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Chapter 95: Learning How To Grow Up

Chapter 95: Learning How To Grow Up


    Qiu Yuetong gave the order to remove all the traps from the mountain after Mu Yi left. She struggled but made her way back to her courtyard alone. She fainted as soon as she got there.

    Qiu Zhu came into the courtyard later and saw her. She was terrified seeing Qiu Yuetong like that and hurried over to hold her. Sun Yi appeared before she could call for help.

    “Doctor Sun, the brigand chief,” Qiu Zhu  said.

   She wondered where the doctor had come from and why he was there. However, all things considered she was happy to see him.

    “Don’t worry. She just used too much energy. She’ll be fine in three days,” said Sun Yi.

  He had already walked over to Qiu Yuetong and took her pulse. Qiu Zhu calmed down after that. She took Qiu Yuetong to her room. She gave Sun Yi the exorcism charms Mu Yi had given to her and asked him to help.

    “This is, indeed, what we need to save your sister,” said Sun Yi inspecting the exorcism charms.

   Qiu Zhu was happy. She didn’t notice that Sun Yi looked a bit sad and slightly nostalgic. Qiu Zhu didn’t know what Sun Yi did with the charms. Her sister’s face was red and her pulse was stable when she went to see her. She looked worlds better than before.

    Qiu Zhu let out a breath of relief when she saw her.


    Su Chongshan and Su Jinlun were shocked when Mu Yi arrived in the city, especially since he was injured. Su Chongshan seemed rather worried. Mu Yi felt better after he had rested. He had already removed the sword energy from his body so now he just had to wait for the physical wound to heal.

   Su Chongshan felt guilty when he saw Mu Yi. He wished he hadn’t gotten Mu Yi involved. Mu Yi didn’t blame Su Chongshan because he had decided to go to Little Frost’s fortified village himself. Su Chongshan hadn’t forced him.

   He could only blame himself for his injuries. He wasn’t strong enough. It would also be beneficial for the Su Clan. Mu Yi had killed Li Hu. The news would spread through Lin’An County quickly. People would consider the Su Clan to be even more imposing.

    It was also beneficial for him. The benefits weren’t that important because he didn’t intend to stay in Funiu Mountain or in Lin’An County. The reason he had killed Li Hu was to prepare for the future.

   He would soon reach the second difficulty. He would definitely leave and look for the old Taoist Priest at that time. If the Su Clan faced difficulties, he wouldn’t be able to come back quickly to help.

    He had went to Little Frost’s fortified village and killed Li Hu though. Many people would know that the Su Clan was backed by extremely strong people. He couldn’t be sure that nobody would ever dare to offend them again but at least, they’d think twice before trying.

    That was all Mu Yi could do for the Su Clan right now. He also did it because he had to do so when considering the position he had in the Su Clan. Mu Yi didn’t like being obligated to people. It was why when Qi Da helped him bandage his wound, he gave him a body protection charm.

    The Su Clan had supported him in several ways. He had to help them when they needed help.

    Mu Yi went back to the mountain and didn’t spend too much time in the city. The main city was considered a flourishing and wonderful place to live by many people. Mu Yi didn’t like cities though. He liked nature, peace, and tranquility.

    He didn’t worry about the promise he had made to the county magistrate. He didn’t think that the county magistrate could find anyone who could repair magic tools, even if at a basic level. The Ghost King Banner had been damaged even more during his battle against Qiu Yuetong.

   It was a big problem. It would be less and less useful the more it was damaged. Now, Mu Yi had to fix it. He would only be able to use it as Nian Nuer’s temporary residence if he didn’t.

    Mu Yi stayed on the mountain and rested. He focused on healing his body. Su Chongshan came personally once and brought all sorts of drugs including a hundred-year old mountain ginger root. Mu Yi thought the gift was a bit excessive.

    Mu Yi and the old Taoist Priest were very poor when they had traveled. They never had expensive things. It was already difficult enough to find a piece of bread when they were hungry. Most of the time, they were hungry.

    Even though he had all the expensive things now, he wasn’t really happy. He missed the good old times, even though it was difficult, he was with the old Taoist Priest.

    The battle against Qiu Yuetong had proved worthwhile for Mu Yi; he had progressed a lot. He had also seen what martial artists were capable of.

    While Mu Yi was resting he sensed his inner strength increasing. It was as if water had been heating up and almost reached a boil. There were little bubbles all over the surface. The water would start boiling soon.

    Mu Yi didn’t have any fire to increase the temperature but it was necessary for him to reach the second difficulty. He wasn’t in a rush though. His wounds hadn’t completely healed yet.

    Plus, he would be able to reach the second difficulty with the knowledge he had learned from the hoodlum and his own strength. He was getting closer and closer to reaching it. It was just a matter of time. Mu Yi continued to wait.

    One day, Su Jinlun came with some people and they decorated the Mountain God Temple. Mu Yi didn’t think it was necessary but he was touched by Su Jinlun’s kindness. He added two big lanterns at the entrance of the temple as well.

    Su Jinlun also invited Mu Yi to the Su Clun to celebrate the Chinese New Year with them. Mu Yi refused politely. He wasn’t alone in the temple, his home, there was also Nian Nuer. He had lost the old Taoist Priest but now he had someone to take care of.

    In the past, when Mu Yi was traveling with the old Taoist Priest, they were often hungry. Every year for the Chinese New Year, the old Taoist Priest had prepared new clothes and a huge meal for him. Mu Yi used to ravenously devour his food and the old Taoist Priest sat next to him and drank liquor.

    Mu Yi didn’t understand why the old Taoist Priest looked sad every year. When he had finally understood, the old Taoist Priest had already passed away. Mu Yi made Chinese dumplings himself this year.

   They were shapeless. They didn’t look like dumplings at all. Nian Nuer was constantly moving around next to him but Mu Yi felt a unique sense of happiness and satisfaction.

    A loud explosion went off in the distance.

    “Master, I understand now,” said Mu Yi to the wind.

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