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Chapter 477 Meddling

   Although he promised Su Chongshan he would help, Mu Yi still stayed on the mountain for two days before he went down the mountain. This time, he only took Nian Nuer with him. He didn’t take a carriage and just walked towards Qingjiang Prefecture on foot.

  People passed by Mu Yi from time to time. Most of them would look at Mu Yi and Nian Nuer with some interest. Apart from how he dressed and how handsome he looked, people also looked at them due to Nian Nuer’s beauty. Her face was like a statue made of jade, and she was barefoot; wearing a long skirt.

   As they walked, there were carriages that were willing to give them a ride from time to time, but they were politely refused by Mu Yi with a smile. After a while, Nian Nuer hid herself in the Bamboo Tree of Life, unwilling to bear the different looks.

   Mu Yi ended up carrying the bamboo stick on the way. When no one was around, Mu Yi used Yu’s steps, looking as if he was turning yards into inches, and hurried to the Qingjiang Prefecture.

   It was not the first time Mu Yi had been in the Qingjiang Prefecture and he was still familiar with it. However, Mu Yi did not immediately go to visit Su Jinlun. Instead, he asked where the Liu’s were, and then went there directly.

   The Liu’s were quite dignified in the Qingjiang Prefecture. It was a quiet, large house, but it actually seemed too quiet at the front gate. That afternoon, a young Taoist came to the gate of the Liu’s holding a bamboo stick.

“How can I help you?” 

   The young Taoist was, of course, Mu Yi. The gatekeeper intended to ask him to go away. But when he laid his eyes on Mu Yi, his heart suddenly sunk. Instead, he asked Mu Yi what was wrong.

“There’s something wrong with this house.” Mu Yi said directly.

“That’s nonsense. Go away. This is not a place you can joke about.” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, the gatekeeper immediately waved and wanted Mu Yi to leave. In fact, he had already thought Mu Yi was one of those scamming Taoists, but how Mu Yi looked made it hard to say so outright.

   As the gatekeeper of the Liu’s, he didn’t dare to say that he had met all kinds of officials and the rich, but he had still met quite a lot. There was something special about Mu Yi that he couldn’t determine, which was the reason he didn’t use the stick behind him to drive Mu Yi away.

“Do you think I’m a liar?” Mu Yi asked directly.

“Well…”  the gatekeeper hesitated and wanted to say yes, but couldn’t say it out loud.

“To tell you the truth, the head of the Liu’s dislikes Taoists like you the most. If you don’t want to make him angry, you’d better leave now.” 

“He hates Taoist? Then I wanted to meet him even more. “Hearing that, instead of being angry, Mu Yi smiled.

“Why must you act like this? Are you insane?” The gatekeeper looked at Mu Yi angrily and thought that Mu Yi was crazy.

“Well, just go and tell him I’m here. If he doesn’t want to see me, I’ll leave, okay?” Mu Yi spoke, and then pressed the air in front of the gatehouse with force.


   The ground shook immediately, and there was a deep handprint in the ground under his feet, which scared the gatekeeper. Looking at Mu Yi, he was frightened. It was a hard-stone floor, but now there was a handprint less than a foot away.

   The gatekeeper knew that there were some experts in the world, but he had never heard of people like Mu Yi. He was shocked and slightly delighted that he wasn’t rude. Otherwise, what would happen if he had been hit…

   The gatekeeper shuddered at the thought of the consequence.

“Please wait a moment. I’m going to go tell him.” The gatekeeper hurriedly left.

   Mu Yi wasn’t worried, so he stood at the door and waited. In fact, it was too easy to see Liu Yuansheng if he wanted. There was no need for him to act like that, but he did it anyway. As for why, only he knew.

   The gatekeeper came back soon, a little short of breath. Apparently, he had rushed as fast as he could.

“Please come with me.” The Gatekeeper said cautiously.

“Okay, please.” said Mu Yi.

“It’s my pleasure.” The gatekeeper said hurriedly, and led the way in front of him. Soon he took Mu Yi to a living room. Liu Yuansheng had not yet arrived.

