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Chapter 478 Real Purpose

   The door was forced open, and a young woman came in with a murky face. She looked only twenty-eight years old; not super pretty, but above average. She wore a long skirt.

   After the woman came in, she first bowed slightly to Liu Yuansheng, “Grandpa!”

   Then, the woman turned her eyes to Mu Yi, “I’ve heard of the Taoist priest’s reputation, but it seems like it’s better to hear than to meet. As an honorable person, don’t you think it’s beneath your dignity to intimidate and threaten an old man?”

“So, you are Miss Liu?” Mu Yi looked at the woman and didn’t seem to be surprised by her intrusion.

“I am.”

   The woman in front of him was Su Jinlun’s lover, the daughter of the Liu family, Liu Xiangling.

“Xiangling, who asked you to come in?” When Liu Yuansheng saw his granddaughter, he frowned and reproached her immediately. In his opinion, Liu Xiangling was behaving against the disciplines. How could an unmarried girl meet an unacquainted man so easily? Even if he was a Taoist.

“Grandfather, I’ll explain later.” Liu Xiangling said calmly.

“It’s a little unexpected. I didn’t expect Miss Liu to be a cultivator as well.” Mu Yi said. But the last sentence was obviously for Liu Yuansheng.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Liu Xiangling’s expression changed. Liu Yuansheng was surprised at first. He then looked at his granddaughter, and slowly wore an unpleasant expression on his face.

Mu Yi had asked him before about his opinion on cultivators. His answer said that he thought of them as treacherous ministers and villains. Right now, it seemed obvious that Mu Yi had already set up a verbal snare and had waited for him to fall into it.

“Xiangling, do you know him?” Liu Yuansheng was not a fool. He obviously sensed something at this point. Mu Yi seemed to have come for him, but in fact, he aimed at his granddaughter.

“I’ve only heard of him. He is one of the few strong experts in the world today. Envoy of the Southern Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Said Liu Xiangling.

“The Vermilion Bird?” Liu Yuansheng frowned again. He had never heard of it before. It just sounded like the name of a gang. As for those few strong people in the world, he didn’t know much about them.

“The Vermilion Bird is the largest gang in the south. It’s a strong group.” Liu Xiangling explained.

“Hum, it’s just a gang in the world.” Liu Yuansheng still despised it.

   Then, Mu Yi shook his head. “Miss Liu, your grandfather is stubborn, and he is a famous great scholar nowadays. It doesn’t make sense to reason with him. Do you think I was just trying to criticize him just now? I won’t do such a boring thing. I just want to tell your grandfather that his thoughts and the sky above him are as limited as the size of a hand. I just want to wake him up. “

“In your grandfather’s opinion, cultivators are inferior to literati. But throughout history, it is the cultivators who fight for the world. This idea is acceptable in a peaceful world. But now the world is in chaos. If everything stays like this, your family will die.”

“It’s better for me to let him understand ahead of time rather than having him come to realize the truth after it is too late. The true master of the world is power.”

   Mu Yi said and suddenly turned his palm up, facing to the sky. 


   There was a loud noise and everything around him started to shake. The room was filled with pervading dust. Liu Yuansheng was a bit flustered by the accident. When the dust disappeared, he was shocked that the room seemed to be a lot brighter. Then he looked up. There was no roof above him other than the pure sky.

   Liu Yuansheng was stunned by this. He finally had a clear understanding of cultivators. He only knew that cultivator experts were superb, but had no idea how superb they truly were. He had finally had this made clear now.

   He was not able to fight against this kind of power, but you were looking down upon him if you thought he would surrender to this.

   Liu Yuansheng took his eyes back. After a short shock, his expression was calm again, with the determination to put life and death aside. Liu Xiangling furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Mu Yi unkindly. After all, Liu Yuansheng was her grandfather.

“Do you think I am deliberately deceiving you now?” Mu Yi looked at Liu Yuansheng and continued.

“I dare not.” Liu Yuansheng said coldly. He dared not speak, but the meaning behind was obvious.

“Let’s pretend I’m deceiving you. What can you do about it?” Said Mu Yi.

   Liu Yuansheng was silent. Clearly, he didn’t have any solutions at this point. He couldn’t help looking at his granddaughter. After all, according to Mu Yi, his granddaughter was also a cultivator. He wouldn’t care about what his granddaughter had concealed from him, as long as the current crisis could be solved. 

   Liu Xiangling showed a wry smile on her face. She understood what Liu Yuansheng meant, but how could she compete with Mu Yi? It wouldn’t help even if there were multiples of her.

“See, to be clear, he who holds the stronger power, controls the truth. When Confucius educated the world, he held a sword in one hand and a book in the other, right?” Said Mu Yi.

“You are insulting the doctrines set by the sages.” Liu Yuansheng stared at Mu Yi sternly.

