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Chapter 82: Human Feelings

Chapter 82: Human Feelings


    “You came to rescue me. I feel guilty,” said Su Jinlun.

    Su Jinlun and Mu Yi were at the foot of the mountain. His expression was filled with regret. If he hadn’t trusted Zheng Zicong, none of this would have happened. Su Jinlun was convinced that Mu Yi had done a lot to save him even though he hadn’t see the battle.

    “You’re alright. That’s the most important thing. If anything had happened to you, I would have never been able to look Mister Su in the eyes,” said Mu Yi.

   He had done quite well in the battle, even though it had been difficult.

    “Don’t say that, Master. I’m the only one to blame for this because of me you also got into trouble,” said Su Jinlun hastily.

    If he hadn’t come to the main city of the county, none of this would have happened. Zheng Zicong and Xugui would’ve just formulated another plan to trap him. However, Mu Yi was only the first target, after killing him, they would have attacked the Su Clan.

    Mu Yi had done well in the situation. He had gotten rid of Xugui and Zheng Zicong. The Little Frost’s fortified village wasn’t able to prevent him from doing what he came to do. He managed to rescue Su Jinlun without too much trouble.

    Su Jinlun admired his grandfather and Mu Yi even more.

    “I’m taking you back to the city. I’ll take care of Little Frost’s fortified village after,” said Mu Yi.

    “Master…I want to say something but I’m not sure I should,” said Su Jinlun.

   He hesitated, but when he heard that Mu Yi wasn’t going to let Little Frost’s fortified village off he felt that he needed to speak up. He didn’t harbor a grudge against Chief Qiu. Also, Li Hu hadn’t harmed him at all after having taken him to the fortified village.

    He also knew that his grandfather had a plan for Little Frost’s fortified village.

    “Just say it,” said Mu Yi.

    “It’s something that really has nothing to do with you, but everything happened because of Li Hu. Could you please not kill Chief Qiu?” Su Jinlun said.

   He felt embarrassed after asking.

    “Why would you protect her? Do you like her?” Mu Yi asked.

   Su Jinlun blushed.

    “No. No, I’ve never even seen her. How could I like her?” Su Jinlun said.

   He was trying to control the redness in his cheeks.

   “It’s just that I’ve heard the elder say that Little Frost’s fortified village could be useful, especially Chief Qiu. She’s not inferior to men with her talent. She’s an expert in terms of ability, wisdom, astuteness and resourcefulness,” said Su Jinlun.

    “Mister Su has that kind of thought…I see. Indeed, women like that are rare. It won’t be easy to make a person like her submit,” said Mu Yi.

   He shook his head. He didn’t think anything good would come of Su Chongshan’s plan.

    “In three days, I will go back to Little Frost Mountain. If she hands Li Hu over, I won’t kill her. However…” said Mu Yi.

   He didn’t finish, but Su Jinlun understood what he was trying to say. He also understood that Mu Yi was already giving him face by doing so. He couldn’t ask more of him. Su Jinlun wasn’t shortsighted. He didn’t want there to be tension between them because of a woman he had never seen.

    Mu Yi took Su Jinlun back to Lin’An County.


   At the same time, the air was tense in Little Frost’s fortified village. It was nighttime, but there were many people sitting in the debate hall. The biggest chair in the front wasn’t occupied. There was a man  on the left. He looked to be about 30 years old. He was tall, dignified and rather majestic.

   He was nervous for some reason and was frowning. There were even more men in the chairs that followed. They all were thinking the same thing. They all looked furious. Li Hu looked at his comrades and listened to all their comments.

   He held up a cold smile, but he was a bit scared. He wasn’t a coward because bandits couldn’t be cowards. They had to be brave. If he had been a coward, he wouldn’t have joined hands with Xugui. He wouldn’t have robbed seven wealthy families and plotted against Mu Yi.

    However, he was really scared now. He already knew what had happened in the Ghost Village even though he wasn’t there. He had sent his best fighters. He hadn’t thought they would all be killed. Xugui, who he thought was almost invincible, had been killed too. The entire situation was frightening.

    He had thought to just take Su Jinlun back but he was ambitious. He wanted Little Frost’s fortified village to rise. When he noticed that Su Jinlun had disappeared, he was relieved. Qiu Yuetong had already gotten involved if that was the case. She was extremely strong.

    He didn’t know that Mu Yi had come and killed people. He didn’t know that Qiu Yuetong couldn’t compete with him either. Many of his friends had died too. They had died right there on the mountain. They had been killed in atrocious ways.

   Su Jinlun had been rescued without anybody knowing about it as well. If things had ended there, he would have had no choice but to admit his mistakes. He offended someone he shouldn’t have offended. It would have been a good lesson for him. He would no longer have any chances to collect the silver either.

    However, Mu Yi had said before he left that he would come back in three days. If Qiu Yuetong didn’t hand Li Hu over, he’d slaughter them all. It would be a complete extermination of the village. Li Hu was terrified of what would happen to him.

    His comrades didn’t understand, but he knew how terrifying Mu Yi was. Qiu Yuetong couldn’t even compete with him. Could Little Frost’s fortified village resist much longer?

    The problem was that the enemy had powers they didn’t understand. He had decided to join hands with Xugui back then because he had seen the zombie. He wouldn’t have thought things would get even more troublesome later.

    Qiu Yuetong had to make a decision. He was convinced his comrades would die for him, but he also knew they couldn’t compete with Mu Yi. He could only rely on Qiu Yuetong. He knew her personality well. If he didn’t understood her, he wouldn’t have tried anything.

    She would only hand him over if it was absolutely necessary. It didn’t mean that he had resigned himself to be killed. If he felt the danger was too great, he wouldn’t stay in Little Frost. The world was vast, finding a place to hide wouldn’t be difficult.

   In the worst case scenario he would take his comrades and start a new group. There were problems everywhere. It was the perfect time to create a new faction. While Li Hu was thinking of solutions for himself, Qiu Yuetong was in her room. She was pacing. She didn’t know what to do.

    Qiu Mei was lying on the bed. She was still unconscious. Qiu Zhu’s face had lost all color. She was standing beside the bed. Her eyes were fixed on Qiu Mei.

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