“Please wait for a moment. The head of the family will be here right away.” After his words, he asked a nearby servant to get tea for Mu Yi, and then walked away immediately.

   Mu Yi did not stop him. He stood in the living room with his back to the door, paying attention to a painting in the hall of the living room.


  At this time, the sound of footsteps approached.

“May I ask why you’ve came?” 

   Mu Yi looked around. An old man stood at the door, looking at him.

“If I say there is something wrong with this house, would you trust me?” Mu Yi said with a smile.

“Nonsense.” The old man said immediately. He looked at Mu Yi cautiously, clearly doubting. If the gatekeeper didn’t say that Mu Yi had left a deep handprint under his feet, Liu Yuansheng would never have come down to visit Mu Yi. However, the first words Mu Yi spoke made him suspicious. Did the gatekeeper do this on purpose?

“Then if it’s not the house, it’s you.” said Mu Yi.

“Who are you? Are you here just for fun?“ Cried Liu Yuansheng.

“No, I heard that you are stubborn. I didn’t believe it, so I’m here to see you.,” said Mu Yi.

“Somebody, come and get rid of this crazy Taoist.” Liu Yuansheng was furious. He had decided that Mu Yi was here to make a fuss on purpose. However, if he thought that the Liu family was weak and deceitful, he was wrong.

   Hearing Liu Yuansheng’s order, several strong men who had been waiting at the door came in and went straight to Mu Yi. He dared to say that the head of their family was stubborn. Although they admired  Mu Yi’s boldness, they had to throw him out.

“Don’t be angry.” Mu Yi smiled and waved his right hand gently, causing the strong men to fly away uncontrollably. After some whining the door closed automatically.

   Liu Yuansheng was serious. “If you have this kind of ability. I think you must be famous. Are you here to mess with me?” 

“I hope you don’t mind my rudeness. I’m here for the reason I professed, to meet you.” Mu Yi said. Liu Yuansheng was puzzled by his words. What kind of reason was that?

   If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t beat Mu Yi, he would have punched him in the face. Although he was old, he was impulsive.

“Now that you’ve already met me, perhaps you should leave.” Liu Yuansheng said gloomily, after all, whoever was teased like this would not be happy. He nearly shouted out that Mu Yi was not welcome in his house.

“What’s your opinion of the world?” Instead of leaving, Mu Yi sat down in a chair and took a sip of tea.

   Seeing what Mu Yi was doing, Liu Yuansheng had a bad feeling, and tried not to be angry.

“A group of rude people. They are all so basic. These stupid people are the reason for all kinds of disasters in the world.” Liu Yuansheng replied.

“Is that true? Do you know how to differentiate between experts in the world?“ Mu Yi didn’t care about Liu Yuansheng’s attitude, and continued to talk.

“It is said that they are divided into the first, second, and third class.” Liu Yuansheng obviously knew something about it. After all, this was not a secret. As long as you wanted to know this, there was no reason why you couldn’t learn about it. That said, it was not easy for Liu Yuansheng to find this information.

“Well, it’s a fine day today. How about you let me tell you something about the world?” Mu Yi didn’t regard herself as a stranger, and ignored Liu Yuansheng’s unwelcoming attitude.

“I’m listening.” Liu Yuansheng said coldly, and then he sat down on the other side of Mu Yi. Although he was stubborn, he was not a fool. Just now Mu Yi waved his hand, several strong men flew away, which was something he had never heard of. He was afraid that the people of the Liu household would not beat him even if they fought him together.

   Therefore, Liu Yuansheng was not willing to offend Mu Yi as he didn’t want disaster to be brought to the Liu family. Especially after Mu Yi talked about ‘the world’, he took it as Mu Yi warning him.

“Martial arts are indeed classified into the first, second, and third class. The third-class experts already have some achievements. They can be regarded as experts in some small places. As for the second-class experts, they are famous. Even if they were facing a large army, they could come and go freely, and they have a certain position in the world.” 

