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Chapter 479 The Past


  Liu Yuansheng was not a fool. Although Mu Yi’s words were reasonable, he wouldn’t believe Mu Yi’s nonsense. If Mu Yi was really acting for them, could he not directly use the means he had used just now to let him see the strange appearance above? Although he was stubborn and not pedantic, how could he not believe what was said then? Was it necessary to lift the roof of his house after his verbal humiliation?

  Therefore, in his opinion, Mu Yi’s explanation was purely a lie. If he really believed it, he would be a fool.

  But now the situation was better than what it was. Although Liu Yuansheng wished he could tear Mu Yi apart, he could only smile. “Taoist jokes. I misunderstood Taoist before and now ask Taoist to give me some directions to solve my Liu family’s dilemma.”

“There must be a reason for this deathly omen. Can you think about whether you have offended anyone or had something strange occur recently.” Mu Yi asked, looking at Liu Yuansheng.

“I have a stubborn temper, which offends people a lot, but most of them are verbal differences. I don’t think it would result in a great difficulty. As for strange things, I haven’t encountered any.” Liu Yuan frowned and thought about it.

“Think about this carefully. What is new in your family.” Mu Yi said.

“What’s new? A few days ago, I just bought an inkstone.” Liu Yuansheng said with some disapproval.

“Inkstone? Can I have a look?” Mu Yi said directly.

“All right.” Liu Yuansheng nodded, and then looked to his granddaughter, Mu Yi’s right hand flicked to undo the talisman. 

  After recovering, Liu Xiangling’s eyes towards Mu Yi were full of complexity again. Although she couldn’t move just now, she could hear and see.

  Although there were some doubts in her heart, she would rather believe Mu Yi regarding this sort of thing. What’s more, she didn’t think that Mu Yi would lie considering his identity.

“Grandpa, I’ll help you.” Liu Xiangling came to Liu Yuansheng and they led the way.

  Outside, many servants had gathered in the yard. After all, there was such a big explosion in the house that they couldn’t possibly not hear the commotion. However, they couldn’t get close to the door and could only wait anxiously.


“This has nothing to do with you, go away.” Liu Yuansheng waved. He didn’t want his servants to know too much.

  Seeing Liu Yuansheng had nothing for them to do, they were relieved and left one after another under the guidance of the housekeeper.

  Mu Yi followed Liu Yuansheng to the study, and then Liu Xiangling took a box from his shelf and opened it. There was an inkstone with a big palm inside.

  Mu Yi didn’t know much about inkstones, but it’s not so uncommon a thing that it should be treasured by Liu Yuansheng.

“This inkstone was left by a calligraphy master in the Tang Dynasty. I was so happy that I bought it, but I didn’t know if there was something strange about it.” Liu Yuansheng explained and looked at Mu Yi as if he wanted to get the answer from him.

  Mu Yi came forward and took out the inkstone. His face was clear.

“If I haven’t guessed wrong, the problem is with this inkstone.” Mu Yi smiled with confidence.

“No way, it’s just an inkstone. How could it make things difficult for my family?” Liu Yuansheng obviously didn’t believe it. If so, wasn’t it too easy for people to get hurt by everyday items? Just find those you were not happy with and send them an inkstone.

“If it’s a common inkstone, it wouldn’t matter; but if it’s from a specific time and a specific place combined with this inkstone, it could bring disaster to one’s family,” said Mu Yi.

“Taoist, what’s the problem with this inkstone then?” Liu Xiangling could not help asking.

“This inkstone is actually a blood inkstone.” Mu Yi said with a slight shaking of his right hand. All of a sudden, there were many cracks on the inkstone, which made Liu Yuansheng feel very sad. Although the inkstone was not particularly precious, it was his favorite, but now it was destroyed by Mu Yi’s hand.

  However, he was not a man who was impatient, and Mu Yi did not tease him so much now, so he looked on patiently. Then, his eyes suddenly widened. After the inkstone removed its shell, a piece of blood appeared.

  Red, as if it was just recently stained with blood, it seemed as if the blood was still wriggling. It made Liu Yuansheng’s scalp go numb.

“This inkstone is made from the blood of the heart. It absorbs countless grievances. In addition, a curse is added. If I guessed correctly, the curse corresponds to the eight characters of the old man’s birthday. Only one thing can trigger it, and the victims will bleed and die.” It was easy for Mu Yi to say, but Liu Yuansheng’s face turned white with fear.

  Even if he was not afraid of death, he was not willing to die in this way. He just couldn’t understand who would hate him so much. It did not only target his life after all, but also the life of the whole Liu family.

“Taoist priest, is there a way to resolve it?” Liu Xiangling was in a hurry.

“It’s natural that there’s a way to solve it. It’s even quite simple. As long as the old man has a drop of blood essence, the curse inside can be broken immediately,” said Mu Yi.

