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Chapter 93: Both Sides Suffer

Chapter 93: Both Sides Suffer


    Lots of dazzling white lights flashed in Mu Yi’s hands. He looked magnificent and capable. Qiu Yuetong felt threatened by his stance and hurriedly moved back a bit. She moved her sword in front of her and held it horizontally like a shield.

    Mu Yi was holding the copper lamp in one hand. He took out a five thunders charm with the other. He had already thought that only five thunders charms would be effective against Qiu Yuetong. The five thunders charm exploded. Lightning descended from the sky and struck at Qiu Yuetong.

    Mu Yi felt a cold chill down his back at that moment. He grabbed the Ghost King Banner off his back and placed it in front of him. The sound of cloth being torn echoed in his ears and rips appeared on the Ghost King Banner.

    Mu Yi was rather dejected but he just put the Ghost King Banner away and threw another five thunders charm. The lightning from the first charm had already hit her. She was forced away by the strength of it. She was still in the air when she saw more lightning aiming at her.

   Her sword cast a streak through the air and collided with the lightning from the second charm. Five thunders charms contained the strength of lightning of the earth and the sky. The attack was majestic and full of power. She couldn’t stop it completely even after her breakthrough but she did all she could to block the attack.

   She floated down from where she was in the air. She staggered a bit when she landed. The almost continuous wave of lightning continued to push her back. She didn’t have time to destroy one before another was coming.

    Mu Yi used mind strength to activate the charms. No matter how fast Qiu Yuetong was, she couldn’t avoid the charms. She knew that so she didn’t try to dodge any of the lightning.

    She took a deep breath and placed her sword in front of her. The edge of the blade gleamed as she used it to strike at the lightning. The second wave of lightning illuminated her as it collided with her sword. Nobody had gained an advantage yet.

    Mu Yi clearly saw more lightning aiming at Qiu Yuetong after the others had disappeared. However, Qiu Yuetong wasn’t injured. She wasn’t completely unaffected, but at most she had been startled by the quickness of the charms.

    It was the first time that Mu Yi had found someone who could resist two five thunders charms since he started practicing cultivation. Mu Yi couldn’t help but think that Xugui was much weaker than Qiu Yuetong. He noticed that Qiu Yuetong was breathing quicker so it definitely wasn’t an easy task.

    However, Mu Yi only had one five thunders charm left. She would probably be able to block the last five thunders charm based on her current condition. If that was the case, then Mu Yi would be at his wit’s end and almost out of options.

    He decided not to use his last five thunders charm hastily. Instead, he took out two evil spirit slaying charms and threw them at Qiu Yuetong. She had never slowed down or stopped moving. Two white lights flashed in front of her, but the eged of her sword glinted and the two white lights were destroyed.

    The people of the fortified village were staring at them reverently. They couldn’t begin to comprehend what was happening in front of their eyes. What was with the white lights the Taoist kept throwing, the copper lamp, and the lightning? Such things were mysteries that made their hearts pound.

    Many of them had started thinking that Mu Yi wasn’t human. Apart from supernatural beings, who else would be able to control lightning? They started thinking differently of Qiu Yuetong as the fight continued. They had known that Qiu Yuetong was extremely strong, but they would have never thought she’d be able to fight against someone like Mu Yi.

   She was incredible. Was this the brigand chief they had always had and known?

    Mu Yi watched her destroy the two white lights before throwing himself at her. He took out the copper lamp. The light was like a fire which illuminated her. Qiu Yuetong saw him moving and her expression changed to one of alarm.

     She moved quickly and used her sword to cut her index finger. Blood sat on the edge of the blade before it was absorbed as if the sword was alive. The sword shook violently and turned a dazzling red. She struck out with the sword at the same time.

    Red and white lights collided. The sound of the resulting explosion spread through the air. The energy  crashed into both Qiu Yuetong and Mu Yi pushing them back and away. Mu Yi frowned and finally took out his last five thunders charm.

    Qiu Yuetong swung her sword again as if their hearts and minds were linked. Qiu Yuetong moved so fast that Mu Yi saw eight silhouettes. It was as if each one was a different Qiu Yuetong doing a different movement. They all condensed into one before attacking.

    Mu Yi had the impression that he was fighting against a sword as sword Qi shot up into the sky. The lightning hit Qiu Yuetong’s body this time. However, dazzling white lights shone in front of Mu Yi and he had to almost close his eyes.

    He had the feeling he was in danger. The Ghost King Banner was broken and he couldn’t use it anymore. He turned around and attempted to dodge by running away. Pain radiated throughout Mu Yi’s left shoulder. His right hand felt numb and he almost collapsed.

    Once he reached the edge of their improvised battlefield, Mu Yi touched his right shoulder. He realized he was bleeding after being hit by the sword. If he hadn’t moved, the strike would have hit his heart. The sword Qi that had managed to penetrate his body through the wound was making his vital organs shake.

    He wasn’t dead, but his left hand was also numb. It was all very unsettling. He looked over at Qiu Yuetong. After the lightning disappeared, one could see her figure clearly and she looked hurt. She was on her knees. She was holding her sword but the sword was broken.

    Her hair was messy and she was angry. They were both injured. Mu Yi and Qiu Yuetong were in the same condition at this point. Mu Yi’s situation was a little worse than hers because a wound caused by a sword was more difficult to heal.

    It seemed like they were on even footing but sometimes, things weren’t really the way they looked. Mu Yi  had already used his other hand to grab another evil spirit slaying charm, but Qiu Yuetong couldn’t fight anymore. He didn’t throw it at her because she wasn’t alone.

   All the members of Little Frost’s fortified village were standing behind her. If he had a lot of charms, he wouldn’t have been scared. He was injured right now though and even ordinary people could kill him. He knew that some people were holding firearms while others had bows and arrows.

    If Qiu Yuetong gave them the order to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

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