“The first-class experts are at the highest level with the fewest members. If they are in a gang, they are the leader of the gang. If they are in the army, they are at least a general. If they want to kill people, the imperial army has no say, especially today.” 

“Are you saying that you are a first-class expert and you can kill me if you want without consequence?“ Liu Yuansheng looked at Mu Yi emotionlessly.

“No, no, No.” Mu Yi shook his head.

“The first-class experts are excellent, but to me, they are nothing much. They would die with one finger of mine.” After Mu Yi finished, he looked at Liu Yuansheng on purpose and asked, “Do you believe me?” 

“What does it matter? “asked Liu Yuansheng.

“If you believe me, then we can continue, but if you don’t believe me, I will prove it to you.” Mu Yi smiled, but Liu Yuansheng’s eyes shrunk.

“I believe you.” Liu Yuansheng wanted to say that he didn’t believe it. He wanted to see if Mu Yi could really beat a first-class expert. However, looking at Mu Yi, he didn’t want to risk anything.

“Fine.” Mu Yi nodded, and then continued. “There are also levels for first-class experts. If one is new to the first class, they are considered to be at the first level, and then level two, level three, etc. All the way to level seven. There are big gaps between each level.” 

   Mu Yi paused for a moment and said, “Which level do you think I am” 

   Liu Yuansheng was slightly anxious, wondering if Mu Yi was insane. Otherwise, why would he say these things to him? What has the world and first-class experts have to do with him? Up to now, he didn’t know the real purpose behind Mu Yi coming to him.

 As for coming to see whether he was as stubborn as it was said, he didn’t believe a single word of it.

“Level seven.” Even so, Liu Yuansheng still spoke with slight curiosity. He didn’t expect that there were so many differences among the martial artists. Since the first-class experts were already so powerful, what was it like to be a level seven?

“Wrong.” Mu Yi shook his head. “I’m about at level six, but there are still several levels above level seven. Are you interested?” 

“No.” Liu Yuansheng shook his head firmly.

“Ha ha, since you don’t want to know, I won’t tell you.” Mu Yi said. Liu Yuansheng choked, he almost got angry.

“Well, you are clearly curious, but I can’t reveal everything” At this time, Mu Yi said again.

“A heavenly man is also known as the Immortal, but in the first class, there is still senior and perfection above. No matter whether one is level one, level two, level three, at the peak, senior, or perfection, they are all still first-class martial artists, and then there is another level above  first-class experts, the godly man.” 

“The godly man can also be called true experts. Although they can’t live forever, they can live for hundreds of years. The Immortals are at ease as they can’t be ruled by the law. This level is also called the most powerful level. Nowadays there are less than ten people at this level and they rarely make themselves known.” Mu Yi said slowly.

“Hundreds of years? Do I look like a fool?“ Liu Yuansheng said ironically.

“Do you believe that there are ghosts and gods in the world?” Mu Yi asked again.

“There are no ghosts in this world.” said Liu Yuansheng firmly.

“Really? Come and meet this old gentleman, Nuer.“ Mu Yi said suddenly.

   With Mu Yi’s words, just as Liu Yuansheng couldn’t stand it, he saw a figure coming out slowly and floating in the air vividly.

   Liu Yuansheng looked at Nian Nuer coming out of nowhere, and then floating in the air, and he looked as if he were a fool. Although there are many stories of ghosts and gods in the world, there were not many people who really saw ghosts. People like Liu Yuansheng didn’t have much power, so ordinary ghosts didn’t care to come close.

   So, it was impossible for Liu Yuansheng to see any ghosts.

“Now do you believe it?” Mu Yi continued.

   It seemed like Liu Yuansheng didn’t hear Mu Yi at all, he was silent until Mu Yi asked Nian Nuer to go back into Bamboo Tree of Life.

“How much do you know about the world? There was one godly man at the most powerful level in the Forbidden City. There are more in powerful sects such as Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain. You think you see through everything, but you just knew a small part of the world. “Mu Yi shook his head gently.

“Have you said enough?” There was a shout from the door, then the door was pushed open heavily, and a mysterious smile appeared on Mu Yi’s face.

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