“Please ask the Taoist priest to cast his spell,” said Liu Xiangling.

“Well then, please stretch out your left hand.” Mu Yi nodded happily. When Liu Yuansheng reached out his left hand, he pointed to Liu Yuansheng’s index finger. Then, a drop of blood essence was forced out. After a while, Liu Yuansheng’s spirit was a little weak. After all, blood essence was different from common blood. The blood essence in a person’s body only accounted for a small part of the whole body’s blood. What’s more, Liu Yuansheng was old and rather weak.

  Mu Yi’s right hand was drawn, and the drop of blood dropped into the bloodshot inkstone.


  When the blood essence fell into the inkstone, there was a sudden puff of black smoke. It seemed that something was violently twisting inside. Liu Yuansheng even heard a faint scream. But he could also feel the removal of something in his heart as if something had been banished.

“All right.” After Mu Yi finished, a blue flame burst out in his hand, engulfed the inkstone, and turned it into ash.

  At this time, if Liu Yuansheng could open his third eye, he would surely find that the dead air on his head was slowly disappearing.

“Who in the world wants to kill me?”

  Liu Yuansheng could not hold on any longer. He sat down directly in the study. His face was a little pale, but his eyes were more puzzled. Although he was eccentric and stubborn and had a lot of quarrels with others, he acted in a very open and upright manner without getting any revenge. Why should someone aim at him? Especially through such cruel means?

  However, the other party knew that he liked inkstones, and they should be familiar with him to some extent. The merchants he bought the inkstone from were also suspicious.

“Although I don’t know who wanted to kill you old man, it’s obviously not ordinary people who can use this method. Maybe you offended someone in your early years, and now they’ve come for their revenge,” said Mu Yi.

“Revenge, revenge, is it him?” Liu Yuansheng seemed to think of something suddenly, and his face turned grey.

“Grandpa, who are you thinking of?” Liu Xiangling’s eyes flashed a ray of killing intent. Outsiders saw her as a girl that came from a scholarly background. They saw her as gentle and virtuous. But this was only in the eyes of outsiders. Even before Mu Yi saw her, he thought the same. However, as Mu Yi had said, Liu Xiangling was also an expert. Although she was only in the second-class, she was quite good.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, it would be him.” Liu Yuansheng closed his eyes a little painfully. “I didn’t expect that, twenty years later, he would still come and try to destroy my family.”

“Twenty years?” Liu Xiangling frowned. 

  Back then, Liu Yuansheng was an official in the same Dynasty as another man. They were good friends. But later, because Liu Yuansheng found out about some unsavory practices performed by this friend of his, he reported his friend to the authorities. This was what Liu Yuansheng regretted most in his life.

  Originally, he thought it would be enough to reveal his friend’s misdeeds and have him quit as an official. However, Liu Yuansheng did not know the full extent of his friend’s crimes. His friend did much more than he had thought. Because of his accusation, his friend’s family was killed. Only one of them was outside the area and escaped after hearing the news, managing to survive.

  After this incident, Liu Yuansheng was discouraged and left office directly to return home. He felt guilty whenever he stopped to think. As a result, his character became more and more eccentric and stubborn, and he became disliked by others. Liu Yuansheng was not like that before.

  When Liu Yuansheng resigned, he received a blood note; on which was written a clear claim that one day, the last surviving family member would have his revenge.

  At that time, Liu Yuansheng did worry for a while, but then nothing happened. Now, twenty years later, he had already forgotten the person who was looking for revenge. If it was not for Mu Yi’s warning, he would have likely forgotten entirely.

  At this moment, his heart was heavy and he felt guilty.

  When hearing about Liu Yuansheng’s past, Mu Yi frowned, but he couldn’t judge whether Liu Yuansheng was right or wrong. After all, Liu Yuansheng had good intentions. He didn’t want his friends to make the same mistakes again, and he didn’t expect that the consequences would be so serious. Maybe if he knew the consequences, he would have pretended that he didn’t know anything.

However, his good friend did so many evil things without his knowledge. To some extent, he didn’t really regard him as a friend.

Of course, the past was the past. It’s useless to mention these things again. It was imperative to find out who was really behind this and solve the problem.

“Can Taoist priest find him? I have something to say to him.” Liu Yuansheng’s words were actually pleading for the man. After all, his friend’s family died miserably because of him. Only one member of his family escaped. If the final family member died at the hands of Mu Yi, Liu Yuansheng would have caused the complete destruction of his friend’s family. 

“This old gentleman is really merciful.” Mu Yi smiled a little, but Liu Xiangling beside him could not help frowning. In her opinion, her grandfather meant to let the tiger go back to the mountain. Even if they let it go, what about the other side? It was hard to know if they wouldn’t try to hurt her grandpa or even the Liu family again. This time they had Mu Yi. What about the next time? Liu Xiangling  was afraid that there would be no such luck the second time around..


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