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Chapter 81: Mu Yi – Cruel and Fierce

Chapter 81: Mu Yi – Cruel and Fierce


    “Intruder! Stop!” Someone yelled.

    Mu Yi saw a few people in the distance. There was a women leading them. She looked just like the woman who had just flew through the air. The woman looked nervous and was moving fast. Qiu Yuetong was overcome with emotion. She had come with Qiu Zhu and now Qiu Mei had come with people.

    Qiu Yuetong decided to trust her instinct. It was better to believe the worst and be pleasantly surprised than to be optimistic and be disappointed. The man had repeatedly failed during his life and she was convinced there was a reason for it.

    The enemy who had come could maybe destroy Little Frost so it was better to be careful. She had decided to use her full strength to protect their territory. She was proud. She couldn’t help but be happy about her decision.

    She just needed time. The terrifying power of the charm had made her inner strength disperse but she wasn’t injured. She sensed that she would be able to condense her strength again within a few minutes. If Qiu Mei hadn’t arrived, she would have risked her life and used her forbidden technique.

   Everything that was happening currently was her fault after all and she wanted to solve the problem. She would have also been critically injured or even died if she had defeated Mu Yi with the technique. She had practiced so hard for so many years. It would have been a waste.

    She would have done it only if absolutely necessary. Mu Yi frowned after noticing Qiu Mei’s speed. It would be best to ignore her and get rid of Qiu Yuetong first. She had defended the old man when he used the five thunders charm so it was her fault.

    Mu Yi had already noticed that her recovery speed was incredible. If he continued to waste time, she’d recover and the consequences would be deadly for him. Therefore he decided to kill Qiu Yuetong first. Mu Yi saw light in front of him. He jumped aside and saw an arrow.

    Qiu Mei had arrived in front of him. She was holding a small dagger. She ran at him using small steps to increase her speed. Mu Yi jumped backwards but Qiu Mei was extremely fast. She was so fast Mu Yi could hardly follow her movements. If the dagger stabbed him, he would be badly injured.

    Mu Yi was astonished. He had made lots of progress and his perceptions were more acute now. He was able to dodge again. He released lots of mind strength into the copper lamp.

    Qiu Mei was startled and shouted. She closed her eyes and felt that she was being burned. It was as if she had fallen into an ocean of flames. Her skin was turning grey. Mu Yi didn’t give her any time to react and aimed at her abdomen.

    She groaned in pain and crashed onto the ground, motionless. Qiu Mei’s injury was actually less severe than Qiu Zhu’s. Qiu Mei’s body didn’t have any visible injury but she remained unconscious because her soul had been injured.

    The copper lamp couldn’t harm someone’s body. It could only hurt people’s souls. Mu Yi realized that when fighting against Xugui and he knew it was an efficient technique. Soul injuries were even worse than body injuries.

    “Little Mei!” Qiu Yuetong screamed.

    When she saw Qiu Mei like that, she was filled with anger. Qiu Mei was lying on the ground and she was unconscious. She felt extremely sad.

   Another arrow moved towards Mu Yi. Mu Yi’s perception was good, especially when he was already fighting. If someone attacked him when he didn’t expect it, then maybe he wouldn’t be able to sense the attack, but only if the person was extremely skilled.

    Mu Yi jumped aside and dodged the arrow. He also turned off the copper lamp. It was nighttime and people could easily spot him with the lamp. The surrounding area became pitch-black again. The people who had come to help couldn’t see much of anything anymore.

    Mu Yi put the Ghost King Banner on his body as a cape again. He quickly moved towards the people who had come to help. White lights exploded one after the other when he arrived.

    He only had one five thunders charm when he came. However, he had prepared lots of evil spirit slaying charms and they worked well against ordinary people. He couldn’t destroy the whole fortified village with them but they would suffice to kill the few people who had showed up.

    Mu Yi looked like a sly and cruel demon as he attacked. Bright white lights kept emerging from his hands and people screaming horribly. Qiu Mei hadn’t been able to call and wait for everyone because she hadn’t had much time. She had only gathered about eight people.

   The people were already lying on the ground soon after the fight started. Their Qi was slowly dispersing. Whether they would survive or not, depended on their luck.

    “Stop!” Qiu Yuetong shouted.

    She gazed into the distance and saw the horrible scene. She couldn’t stop herself from shouting. She could finally condense her strength again. She moved like the wind and charged at Mu Yi. She passed by Qiu Zhu and the sword which had fallen to the side ended up in her right hand.

    Qiu Yuetong changed drastically with a sword in her hand. There was a distance of a few dozen zhang between them, but Mu Yi could sense the cold killing intent of the sword. Mu Yi couldn’t act carelessly. He stared at Qiu Yuetong, who looked like a celestial being. She continued on her path towards him.

   He stretched out his arm and said, “Suffer!”

    Mu Yi’s cape turned into black lights and moved to attack Qiu Yuetong. The long sword and the Ghost King Banner collided in the air. Lights flashed. After that, the Ghost King Banner moved back to Mu Yi’s hand. Qiu Yuetong’s attack had been blocked and her speed had slowed.

    Mu Yi put the Ghost King Banner back on as a cape and moved. He was invisible again.

    “I already understand your sword techniques, Chief Qiu. In three days, I will come back. If you still refuse to hand Li Hu over, I’ll slaughter everyone in Little Frost with no exception,” he said.

    The voice seemed to come from far away, especially in the middle of the night. The Ghost King Banner allowed Mu Yi to hide and move like a fish in water. He wasn’t completely invisible but it was difficult to see him.

    Qiu Yuetong was still holding her sword. She looked depressed. She knew this had only been the beginning. She finally understood what Su Jinlun had meant.

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