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Chapter 94: A Rest After the Great Battle

Chapter 94: A Rest After the Great Battle


    Mu Yi didn’t make a move. Qiu Yuetong didn’t give the group any orders either. The people who were in the public square didn’t even react when the fighting stopped. They were too startled by what they had seen.

    Mu Yi was simply standing there. Blood was running down his arm and dripping onto the ground. Qiu Yuetong was having trouble breathing. However, she managed to stand up while feeling dizzy and slightly nauseous.

    “Chief,” Qiu Zhu said.

   She ran over to Qiu Yuetong. She planned to support her so she could stand without worry but Qiu Yuetong refused.

    “You can go,” said Qiu Yuetong hoarsely.

    “Chief,” said Qiu Zhu hurriedly.

   Mu Yi was injured. Qiu Zhu thought they should kill him. She was worried that if they let him go, he could come back later and kill them. The next time it might not be as easy to injure him.

    “Shush,” said Qiu Yuetong. “I didn’t win but I definitely didn’t lose. Let’s call it a draw, what do you think?”

    She looked at Mu Yi. Mu Yi nodded. His opinion of her had changed once again

   “Alright,” he said.

    “Things between us are not over. In the future, we’ll fight again. It’ll be a battle to death then,” Qiu Yuetong said.

    “Okay, I’ll wait for you!” Mu Yi said.

   Qiu Yuetong had chosen a different path than him but she was a rare opponent. Mu Yi turned around and started to walk away. He thought of something as he was leaving and turned again to look Qiu Yuetong.

   “Use your mind strength to save that girl,” he said.

    He took out an exorcism charm. Qiu Mei’s soul had been injured by the copper lamper soul. Ordinary remedies couldn’t save her only an exorcism charm could. Mu Yi noticed that Qiu Zhu was still injured so he took out an exorcism charm for her too.

    Mu Yi did it because he admired Qiu Yuetong. She was rare woman. He decided to give her the exorcism charms because he was convinced she would know how to use them. Her mind strength was weak but it would be enough to activate the charm.

    Qiu Zhu looked at the charm when she heard that and her eyes glistened. She was really worried about her sister. She wasn’t sure if the brigand chief would have a plan to solve it.

    Qiu Zhu glanced at Qiu Yuetong. Qiu Yuetong nodded and Qiu Zhu walked towards Mu Yi. She was very careful but still reached out to grab the exorcism charms. She found the charms were actually quite heavy.

    “Thank… thank you,” she said.

   Qiu Zhu didn’t consider Mu Yi to be her enemy anymore. She was really happy because of the charms and felt grateful to him.  Mu Yi smiled before he turned and left. He was injured so it was difficult for him to move very fast.

    “Chief,” said an old man.

   He stepped in front of Qiu Yuetong and looked at her. However, she just shook her head. She knew what he wanted to say. He wanted to say something else after that. His lips moved but in the end he just watched Mu Yi leave.

    All the people that were standing around them didn’t do anything. They couldn’t without receiving an order from Qiu Yuetong. Mu Yi continued down the mountain. He passed by the grave and called Nian Nuer who was still fighting. She became small again and they descended the mountain hand in hand.

    The ghost by the grave became more transparent. He watched Mu Yi and Nian Nuer leave. Nian Nuer didn’t speak but Mu Yi knew how she felt. She was sad because she hadn’t been able to help Mu Yi, especially since he was injured. She hadn’t managed to defeat the ferocious ghost even though he didn’t have mental abilities. She felt powerless and useless.

    Mu Yi didn’t cheer Nian Nuer up because it was important for her to understand things somethings on her own. Mostly, he just wanted to get away from the mountain. He didn’t currently have the strength to cheer her up.

    It wasn’t easy for him to dodge the mines and traps on the path as he left. He finally arrived at the foot of the mountain and almost collapsed. His shoulder was still bleeding a lot.

    “Master, are you alright?” asked Qi Da.

   Mu Yi didn’t even see where Qi Da had come out from. Qi Da noticed quickly that Mu Yi was injured. He was extremely worried. Mu Yi was like a living supernatural being. Who could have injured him?

    “Help me bandage my wounds,” said Mu Yi.

    “Alright, please hold on, Master,” said Qi Da.

   He tore some of his clothes and bandaged Mu Yi’s wounds with the greatest care. He was shocked after getting a better look at the wound. He couldn’t help but admire Mu Yi a bit more.

    “Master, hold on a little longer,” said Qi Da.

   He took out a jar. He dealt with knifes on a daily basis so he had medicine. Injuries like this were normal for him.

    “Wait, wait,” said Mu Yi.

   Qi Da was getting ready to pour some of the liquid medicine on Mu Yi’s wound but stopped. Mu Yi took out an exorcism charm and placed it near the wound. White lights surrounded him.

    Qi Da was startled and scared by the lights. He feared Mu Yi’s magic powers. After the white lights disappeared, Mu Yi sensed that the sword energy had been completely cleansed. He nodded at Qi Da to continue.

    Qi Da quickly poured the medicine on Mu Yi’s wound. He seemed familiar with healing techniques.

    “Thank you very much,” said Mu Yi.

   He was looking at the wound. Qi Da only shook his head.

    “You’re welcome,” he said.

    “Put this charm on your body. It could save you someday,” said Mu Yi.

    He took out a body protection charm and gave it to Qi Da. Qi Da shook his hands back and forth trying to refuse. He couldn’t accept such a gift. Mu Yi insisted so Qi Da finally took the body protection charm. He thanked Mu Yi for it three times before he felt okay.

    Little Frost was the bandits’ fortified village, but Qi Da was resourceful. Soon a bullock cart arrived. Mu Yi didn’t need to walk anymore. Mu Yi felt worn-out, tired and sleepy after climbing on.

   He fell asleep without any trouble. Nian Nuer was sitting next to Mu Yi. Qi Da was at the front of the bullock cart. He didn’t know that behind him there was also a ferocious ghost.

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