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Chapter 96: County Magistrate At The Door

Chapter 96: County Magistrate At The Door


    Mu Yi would never forget that day. He felt he had matured because he understood what life was about. He understood life as in one’s daily life and also life as in the moments between birth and death.

    An unfledged bird had to leave the nest at some point. They had to face difficulties on their own, just like people couldn’t always rely on their elders. Su Yingying and Su Jinlun came to the mountain to wish Mu Yi a long life and prosperity the next morning.

    Such courtesies as wishing someone good health and a long life were usually given to elders by young people. Even though Mu Yi was a guest of honor in the Su Clan, he was younger than Su Yingying. In their relationship, age didn’t matter.

    Mu Yi was like an elder for Su Jinlun and his sister. He just had to stretch his hand in the past and ask for money since money was given to children during Spring Festival. The old Taoist Priest unwillingly gave him copper coins back then. The most the old Taoist Priest had given him for Spring Festival was a silver coin. Mu Yi still vividly remembered it.

    He gave the siblings a body protection charm each since it was his turn now. The two were from a wealthy family. They didn’t lack money and Mu Yi only had charms to give them.

    Mu Yi hadn’t seen Su Yingying for a while but he noticed that she had changed. He just couldn’t tell exactly how she had changed. It was just an impression he had. He didn’t ask about it. He just hoped that she was changing for the better.

    Mu Yi made Nian Nuer come out of the Ghost King Banner after they left. As long as Nian Nuer didn’t stay in sunlight at her cultivation level, she would be fine. As long as she wore the Ghost King Banner as a cape, she could even move around freely in the Mountain God Temple.

    Mu Yi imitated the siblings’ expressions as he told Nian Nuer that they had come to wish him good health and longevity. It made Nian Nuer laugh. Mu Yi took out a copper coin and gave it to Nian Nuer. The old Taoist Priest had given him the copper coin in the past.

   He had kept it as a precious treasure. The copper coin was priceless for him, even for a thousand gold coins, he wouldn’t trade it. Nian Nuer was so happy to receive money from Mu Yi for Spring Festival that she hugged him and kissed his cheek. It was really adorable.

    Mu Yi was surprised and happy. He watched her hold the coin tightly and jump around in the temple. It was the first time she had ever received money for Spring Festival. Mu Yi saw how happy Nian Nuer was and couldn’t help but feel happy too.

    He was ready to risk his life for her. He wanted to protect her and be by her side as she grew up. Mu Yi would turn fifteen, or sixteen this year. He didn’t actually know his real age.

    He could already be considered an adult. If he had grown up in a regular family, he would have already been able to get married and have children. That kind of lifestyle wasn’t for Mu Yi. He was a traveler.

    Mu Yi’s lifestyle was simple not because was poor but because he was free and unfettered. The meaning of his life was beyond pure material existence. He had the same routine everyday.

   Early in the morning, he punched the wooden dummy. At noon, he spent his time reading books. In the evening, he spent time in his room illuminated by the pale light of the copper lamp. He sat down cross-legged and meditated. He was fostering a deep connection with the copper lamp.

    Mu Yi was meditating but he wasn’t trying to reach the second difficulty. He was focused on his heartbeat. It was a critical time for him. He had to always control his heartbeat. He couldn’t get excited.

    Mu Yi relied solely on luck. His heartbeat could improve three steps at once, or only one. Sometimes, a person could take one step forward and two steps backward.

    When Mu Yi reached the second step, he stopped having a heart like a capering monkey and a mind like a galloping horse but it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be distracted anymore. It didn’t mean that he  controlled his heartbeat. He could get too excited before reaching the second difficulty. He would have a heart like a capering monkey and a mind like a galloping horse again.

    Stabilizing one’s heartbeat was the first difficulty on the path of cultivation but it was also something which had to be taken into consideration all the time. Nian Nuer crawled on the bed like a small cat and stared at Mu Yi. She liked sitting next to Mu Yi, especially when he practiced cultivation. He emitted a pure and clean Qi from his body when he did and she benefited from it.

    Days passed. Mu Yi had started to think that nobody would come disturb him anymore. Soon after the tranquility and peace of Funiu Mountain was interrupted again. Mu Yi was surprised when he saw the person.

    “I took liberties and came to disturb you. I’m really sorry,” said the person politely.

    “County Magistrate, you’re making too much of it. What brought you here ?” asked Mu Yi.

   He had already guessed why Gu Yaosen had come to him but he asked anyway. Gu Yaosen remained silent for a few seconds.

    “Master, do you remember the fertility sorcerer I mentioned?” he asked.

    “I remember.” said Mu Yi nodding.

   He had expected that Gu Yaosen would come to him at some point. However, he also remembered what he had told him. He had only agreed to help if Gu Yaosen could find someone who could fix magical tools. He didn’t mind going to the fertility sorcerer if so.

    Based on Gu Yaosen’s expression, Mu Yi didn’t think that he had found someone who could fix magical tools. He just wanted him to help out of generosity. Mu Yi was convinced that if they had asked for his help with the fortified village, Gu Yaosen wouldn’t have come personally.

   Most people, as long as they were well-informed, probably knew what had happened in Little Frost’s fortified village by now. The young man backed by the Su Clan had executed justice in Little Frost’s fortified village. He seemed almost invincible.

    If Chief Qiu hadn’t shown up, he would have destroyed the whole fortified village. She hadn’t even managed to protect the second brigand chief in the end though. Mu Yi had become famous.

    Some people had added fuel to the fire but no matter whether people believed the rumors or not nobody dared to underestimate the Su Clan or the young man they backed.

    Gu Yaosen knew what had happened. He hadn’t shown up personally that night but he knew what had happened there. It was the reason why he had personally come to the mountain to see Mu Yi.

   He also knew that someone like Mu Yi didn’t really care about him, a simple county magistrate. Even though he knew that, he had still decided to come personally which meant the problem was too big for him to handle.

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