“The doctrines set by the sages? Aren’t those the doctrines in your mind? How many people have been saved by those doctrines? Honestly, Confucianists are a tool for a ruler to use. Anyone can see that.” Mu Yi said lightly.

“Heresy, heresy.” Liu Yuansheng was fuming.

“That’s just the way you think, but not how I think. Have you still not understood after reading so many books about sages all your life? Even your granddaughter knows that the only way to protect herself in this turbulent world is her own strength, not your so-called truth. ” Mu Yi said.

“If you’ve come here just to tease me and make fun of me, you have done a pretty good job. But my place is too lacking to have you here. Sorry I can’t escort you further.” Liu Yuansheng said emotionlessly and asked Mu Yi to leave.

“No, I don’t have the leisure to do that. I’m here to be a matchmaker for a marriage.” Mu Yi had somewhat revealed his real intention in the end. He was only a matchmaker, but he had pissed the other party off and had destroyed their roofs. It was probably the first case in history.

   Liu Yuansheng suddenly looked at his granddaughter and finally understood. But then, he felt a sense of inexplicable anger rouse in his heart.

“Matchmaking? No way. I won’t give you a promise even if my granddaughter stays single forever.” Liu Yuansheng looked at Mu Yi viciously.

   Liu Xiangling’s face turned pale and her body quivered.

“Why do you have to say it so absolutely? By the way, I don’t know if you know about the puppet technique? It can control a person’s body, and even his or her mind. No matter what the controller commands, the person will do it obediently. Unfortunately for you, I happen to have mastered this puppet technique.” Mu Yi looked at Liu Yuansheng.

“Enough…” Liu Xiangling just wanted to scold Mu Yi and stopped him, but Mu Yi casually pointed at her. In just a moment, a symbol was formed at his fingertip and then penetrated into Liu Xiangling’s eyebrows.

   All of a sudden, Liu Xiangling stood there and was unable to move. This symbol was the meditation body charm.

“What did you do to Xiangling?” Seeing this, Liu Yuansheng asked immediately.

“Don’t worry, old man, just let her be quiet for a while; so as not to disturb our conversation,” said Mu Yi.

“If anything happens to Xiangling, I won’t forgive you even if I die.” Liu Yuansheng glared at Mu Yi as if he was an unforgettable enemy.

“You know that such a threat won’t work on me. What if you turn into a fierce ghost? It’s just an easy case to kill one as it would be to kill you.” Mu Yi shook his head and didn’t take Liu Yuansheng’s threat seriously.

   Liu Yuansheng didn’t speak any more. He just stared at Mu Yi. If his eyes could kill people, Mu Yi would probably have died many times.

“If it was not for your granddaughter, why would I care about the Liu family? In fact, I didn’t deceive you in the beginning. There is something wrong with this house. In my opinion, the air above this house is dead. I’m afraid that there will be a disaster soon. It’s still unknown whether anyone would survive from the Liu family. I know that you won’t believe me, but I also have a way to let you have a look at it.”

   Mu Yi said and pointed directly at Liu Yuansheng’s eyebrows. But this time, it was different from fixing Liu Xiangling in place. It opened Liu Yuansheng’s inner eyes temporarily.

“Look, old man.”

   Along with Mu Yi’s words, Liu Yuansheng instinctively raised his head. But the sight above scared him. The roof was gone, so he could see the outside clearly. The originally sunny sky had disappeared and instead were black gasses hovering over the house. The smokes even turned into shapes of ghosts that looked like they were picking people to eat.

   This terrible picture smashed into Liu Yuansheng’s heart like a heavy hammer, making him pale.

   Fortunately, the picture soon disappeared and the sky above was sunny again. But how Liu Yuansheng looked at Mu Yi now was totally different. He was not stupid, and knew that Mu Yi had excellent skills. But, what he had just seen was not necessarily unreal. It could all be deception from Mu Yi.

   But he was not willing to gamble, even if there was only a possibility of one in ten thousand. After all, this was related to the Liu family. No matter how open-minded he was, he cannot face death without wavering.

“What you just saw are dead spirits. Now dead spirits are gathering and swallowing the vitality of the Liu family. In a few days, there will be a real disaster. Fortunately, I came a few days prior. Otherwise, I’m afraid it would be irreparable.” Mu Yi said lightly.

“I’m sorry that I have offended you a lot before this, but I had to tell the truth. I have heard a lot about you before I came here. I know you are a great scholar, so you won’t believe in ghosts and gods. If I told you that the Liu family was in great danger at the beginning of all this, I would have been asked to leave before speaking. You wouldn’t believe me. What I did before was to smash your stubbornness, so that you can listen to others’ words and realize the truth. Since you are a noble person, you won’t hold a grudge, will you? “

   Mu Yi spoke slowly, as if what he had done was all in consideration of the Liu family. But Liu Yuansheng both angry and ashamed.

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