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Chapter 88: Going Up The Mountain At Night

Chapter 88: Going Up The Mountain At Night


    Qiu Yuetong didn’t come back to her senses and the enemy hadn’t come yet. Maybe he wasn’t going to come anymore? The people in the fortified village had those kind of thoughts. Qiu Zhu didn’t think that Mu Yi wasn’t going to come. She was convinced he would arrive soon.

    Li Hu had really disappeared. Qiu Zhu had found out about it, but she didn’t cause an uproar. She was too busy giving orders to set traps and prepare bombs to aid Qiu Yuetong later. Qiu Yuetong had told her how to do such things in the past.

   Qu Zhu had remembered it all. Qiu Yuetong couldn’t give orders at the moment so Qiu Zhu did. According to Qiu Yuetong, if the local authorities sent thousands of people to get rid of them, then they couldn’t do anything.

    They hadn’t sent thousands of people though. There was only one enemy. They had to get prepared. If the brigand chief didn’t wake up, it should be enough to make the enemy leave.

    She was doing all these things and had forgotten what Sun Yi had told her. No matter how many traps and bombs they prepared, Mu Yi was definitely going to come and he wouldn’t get injured. Sun Yi saw what she was doing, but he didn’t say anything.

   Sometimes people had to learn certain things on their own. It got dark outside and lights shown from the top of mountain. They looked like little dragons from far away. The lamps illuminated the entire village. A precise defense tactic had been established using people in different positions.

    Everybody had a weapon from bows and arrows to spears and blades. Some people even had firelocks. They felt reassured with the weapons in hand. As Sun Yi had said, the people lacked judgement. After everything had come out, people were afraid to fight.

   However, now that they had good weapons, traps and Qiu Zhu’s advice, they felt more confident and less afraid. Little Frost Mountain was the kind of place where ten thousand enemies couldn’t get through even if there was only one guard. They were certain that they were going to be able to protect themselves.

    If a bomb exploded near the enemy, how could he protect himself? Qiu Zhu finally took a deep breath, all she could do was wait.

    At the foot of the mountain, Qi Da reported to Mu Yi about Little Frost’s current state. He looked at the flames at the top of the mountain. Nothing showed on his face though.

    During the three days, Little Frost’s fortified village had been getting ready for him to come back. Mu Yi hadn’t wasted the time either. He didn’t only have evil spirit slaying charms, he had also managed to make three five thunders charms.

    Mu Yi counted on the five thunders charms more than anything. He wasn’t worried that he didn’t have enough. Evil spirit slaying charms were enough to defeat ordinary people. The three five thunders charms were all for Qiu Yuetong.

    He didn’t make Su Jinlun come with him. Nian Nuer could help him. Therefore, even if it was extremely dangerous place right now, he wasn’t afraid.

    “Thank you, I will go up alone. You can find a place to hide,” said Mu Yi.

   When he had brought Su Jinlun back, he left Qi Da there. He had watched what the bandits were doing in the fortified village.

    “Master, I’ll come up with you. I know where the traps are,” said Qi Da hastily.

    He knew why the county magistrate had sent him. He also considered Mu Yi a divine being. He wanted to be friendly with people like him.

    “No need. It’s not convenient,” said Mu Yi.

   He didn’t give Qi Da an opportunity to say anything else. He turned around and started the trek up the mountain. After a few steps, a black light swallowed him and he disappeared.

    Qi Da’s eyes were wide open. He blinked a few times because he couldn’t believe. When he realized Mu Yi had really disappeared, he admired him even more.

    Mu Yi could hide at night using the Ghost King Banner. He could only do it at night. It didn’t work during the day. It only worked when facing ordinary people. It didn’t work against cultivators who had mind strength. Strong martial artists also had acute perceptions and could sense him.

    The way it worked currently was enough. Most people from the fortified village were ordinary people. The only people who could probably find him was the former brigand chief, the ghost and Qiu Yuetong who was a powerful martial artist.

    The ghost’s hadn’t dispersed previously but he had been injured. Mu Yi was convinced that even with the strength of the mountain helping him, he wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. In Mu Yi’s eyes, the only person who he had to be extremely vigilant with was Qiu Yuetong.

    Her speed and sword techniques were amazing. If he fought against her during daytime, maybe he wouldn’t be able to defeat her. He didn’t attack anyone by surprise. He just ignored them. Nobody could see him because he was wearing the Ghost King Banner.

    He could sense all the traps with his mind strength, even those which were hidden really well. He was able to avoid them all. Each time he passed near a mine, his hair stood up. The mines reminded him that he was venturing into a dangerous place.

    Mu Yi had acquired some knowledge about the mines. The mines and traps could kill him, no matter how many resources he had. He could sense danger acutely though and with the Ghost King Banner he could hide. He climbed up the mountain and arrived at the place where he had fought against the Qiu Yuetong at first.

    The former leader of the fortified village had chosen the perfect spot to put his tomb. It was on the only path that led to the mountain. The precipices on either side weren’t sheer but it was still difficult to go around them.

    As Mu Yi neared the tomb started moving and a silhouette appeared. Mu Yi didn’t waste anytime. He didn’t say anything. He followed behind Nian Nuer and attacked.

    The enemy was a ferocious ghost. Nian Nuer was also a ferocious ghost. Nian Nuer wasn’t supported by anything, but she had mental abilities and the enemy was injured. Nian Nuer could deal with him without any problem.

    The lamp in the memorial temple became bright again. The bronze gong rang and the sound rang across the mountain.

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