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Chapter 476 Su Jinlun’s problems

“I’ve come to see you, old man.”

   On the mountain, Mu Yi and Nian Nuer put incense in front of the old Taoist Priest’s grave respectfully. There was another figure beside them. It was Li the Cripple who had stayed here to guard the old Taoist Priest’s tomb. Li the Cripple looked like he had one foot in the grave, and his body was thin as a skeleton. He looked as if a gust of wind would blow him down.

   However, Mu Yi saw that Li the Cripple’s energy was actually more powerful than before, and that there was living energy in his body as well as death energy. Obviously, Li the Cripple had made rapid progress in this period of time, and energies of both life and death had been born inside his body. His next step was to make them balance each other out and gradually achieve success.

   However, it all depended on his luck. Once the energy of life and death were balanced, Li the Cripple would be an expert under Mu Yi’s command.

“Master,” said Li the Cripple, looking down.

“Do you want to go down the mountain?” Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple and spoke, having guessed what Li was going to say.

“Some things need to be solved. Otherwise, my inner demon will make it hard to pass through the gate of life and death,” said Li the Cripple.

“Well, I’ll give you a month. Is that enough?” Mu Yi said that he could not stay in Funiu Mountain for  long, and the old Taoist priest also needed someone to guard his grave. Li the Cripple wanted to solve his problems, but it shouldn’t take long.

   With Li the Cripple’s strength at the moment, Mu Yi believed that even if Qu Yang was still alive, he would not be a match for Li the Cripple.

   Mu Yi had gone to the Qu Mortuary, but it was destroyed, and Quyang was not found. Quyang was said to be dead, but Mu Yi did not believe it.

“That’s enough. Thank you very much.” There was a trace of gratitude on Li the Cripple’s face.

“Then go and come back soon.” After Mu Yi finished speaking, he went back to the Taoist temple. Inside, it was clean and free from dust. It seemed that someone had often cleaned it.

   Chong Jiayi took Wu Xiaosi to settle down. Nian Nuer and Da Nu went back to the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest was very prosperous because the Bamboo Tree of Life had been planted there. Even in February, the bamboo forest was still green, seemingly undisturbed by the weather.

   Mu Yi lit a small stove inside the room and began to make some tea. These things were given as gifts to Mu Yi by the Su family a while ago, but he had never used them. However, Yun Mengxuan had often made tea for him, and he had gradually learned how to prepare it..

   Before long, a group of people rushed up the mountain. One of them was Su Chongshan, who had disappeared for half a year. Su Chongshan looked more energetic and healthier.

“Taoist priest.”

   Mu Yi was not surprised by Su Chongshan’s arrival. The people who had gone down the mountain were sent by Su Chongshan. They guarded the mountain to strictly control the number of people entering. They also waited for any glimpse of Mu Yi, so that once Mu Yi returned here, Su Chongshan could receive news of his arrival.

 In front of Mu Yi, Su Chongshan conducted himself with a little more formality and awe. Obviously, he knew Mu Yi’s identity. The Su Clan developed rapidly in the past two years and its power had managed to command a province, but it couldn’t be compared with the Vermilion Bird hall. 

   That Su Clan was able to achieve their current development because of the advice and help from Mu Yi. Besides, the last time Mu Yi gave advice to the Su family, they had benefited a lot, and Mu Yi had even saved the eldest son of the Su family.

“Lord of Su, you and I became acquainted with each other when we were both in trouble. You don’t need to be so polite. Besides, this is Funiu Mountain.” Mu Yi didn’t look up. He kept making tea. He looked like he was skilled at it. Even Su Chongshan couldn’t help staring at him.

   Finally, a cup of hot tea was put in front of Su Chongshan, who seemed to relax.

“Taoist priest has done a great kindness for the Su family. I should be respectful to you.” Su Chongshan said that there were some things Mu Yi could choose to not care about, but he, Su Chongshan, must care.

“How is Jinlun now?” Mu Yi smiled and did not continue to correct Su Chongshan’s attitude, but asked about Su Jinlun, who was also his friend.

“Now Jinlun is in charge of the overall situation in the Qingjiang Prefecture and the business of the Su family.” Mentioning his grandson, Su Chongshan showed a trace of happiness and pride. Obviously, Su Jinlun had not let him down.

“It’s good that you can relax.” Mu Yi nodded. After such a long time, Su Jinlun was obviously trained and qualified to shoulder the burden of the Su family.

“Yes, now I’m looking forward to Jinlun getting married early and having a healthy boy. Everything is good in the Su family, but our population is too small.” Su Chongshan said regretfully.

“Oh, do you fancy someone?” Mu Yi smiled at Su Chongshan; whose face was somewhat awkward.

“No, it’s not me. It’s Jinlun that has taken a fancy to a girl, but her family is not satisfied with our family and has been refusing us.” Su Chongshan said distressed, obviously, he pointed out this topic to ask Mu Yi to help him.

