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Chapter 86: Forcing Their Way

Chapter 86: Forcing Their Way


    Qiu Zhu heard the knocking and knew exactly why it had changed. She looked at Qiu Yuetong who still hadn’t moved. She took a deep breath and walked to the door. She wouldn’t let anyone disturb the chief, no matter what. She didn’t know what she was thinking, but her chief was the most important.

    She walked to the door.

   “Who dares act that audaciously?” she asked.

    The person was startled by her and stopped knocking. Qiu Zhu then opened the door.

    “Elder Wang, Elder Li. What is this supposed to mean?” said Qiu Zhu.

   She looked at the people standing outside the door and prevented them from passing. The two people were old men of the fortified village. They were older than the former brigand chief of fortified village. They had a lot of influence in the village.

    It seemed that everybody had decided to make them take the lead and come. There were a dozen men behind them. They all remained silent. Everyone was staring at Qiu Zhu. Qiu Zhu had gone through a lot with Qiu Yuetong. She was alone this time though.

    She had a strong personality, unlike her sister. Usually, Qiu Mei sorted out any problems. Qiu Zhu knew she could only rely on herself right now.

    “Little Zhu, it’s been two days. Why haven’t you delivered a message? Today, we must see the brigand chief,” said one of them impolitely.

   He was older than Qiu Zhu and had a high social status within the village. He was could afford to talk to her like that. Qiu Zhu wouldn’t have minded on any other day, but today was different. She was the only one who could be in the courtyard.

    Qiu Yuetong was always with Qiu Zhu and Qiu Mei in the past. She had to be brave even though she was alone.

    “No. You can’t. Our chief is resting. Nobody can disturb her,” said Qiu Zhu.

   She was doing her best to keep calm. She took a deep breath.

    “Resting isn’t a priority, right? Our leader has a strong personality. She would never hide for two days unless something really happened to her,” said the other one.

   His expression was grave when he looked at Qiu Zhu. Qiu Zhu shivered. She forced herself not to step backwards. If she wasn’t injured, she wouldn’t have feared these people. Nobody would have been able to force their way in. She would have taken out her sword first.

    Mu Yi had thrown two evil spirit slaying charms at her and she was also badly injured. She was less injured than Qiu Yuetong and her sister. As long as they didn’t attack, it didn’t matter. If they did, she wouldn’t be able to resist. If she let them in, the consequences would be great.

    “Hmph! Our leader is strong and powerful. The enemy was extremely strong and injured her, so what? She’ll recover. What could happen to her?” said Qiu Zhu.

   Her voice was confident. Qiu Yuetong couldn’t compete with Mu Yi, but she actually wasn’t injured. She had decided not to show up. Qiu Zhu wasn’t very smart. She had followed Qiu Yuetong her entire life though and knew her better than most people.

   If she had been injured, Qiu Yuetong would have let Qiu Zhu take care of her. She saw Qiu Yuetong standing under the tree almost frozen. It seemed like she was meditating. Meditation wasn’t something she really understood. She could only guess that based on her limited knowledge.

    If that was really the case, then it was normal that Qiu Yuetong asked not to be disturbed. If someone who was meditating was interrupted, they could lose their mind.

    “Since it’s that way, why doesn’t the chief come out?” asked the two old men.

   Their goal was clear. They wanted to see the leader. She was the leader and the strongest person in the fortified village. Qiu Zhu didn’t know what to say. The excuse they were using was that Qiu Yuetong was injured and needed time to recover.

    Qiu Yuetong hadn’t shown up for two days. If she said Qiu Yuetong was meditating, nobody would believe her. On top of that, people would call her a liar. They would force their way into the courtyard. At that time they would have reached the point of no return.

    “I’ve already told you. The chief won’t see anyone today. Go back now,” said Qiu Zhu firmly.

    She was too young and had no experience with such matters. She didn’t know how to take care of the situation. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what to say to influence people. Her saying that Qiu Yuetong wasn’t going to see anyone was the best strategy she had.

   Any ordinary person would have doubts about what was going on. The elders faithful to Qiu Yuetong had doubts too. If she was fine and everything else was fine, then it would be fine. If she had health problems, they could also think of what to do.

    The kind of faith they had couldn’t really be called faith. They were faithful only because the other option was less advantageous for them. Their kind of faithfulness could be disregarded.

    “Has the chief had an accident? Why would you prevent us from going in otherwise?” one of them said.

    “Indeed, she looks nervous. Maybe she has imprisoned the chief!” someone yelled.

    “Capture her! We’ll tell the chief about it after.” Someone said.

    “Not bad, capture her first!” They yelled.

    Qiu Zhu would have never thought that not only wouldn’t they leave but that they would also try to capture her. She had the impression the world was swallowing her. Some people groaned a moment later.

    “Stop!” said someone.

   A person had appeared in front of Qiu Zhu.

    “Doc… Doctor Sun!?”

    The people wanted to capture her but not injure her. They just wanted to see Qiu Yuetong. They didn’t think Qiu Yuetong would have blamed them. That’s why they dared to do so.

    They didn’t know that as soon as they moved, someone would appear. They all knew the person really well. He was the fortified village’s doctor, Doctor Sun.

    Doctor Sun usually hid key facts but it was part of his duties. That’s what doctors usually did. Many people admired him for that and were thus happy to call him their doctor.

    They dared to attack Qiu Zhu but they wouldn’t dare attack Sun Yi. They respected him. He had also appeared rather quickly a few minutes before.

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