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Chapter 91: Leveling Up

Chapter 91: Leveling Up


    The heart-piercing sound of a sword slicing through the air echoed in the distance.

    Qiu Yuetong finally opened her eyes after spending three days in her courtyard. She didn’t move but a sword appeared in front of her and sent a whistle out into the air. If anyone was standing in front of her, they would notice her blank expression. She seemed detached from the world like a transcendent being.

   The expression only lasted for a few seconds. She blinked before stretching her hand out to grab her sword. The sword stopped whistling but sword energy dashed towards the sky. The tree in front of her started rustling and trembled slightly. The energy had cut off some of the branches.

   It was a rather beautiful sight but only Qiu Yuetong could see it. The people in the public square heard the sword whistling. Mu Yi’s expression changed when he saw the sword energy floating towards the sky.

    Qiu Yuetong had a breakthrough. Mu Yi didn’t really understand how she had broken through. Qiu Yuetong and Mu Yi had chosen different paths. Mu Yi practiced Taoism, he cultivated his mind. Whereas Qiu Yuetong practiced martial arts, she cultivated her body. There were some common points though. It didn’t matter if one practiced Taoism or martial arts. Both of them could reach the same goals by using different routes.

    Mu Yi didn’t underestimate Qiu Yuetong. He thought rather highly of her.

   However, neither of them knew that somewhere, someone was seated in the dark. He had a piece of wood in one hand and a knife in the other. He was carving the piece of wood and extremely focused on the task. He seemed detached from all worldly affairs, as if nothing could affect him.

    Qiu Yuetong’s robe and hair fluttered in the wind. Her sword executed a strike and pine needles rained down above her head. Soon, there were pine needles spread across the entire courtyard. She exited the courtyard with her sword in hand.

    Mu Yi heard the sword whistle in the distance and waited. He knew that Qiu Yuetong was coming. Qiu Zhu knew where the sound of the sword was coming from and what it meant so she was also waiting.

   The brigand chief had finally come back to her senses. Everybody was waiting for their leader to arrive. A strong wind started blowing and Qiu Yuetong appeared in the public square. She was wearing a white dress. Her hair danced on her shoulders in the breeze. She stabbed her sword into the ground.

    Her expression was blank and cold. She glanced at Mu Yi with a hard gleam in her eyes.

    “Congratulations,” said Mu Yi.

    He sounded as if the meant it. Qiu Yuetong felt slightly uncomfortable after hearing his words. She hadn’t felt uncomfortable in a long time.

    Everybody was surprised except Mu Yi that Qiu Yuetong had appeared so quickly and quietly. People had the impression they had imagined it all. She had become faster. Mu Yi was convinced after seeing her that evil spirit slaying charms would be ineffective against her, only five thunders charms could hurt her.

    “Bring him,” said Qiu Yuetong.

   Her tone was cold. She didn’t even acknowledge Mu Yi’s words. Everyone was startled when they heard her. Nobody knew what she was talking about but a group of people brought over three people who had their arms tied behind their backs.

    “Second brigand chief?” said someone.

    “What happened?” asked another person.

    “Chief…” said someone else.

    The crowd was confused when the people were brought over because one of them was the second brigand chief. Li Hu looked angry. They also recognized the two people beside him. They were his closest servants.

    Does the chief really want to hand over the second brigand chief?  thought many people.

   There didn’t seem to be any other explanation. The crowd was thrown into a frenzy. Qiu Yuetong wanted to hand Li Hu over? The thought alone made them sad. He was like her brother. It meant that she could turn her back on any of them.

    They had joined Little Frost’s fortified village because Qiu Yuetong was the former leader’s daughter and Li Hu was his adopted son. They were supposed to protect their people as if they were their own family members and their own vital organs.

    Everybody followed Qiu Yuetong because she was loyal. However, now she was about to betray her brother. Nobody said anything even though they were upset because the real enemy was standing in front of them.

    “Qiu Yuetong, you’re shameless and insolent. You dare to sell me out when I’m like a brother to you. You’re not worthy of being a brigand chief. You don’t care about your people,” shouted Li Hu.

    The eyes of people in the crowd glinted at his words.

    “Shut your mouth,” said Qiu Zhu.

    She didn’t know why Li Hu had his arms tied but she knew that he was trying to cause trouble.

    “Since she doesn’t dare tell the truth, let me do it. Do you know how the former leader died? You don’t have any doubts about it? The former leader was fit. He was healthy. He could have lived ten, no twenty more years or even longer. Why did he die so suddenly? Who became the brigand chief soon after? She put her own father’s grave on a mountain road. It’s cold and windy there without protection. She didn’t even build a tombstone for him. Don’t you ever wonder why?” Li Hu said.

    Everybody shivered slightly. The former leader had explained his reasons for everything back then but people still had doubts about certain things. The former leader was a strong martial artist before his death. Nobody could compete with him except Qiu Yuetong.

    Qiu Yuetong had become extremely strong without warning. Nobody even knew that she practiced martial arts. The former leader was still alive at the time. Some people had doubts about her but saying such things was impossible.

   Qiu Yuetong was a considerate person and she was the former leader’s daughter. The former leader had slowly disappeared from the people’s field of vision. Qiu Yuetong had started taking care of everything in the village. The former leader died shortly after.

    Nobody had said anything then, especially since the former leader had explained things to them. Li Hu was bringing it up again though. Were there things they didn’t know about?

    The crowd started thinking that maybe Qiu Yuetong had killed her own father. Now, she was even turning over her adopted brother. Maybe in the future she would turn on  the people from the fortified village. A lot of them started thinking they shouldn’t have followed her.

    Qiu Zhu couldn’t control herself after listening to him spout so much nonsense. She charged towards Li Hu with her sword drawn.

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