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Chapter 83: Different Thoughts

Chapter 83: Different Thoughts


    “Doctor Sun, how is my sister?” She asked.

    A middle-aged man was feeling Qiu Mei’s pulse. He was around 40 years old. His name was Sun Yi. He was a professional doctor. Everybody in the fortified village asked for him when they needed help. He was an expert.

    Sun Yi didn’t reply immediately. He frowned. His expression scared Qiu Zhu. Qiu Yuetong also came over to see what was going on.

    Sun Yi said, “Qiu Mei’s condition is critical.”

    “Critical? But she has no injury! Why is she even still unconscious?” asked Qiu Zhu.

    “Qiu Mei’s injury isn’t physical. It’s her soul that is injured,” said Sun Yi solemnly.

    “Her soul is injured? Doctor, you can heal her, right?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

    “Difficult, difficult, difficult…” whispered Sun Yi while shaking his head.

    Qiu Yuetong was distressed. She knew that Sun Yi was a great doctor. He was better than most doctors. If he hadn’t saved many people in the past, how could he have stayed in Little Frost? He was saying that Qiu Mei’s situation was critical.

    “Doctor Sun, you know some remedies, right? Please, I beg you, save my little sister,” said Qiu Zhu.

   She knelt down and cried while begging Sun Yi.

    “Don’t do that. You two are like daughters to me. I’m even more worried about her than you are,” said Sun Yi.

   He grabbed her arm and pulled her back up.

    “Let’s leave Qiu Mei to Doctor Sun. If you need anything Doctor Sun, tell us. Qiu Mei is like my sister too,” said Qiu Yuetong.

    “Qiu Mei’s soul is injured. After some Qi moxibustion and a rddhipadardhi-saksatkriya, her Qi and blood will be strengthened. Her condition will not worsen. However, I fear that the only person who can help her recover is the one who attacked her,” said Sun Yi slowly.

    He didn’t have much hope even after saying it aloud. Qiu Mei wasn’t the only one. Eight other people had been attacked. Qiu Zhu’s injury was the least severe. She’d be able to recover after having a good rest.

    As for the others, three people had died on the spot, only a miracle could make them come back to life. There were two people who were badly injured but could recover within a year and a half. The others, if they could be saved, would spend the rest of their lives disabled.

    The last people who had shown up had all died and they had died in strange ways. The assassin was cruel and brutal. His last words before leaving had been terrifying. Would such an enemy actually help?

    “Can anyone save Qiu Mei apart from him?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

   She also knew what Sun Yi was thinking.

    “Of course there are people. The world is so big. There are many people of unusual talent. Would they come if we invited them? We have nothing to offer. Qiu Mei doesn’t have that much time anyway,” said Sun Yi.

   He understood the situation clearly. Only Mu Yi could save Qiu Mei.

    “So what should we do? Chief..” said Qiu Zhu.

   She looked at Qiu Yuetong. She hoped Qiu Yuetong would be able to find a solution. She knew that Mu Yi wanted Li Hu. If they handed Li Hu over and offered something else, maybe he would accept it and save her sister. Only Qiu Yuetong could make that decision though.

    Qiu Yuetong knew what Qiu Zhu was asking. She regretted having entered the battle. She calmed down after a few seconds. She felt she really couldn’t hand over Li Hu. He had always been by her side and had protected her.

    Qiu Yuetong closed her eyes. She was somber and let her mind wander. She daydreamed about the things that had accord. Qiu Zhu standing in front of her to protect her. Qiu Mei arriving to help them with friends. All of their bodies on the ground. Everything had happened because of Li Hu.

    She also knew that blaming Li Hu for everything wasn’t fair. She was partly responsible. She was too sure of herself before. She had decided not to put much stock in Su Jinlun’s words. She had also refused to believe the old man’s words.

    If she had decided to negotiate from the beginning,  things would be different…

    Qiu Yuetong didn’t know, she was currently facing a dilemma. She felt exhausted. It was as if her world had collapsed around her.

    She was once a girl who liked gifts and who liked beautiful dresses.  She was once a girl who hoped she’d have someone she could rely on someday. She wanted someone who would help her slow down and relax.

    She was once a girl who would grind her teeth and persevere, but she was tired of persevering. Forgive him? She had forgiven him. She had never hidden the fact that she harbored a grudge against her father. Once he died she had forgiven him.

   She had chosen her own path. She had had no choice but to continue on it. Problems had come one after another. She had never thought she’d have to struggle so much. She didn’t know what to choose: morality and justice or Qiu Mei.

    Qiu Mei was like a sister to her. She would die for her. She couldn’t abandon Li Hu either. He was the second brigand chief. If she handed him over, it would go against the principles of morality and justice. She was also a brigand chief. She was responsible for everybody in the fortified village.

    “Chief,” said Sun Yi.

    “Yes, Doctor Sun?” said Qiu Yuetong.

   She opened her eyes and attempted to look calm. She didn’t want other people to see her right now. She felt so weak. Sun Yi had always been there for her. He was like a friend and a mentor.

    “Since it seems you can’t come to a decision, why not consult the individual involved?” said Sun Yi with smile.

    “Individual involved?” Qiu Yuetong frowned.

   She thought of Li Hu after a moment.

    “Doctor Sun, what do you mean?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

    “The brigand chief doesn’t need to do anything. You don’t even need to show up. You can just wait patiently,” said Sun Yi indifferently.

    “But…” said Qiu Yuetong.

   She wanted to say something to the contrary but she remained silent.

    “The brigand chief cares about everyone in the fortified village, just like the former chief used to. People are sometimes selfish and sometimes kind. Sometimes, they also want to protect things despite the risks but it’s not worth it. Since you can’t make up your mind, leave it to the individual involved. What do you think about that?” said Sun Yi.

    When Sun Yi finished speaking, Qiu Yuetong didn’t say anything. She just sank into a chair.

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