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Chapter 87: Betrayal

Chapter 87: Betrayal


    When Sun Yi appeared, people didn’t dare to look in him in the eyes, not even the two elders.

    “A bunch of men came here and tried to bully a little girl? How shameless!” said Sun Yi impolitely.

   His tone was aggressive. He didn’t look like a scholar anymore.

    “Doctor Sun, we didn’t bully her. She was trying to prevent us from going to see our leader. We must see her as soon as possible,” explained one of the old men.

    They didn’t know why but they were almost scared to face the doctor. They had never had that feeling before. People in the fortified village respected Sun Yi. They didn’t find him awe-inspiring because he didn’t know martial arts.

    “No matter what the circumstances are, you can’t act like that when facing a young woman. Not to mention that whether you can see the chief or not solely depends on me. You can only see her if I give you permission,” said Sun Yi.

    “What?” the crowd was astonished.

   They didn’t understand what he was saying.

    “She’s in a special state right now so she can’t see people. When that person comes, she’ll come out. I guarantee it,” said Sun Yi confidently.

    “Doctor Sun, are her injuries very serious?” asked someone else.

    “She’s safe. As for the matter concerning the village, it’s handled as well. Don’t worry,” replied Sun Yi.

    Sun Yi had prestige and influence in the village. Nobody dared to underestimate him after the way he had shown up. After he finished speaking, they left. They even apologized to Qiu Zhu.

    Qiu Zhu was one of Qiu Yuetong’s assistants. If Qiu Yuetong was safe and sound and then Qiu Zhu told her the story she could fabricate some things or exaggerate to make it worse. Qiu Yuetong might be furious with them. Therefore, apologizing and admitting the mistake was the best thing to do.

    After everybody left, Qiu Zhu felt relieved and leaned against the door. She had turned pale and her back was covered in cold sweat. She was breathing loudly.

    “Are you alright?” asked Sun Yi.

   He was worried about her.

    “I’m alright. Thank you very much, Doctor Sun. If you hadn’t…” Qiu Zhu said.

   She kept shaking her head. She was really shaken up. If Sun Yi hadn’t intervened, those people would have gone inside. They would have disturbed Qiu Yuetong. It was possible that Qiu Yuetong wouldn’t have forgiven her.

    “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” said Sun Yi.

   Qiu Zhu didn’t know why but she sensed that Sun Yi seemed to be very sure about what was going to happen. However, who really knew how much she had endured during the past two days? She took a deep breath. She felt relieved for some reason.

    Everything got dark and she fainted. Sun Yi caught her and shook his head. When Qiu Zhu woke up, she realized the day had arrived. She got up in a hurry and went outside. She saw Qiu Yuetong in front of the pine tree. Her position hadn’t even changed.

    She was worried after seeing the chief like that. The sun was high in the air. It was the last day. They didn’t even know if Mu Yi would come during the day or night.

    If he decided to come during the day, he could arrive at anytime. If he chose to come at night, he would still arrive fairly soon. Yet, there was no sign of Qiu Yuetong coming out of her current state.

    It was as if she had forgotten about time. Sun Yi was sitting farther away in the courtyard. He had a piece of wood in one hand and a small dagger in the other. He was carving something and was very focused.

    As his hands moved, pieces of wood flew away. Gradually, the shape of the carving started to take form. It was only a general shape but she could already see he was carving a woman. Qiu Zhu didn’t disturb him. She wasn’t in a rush anymore. She watched him, enjoying the peacefulness.

    Sun Yi blew on it finally and a lot of wood shavings floated away in the wind. He was finished. Qiu Zhu didn’t understand Sun Yi at all. She had never understood him. He wasn’t a simple person. Sun Yi stood up.

    “Doctor Sun,” said Qiu Zhu.

    “You’re awake? How do you feel?” asked Sun Yi with smile.

    “I feel better, but the chief…” Qiu Zhu said.

   She was more worried about Qiu Yuetong than herself.

    “Don’t worry. She’ll be fine. You just have to wait until she comes back to her senses,” said Sun Yi.

   He wasn’t worried about her at all. He seemed rather sure of the fact. She felt a little less worried after listening to Sun Yi.

   “Doctor Sun, how’s the situation in the fortified village?” she asked.

    “How could it have changed? It’s the same as before,” replied Sun Yi.

    “The same as before? Nobody wants to stop the enemy? They won’t set up traps? I know we have lots of gunpowder? Nobody thought about that?” said Qiu Zhu.

   She was more worried than she had been before. She had grown up in the fortified village. It was her home. No matter how strong the enemy was, she couldn’t let them destroy her home.

    “What would it change even if they had thought about that? The former leader and the current one have always done too much for them. The new leader is also always worried about them just like the former one. So when they leave the village, they all lose their ability to think. Bombs and traps won’t work against him,” said Sun Yi shaking his head.

    “What about Li Hu? He’s the second brigand chief. Doesn’t he want to stop the enemy?” asked Qiu Zhu.

   She couldn’t comprehend it. She didn’t have time to ask who Sun Yi was talking about either.

    “When he leaves Little Frost’s fortified village, he’ll be able to become a big brigand chief. Do you think he’ll wait here helplessly for his death?” said Sun Yi.

    “When he leaves?” Qiu Zhu said.

    She was shocked. She had thought of that possibility, because Li Hu hated fighting. She would have never thought that he’d leave for real. She had thought of it but she had gotten rid of the thought as soon as it came.

    Li Hu was close to the former brigand chief of Little Frost. He was his adopted son. He was also the second brigand chief, how could he leave? The entire situation was his fault anyway. The brigand chief had even fought against the enemy because of him. Many people had died because of him.

   How could he leave the fortified village? Did he have absolutely no feelings for the fortified village?

    Doctor Sun wouldn’t lie. She trusted him, that meant Li Hu was probably going to leave. He may have already left. Qiu Zhu felt depressed once she realized it. Li Hu was a traitor in her mind.

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