“What girl?” Mu Yi asked curiously since he also knew Su Jinlun well. It was obvious that she could not be the kind of lady who stayed in the boudoir for a long time and enjoyed women’s needlework.

“Liu family of Qingjiang Prefecture, granddaughter of Liu Yuansheng, a great Confucian.” Su Chongshan sighed. If it was an ordinary family or a powerful family, he would not be so troubled. After all, the power of the Su family in the Qingjiang Prefecture was not bad. It was only a merchant’s family, but no one dared to underestimate it.

“The girl must be outstanding. I congratulate you in advance.” Said Mu Yi.

“That’s good.” Su Chongshan then told him the cause and effect.

   But Liu Yuansheng was a famous Confucian. He was highly respected. His family’s wealth was far behind that of the Su family, but in the Liu family’s eyes, the Su family, being merchants, were indecent. Merchants ranked last in the traditional social structure, which had been the standard belief for a long time. This kind of thinking was especially prominent in Confucianism. Therefore, the Liu family’s attitude could be imagined. It could even be said that Su Jinlun had less of a chance of a successful proposal, than a standard scholar.

   For this reason, Su Jinlun was also quite distressed. After all, this was the only girl he had ever fallen in love with, but now he was opposed by her family. He even entrusted the official of the Qingjiang Prefecture to mediate a settlement. As a result, he was expelled.

   Liu Yuansheng was famous. In addition to his reputation as a great Confucian, he was also known to be stubborn, with a bad temper.

“You want me to help you mediate?” Mu Yi directly asked, causing Su Chongshan to be even more embarrassed.

“I don’t dare to bother Taoist priest. It’s just that Jinlun has never fancied a woman. It’s such a good pairing. It’s a pity to have to give up. I’ve also asked about that woman. She was very different from her stubborn grandfather; and she is knowledgeable and virtuous.” Su Chongshan said that he didn’t dare to bother Mu Yi, but he wanted Mu Yi to promise to help him.

   After all, Mu Yi was almost omnipotent in his eyes.

“But Su Lao is sure that I will agree?” Mu Yi shook his head.

“If it was anything else, I would not bother you, but in this, only you can help me.” Su Chongshan said with a wry smile. Of course, he was sure that Mu Yi would help him, so he asked him for help. Usually, he would not bother Mu Yi unless the Su family suffered a disaster.

   Besides, if it was to help a friend, not only will one not lose their friendship, but will instead make their relationship become even closer.

   Su Chongshan was such a shrewd person, how could he not know this?

“Since it’s for brother Jinlun, I will help him, so that he won’t blame me in the future.” Mu Yi smiled.

   Su Chongshan just laughed, but he didn’t answer. Since Mu Yi agreed, it seemed to him that this matter would be quite easy to deal with. Now, he only needed to go back to find a good matchmaker and prepare a dowry.

  • ··············

“Lord, the man is back.” Qiu Mei hurried into the yard where Qiu Yuetong was holding an ancient book. Qiu Zhu was standing at the back. On the other side, there was a young girl sitting on a swing.

   Qiu Yuetong raised her head with a flash in her eyes. Naturally, she knew who the man Qiu Mei mentioned was. In fact, she had known Mu Yi was safe for a long time, and she had been in the South all this time. Even she didn’t know why she sent people to guard Funiu Mountain.

“Sister, who is back?” The girl on the swing appeared in a flash and sat down opposite to Qiu Yuetong, staring at her with a pair of bright big eyes full of curiosity.

“The one you’ve always wanted to meet.” Qiu Yue smiled and looked at the girl in front of her.

“I always wanted to meet?” The girl was stunned, and then she rejoiced. “That bad guy is back?”

   The expression on the girl’s face seemed to be both joy and anger, “Let’s go to him.”

“Sister Xiaosi, you haven’t told me why you’ve always want to see him?” Qiu Yue looked at the young girl in bewilderment. The young girl in front of her was Shi Qingyu, who had come out of the Yellow River ancient Road with Qiu Yue. She had never been in contact with Mu Yi before. Why was she interested in Mu Yi? 

  Qiu Yuetong had always been curious about the origin of Shi Qingyu, and there were some guesses in her heart. Shi Qingyu had always said that she was predestined to meet Qiu Yuetong, but Qiu didn’t think so. But after all, Shi Qingyu saved her. Ever since Qiu wanted to stay with her, she didn’t stop talking about wanting to see Mu Yi.

“Well, let’s talk about it later; sister, let’s go.” Shi Qingyu said impatiently, but Qiu shook her head directly with a hint of apology on her face.

“Sister Xiaoshi, I can’t leave now.”

   Hearing Qiu Yue’s words, Shi Qingyu suddenly showed distress. She hesitated to go alone.

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