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Chapter 90: Imminent Peril

Chapter 90: Imminent Peril


    The crowd looked at Mu Yi. Mu Yi looked at the crowd. He looked at Qiu Zhu on the stage as well. She was only a 17-year-old girl, but she had left a strong first impression. She had jumped in front of Qiu Yuetong to protect her. She was loyal and devoted.

    He was shocked that Qiu Yuetong hadn’t shown up yet. She had been struck by a five thunders charm the previous time, but she hadn’t been injured. During the past three days, she had probably had enough rest.

    But where was she at such a crucial moment?

    Mu Yi had seen her only once and only for a short time but he knew that she wasn’t a coward. She wasn’t afraid of fighting. She wouldn’t let so many people fight and die. Maybe she had something more important to do? What could be more important than the fortified village’s destruction?

    Mu Yi didn’t know what she was doing. He did know that if she really didn’t show up, he was going to destroy the fortified village.

    “Hand Li Hu over and I’ll consider that nothing ever happened,” said Mu Yi indifferently.

   He was looking at Qiu Zhu but everybody heard him. Many people were furious after he spoke. Enemies they didn’t know were the most terrifying. Everybody thought that even if he didn’t have superhuman powers, even if he didn’t have three heads and six arms, at least the enemy had to look frightening, fierce and tough.

   They imagined someone who was nine chi tall, who looked strong, mighty and powerful. How else could he pose a threat to the fortified village? They hadn’t thought that Mu Yi wouldn’t look scary at all. He didn’t even look strong. He was nothing special.

   They had only been a little bit startled when he had appeared out of nowhere. Many people also thought that it was part of a Taoist priest’s lifestyle. They looked like it wasn’t worth mentioning.

    They quickly forgot that even though he looked like he wasn’t worth mentioning, he had managed to dodge all their traps and mines. Nobody had even noticed him as he came up the mountain. He had also killed many people secretly the last time he was here. They even believed their chief had been injured by him.

    Some other people were wondering where the second brigand chief was and why he wasn’t showing up.

    “Li Hu is our chief. How could we hand him over to you? Don’t think that’s a possibility,” said Qiu Zhu loudly.

   She was actually terrified. If Li Hu had been there, she would have handed him over without hesitating. The problem was that he wasn’t there. She couldn’t say what he had done, otherwise, everything she had done would be useless.

   People would feel betrayed and it would maybe cause the fortified village to collapse.

    If Mu Yi became angry because of the news, he would make no distinction between them and Li Hu. He would just slaughter them all. Hundreds of people would die instantly and that would mean the end of the fortified village.

    Qiu Zhu couldn’t say anything, but what she had said. She hoped the chief would come quickly. She was the only one who could save them.

    “Right, don’t imagine such a thing,” someone shouted.

    They looked at Mu Yi eagerly. They were ready to try. What would happen if they tried to attack the Taoist priest? Would they manage to capture him? He looked young and weak.

    Only people who had never seen Mu Yi had those kind of thoughts. Qiu Zhu didn’t have those thoughts at all. She looked at Mu Yi and he was smiling. That scared her even more.

    He had lightly touched her and sent her flying away. Their chief couldn’t compete with him either. Her sister was still unconscious because of him. He had also injured and killed eight of her friends.

    Qiu Zhu didn’t doubt that if she made him angry, he would slaughter them all. He was insane. When he was angry, he looked like a furious demon.

    “Is that so?” said Mu Yi.

   He glanced around with an icy smile on his face.

    “No!” shouted Qiu Zhu.

   She had noticed the change in Mu Yi’s expression. It was too late though. Two of her comrades who weren’t far from Mu Yi threw themselves at him. They were brandishing blades that twinkled in the light of the few remaining torches. The people around them shuddered with fear.

    The two people tried to attack Mu Yi by surprise but he was calm. He had anticipated that such a thing would happen. He had even thought it would be perfectly normal if a dozen people attacked him at the same time.

    The two people charging at him posed absolutely no threat to him. Mu Yi stepped backwards. He raised his hands. Two white lights emerged from his sleeves and landed onto their chests.

    The two white lights hit the men at the same time and they were forced away. They crashed onto the ground after being hit. It was as if two large stones had been thrown at them. It burned and a big wound appeared. They even coughed blood. It was obvious that it’d be extremely difficult to save them.

    An eerie silence covered the public square. Everybody was petrified and stopped moving. They were all staring at Mu Yi.

    If Mu Yi had killed them both instantly, they wouldn’t have been scared. It would have just meant that he was, at most, skilled in martial arts. If that had been the case, enough people would have sufficed to defeat him.

    However, Mu Yi just moved a little bit and two white lights appeared and bombarded those people. Their Qi was slowly dispersing and they were dying. They had never seen such a thing before. They had only heard about such things in legends. People who could do such things were gods or supernatural creatures.

    Was the Taoist priest a supernatural being? How else could he have magic powers? He had also appeared out of nowhere a moment before. All of this proved that he wasn’t ordinary.

    Some people were so scared that their weapons fell onto the ground. The sound of the the weapons falling to the ground pierced their eardrums painfully and startled everyone else. More and more people were letting their weapons fall onto the ground.

   People who weren’t far from Mu Yi moved away. There was nobody around Mu Yi anymore. Qiu Zhu’s expression was gloomy from where she stood on the stage. She didn’t know what to do now. She was young. She had done everything she could do before Mu Yi came.

    “I’ll ask for the last time. Will you hand him over or not?” said Mu Yi.

   He looked at Qiu Zhu and ignored everybody else.

    “I…” Qiu Zhu said.

   She couldn’t finish though. Her heart was pounding. Her mouth was wide open, but words wouldn’t come out. Mu Yi frowned and slowly raised his right hand.

    The crowd was nervous. Qiu Zhu’s mouth twitched. Mu Yi was startled by something and stopped. He raised his head and gazed into the distance.

    A sword was whistling there.

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