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Chapter 80: A Matter of Life and Death

Chapter 80: A Matter of Life and Death


    “There is no need to say anything. I don’t want to be your enemy but can’t hand over the second brigand chief. I regret that I cannot comply with your wishes,” said Qiu Yuetong firmly.

   She seemed determined. Her father who turned around after she spoke and stared at Mu Yi. He started releasing ghost Qi. Mu Yi felt pressured to act.

    He looked solemn when he raised the copper lamp again. He released more mind strength this time. In a few seconds, the copper lamp brightened and oppressed the ghost Qi. Crackling noises spread in the air.

    The copper lamp illuminated the whole area. The light it gave off collided with the invisible strength of the old man. The pressure exerted by the ghost Qi was intense so Mu Yi stepped back. The power of the whole mountain paired with the strength of the former leader of Little Frost was very serious. The man was a ferocious ghost. Mu Yi couldn’t resist it forever, even with the copper lamp.

    Mu Yi wasn’t the type of person who helplessly waited for death. He already knew a battle was unavoidable. Therefore, he would be merciless.

    “Five thunders charm, attack!” Mu Yi shouted.

    Mu Yi raised his left hand and condensed mind strength into the five thunders charm. The five thunders charm connected to the earth and the sky surrounding him. Mu Yi’s fingers felt weak and numb from the power. There was purple lightning everywhere.

    A loud noise spread through the air. Lightning charged at the former leader of the fortified village. Mu Yi was convinced that the lightning could destroy him. It would definitely be enough to weaken him. Mu Yi wouldn’t fear Qiu Yuetong without the threat of the former leader lingering.

    Mu Yi heard the sound of a sword moving. He saw a silver sword. It was extremely fast. Everything seemed to be flickering. Mu Yi even saw white dots. Everything looked like a dream because of the lightning.

    Mu Yi knew it was real though. At the most crucial moment Qiu Yuetong intervened. Lightning was descending from the sky and rushing at her. The lightning and Qiu Yuetong were too fast. He felt like he was hallucinating.

    “Chief,” someone said.

    Mu Yi heard someone shout furiously once the lightning dispersed. He saw a body descend from the sky. It was Qiu Yuetong. She was holding her sword but it had been broken. She looked weaker but she wasn’t defeated.

   She had managed to deal with the five thunders charm rather quickly. It meant that she had never stopped being vigilant either. Qiu Yuetong almost collapsed after landing on the ground, luckily, Qiu Zhu came and helped her.

    Qiu Yuetong had blocked most of the power of the charm, a small part of it had still hit the former leader of the fortified village. He was in worse shape than Qiu Yuetong. He was only a ferocious ghost, that was a fact. The power of the mountain couldn’t change that.

   Mu Yi’s five thunders charms could destroy fierce ghosts in one strike. Nian Nuer, without the help of the Ghost King Banner, could only resist maybe a third of the power of the five thunders charm. She was also better at blocking attacks because she had mental abilities.

    Mu Yi’s five thunders charms were extremely powerful. Mu Yi just needed to master them and someday they’d have even more explosive power. Borrowing the strength of the earth and the sky wasn’t easy.

    Qiu Yuetong leaned against Qiu Zhu but she wasn’t worried. She looked at the man. She didn’t know why she had tried to stop the attack a moment before. Maybe because the man was her father? She didn’t understand it. She had acted on instinct.

    When she saw the man, she felt something strange in her heart. The former leader of the fortified village was floating in the air. He looked more like an illusion than he had at the beginning. A moment before, his facial features were distinct, now his face was blurry.

    Qiu Yuetong didn’t understand it completely but she could tell that the man was in danger. After the attack, she was also not in the best shape. Most of her inner strength had been used. She was extremely weak and couldn’t compete with Mu Yi anymore.

    Mu Yi didn’t hate Qiu Yuetong but it didn’t mean he would let her off. She represented Little Frost’s fortified village and she  wanted to protect Li Hu. Li Hu would maybe try to assassinate Mu Yi in the future. It didn’t matter who was right or wrong. Mu Yi could only do what he had to.

    Mu Yi glanced at Qiu Yuetong and the former leader. He knew they were weakened by the attack, without hesitation, he took out two evil spirit slaying charms and threw them. Two white lights surrounded Qiu Yuetong and the former leader.

    “Chief, be careful!” shouted Qiu Zhu.

   She had been taking care of Qiu Yuetong, but she hadn’t forgotten about Mu Yi. She had been paying attention to his every move. Mu Yi was their enemy. He had the power to destroy Little Frost’s fortified village.

    When she saw Mu Yi was attacking again, she jumped in front of Qiu Yuetong. Qiu Yuetong wanted to prevent her from doing so, but without Qiu Zhu to support her she fell.

    Qiu Zhu raised her sword again. She wanted to use the same technique to block the attack but Mu Yi’s evil spirit slaying charm had the same explosive power as before. Some of her strength had been depleted so her plan failed. The attack was more powerful than before because of this.

    White lights appeared above her head and descended from the sky. The lights crashed against her chest and she was forced away. She flew into the air and even coughed blood.

    Mu Yi was being heartless. His goal was to destroy them. The other white lights hit the ghost. He became blurrier. Qiu Yuetong looked desperate. She regretted her decision. It would have been better to hand over Li Hu than to lose Qiu Zhu and her father.

    It was too late to regret it thought. Qiu Zhu was like a sister to her and that man, even though he was dead, was her father. That was why she had tried to protect him.

    She looked determined to do something about the situation. She heard a loud and ferocious shout from behind her soon after.

    “Intruder! Stop!” someone shouted.

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