” Yun Mengxuan didn’t answer directly.

“Yes, but now I’ve sent him to the capital. I think he can find something out through his means.” Mu Yi nodded.

“I think he’s more suitable to supervise the Six Departments of Supervision.” Yun Mengxuan said.

“Him?” Mu Yi frowned and then kept silent. He was thinking about Yun Mengxuan’s proposal. He had to admit that Qian Kongkong was really suitable for the Six Departments of Supervision. First of all, Qian Kongkong was very proficient in conspiracy and it was not easy to deceive him.

   Moreover, his transfiguration technique was so superb that it would be hard for people to notice him. He could not only search for information, but also lurk around others without being noticed. Although his strength was not exceptional, there were still only a few enemies who could actually beat him.

   What’s more, the Sparrow Hall hasn’t been established for a long time, and the strength of the general members was not particularly high. So even in terms of strength, Qian Kongkong was actually sufficient.

   However, the Six Departments of Supervision was the sharpest sabre in the hands of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. If it was entrusted to the wrong person, it would certainly result in terrible consequences. The problem was that there was no one available in Sparrow Hall that could hold the position. Although the original leader of the Humanities Department was loyal, his strength and ability were slightly poor.

   Thinking to this point, Mu Yi had made his decision. “As long as Qian Kongkong can contribute in this trip to the capital, let him be a leader of one of the Departments. As for the other Departments, observe secretly whether there are other suitable candidates. These six leaders must be elected carefully. Who will lead all Six Departments of Supervision in the future will depend on their future actions.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Hearing Mu Yi’s decision, Yun Mengxuan nodded. She could only give some suggestions, but she could not make decisions for Mu Yi directly. 

 “In addition, I’ll be going back to Funiu Mountain for a few days, and I’ll give you full control of Sparrow Hall. Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang should also take on a few more responsibilities.” Mu Yi continued to say.

“Both of them are smart, which allows me to relax a bit.” Yun Mengxuan said.

“That’s good.” Mu Yi nodded, and then Yun Mengxuan left.


   On February 2, the Dragon looked up.

   On this day, Mu Yi set off again, the cart still driven by Chong Jiayi. Mu Yi sat in the middle of the carriage, and the Big Slave was in the corner holding the Bamboo Tree of Life in his hands. His face was serious, as if he was doing something important.

   Nian Nuer had entered the Bamboo Tree of Life to cultivate. Maybe her previous experiences had made her understand that her strength was too low to help Mu Yi. She didn’t want to be a burden to Mu Yi, so she began to work harder.

   In fact, before becoming a ghost king, which was the third stage, the little girl would have no bottleneck. She just needed to absorb energy, refine and consolidate it, and then she could improve continuously. This was God’s gift to her, and only ghosts with innate wisdom could get this kind of gift.

   Nian Nuer was too advantaged. For other ghosts, it would take decades ao even hundreds of years to reach this step. However, Nian Nuer had been living in the Bamboo Tree of Life for many years, and then integrated with the thousand years’ tree core, and got her father’s final gift; all of which shortened the time she needed to attain her current power greatly.

   Now, she only needed to control the “SOUL” symbol and then she would reach the perfect-stage. If those who have been delayed for ten years or more knew of this, they would stamp their feet and beat their chests for agony at the unfairness of it all.


Nothing happened along their way.

   Nowadays, although the world was in chaos and bandits were rampant all over the world, it was not yet to the point where people oten robbed along the roads and killed people in broad daylight. What’s more, Chong Jiayi was a second stage who was equivalent to a first-class expert. Even if a few thieves showed up occasionally, they would be handily dealt with.

   Funiu Mountain didn’t seem to see any change. When Mu Yi came back here, he felt like he was coming home. As early as when he had buried the old Taoist Priest here, this place had become his home. Even Sparrow Hall couldn’t replace it.

   At the foot of the mountain, there were several more houses not far from the mountain road. Some land had been reclaimed nearby, and some fruit trees had been planted. A middle-aged man was basking in the sun at the door. When the carriage approached, he became alert immediately, and other rooms seemed to have some movement.

When he saw Mu Yi walking down from the carriage, he was very excited, but he didn’t disturb Mu Yi. Instead, after Mu Yi went up the mountain, he ran to the town quickly. 


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