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Chapter 97: Church of the Thousand Children

Chapter 97: Church of the Thousand Children


    Gu Yaosen didn’t hide his true motive since he was already there. He explained everything to Mu Yi in detail. Mu Yi listened carefully.

     The fertility sorceress wasn’t just an ordinary sorceress. She was backed by the Church of the Thousand Children. It was said that the Church of the Thousand Children was supported by the Goddess of Childbirth’s little sister, the Thousand Children Goddess. Those who believed in the Thousand Children Goddess were ensured to have many descendants. On top of that the goddess could make them wealthy.

    The reason why Gu Yaosen knew about all of this was because he had asked Mu Yi for help but Mu Yi hadn’t helped him. He wasn’t able to find anyone who could fix magical tools. He had secretly dispatched people to help him though. In the end, it had turned out to be a really bad idea.

   He decided to withdraw the people looking into it completely but it was too late. There was a Master in the Thousand Children Goddess temple, who wanted to have sex with Gu Yaosen’s wife. After Gu Yaosen received the invitation, he flew into a rage.

   However, the Church of the Thousand Children had many connections in Qingjiang Prefecture. Gu Yaosen was just a little county magistrate. He was in a dilemma. Therefore, he finally decided to come and ask Mu Yi.

    He was sure that if Mu Yi helped, then he’d be able to solve the problem. He wasn’t ignorant. He clearly understood that the Church of the Thousand Children was akin to the pit of hell. He couldn’t agree and let his wife have sexual relations with some random person.

    He didn’t think Mu Yi would accept but it was worth a try. He was even ready to pay. Gu Yaosen was smart. He didn’t go to the Su Clan. He didn’t ask his father-in-law for help either. He came personally. He seemed more honest that way.

    Everybody knew that Mu Yi was favored by the Su Clan but it didn’t mean that they could ask him for help as they wished. The Su Clan wasn’t stupid either. Even though Gu Yaosen was the county magistrate, it didn’t mean the Su Clan had to obey everything he said.

    “Master, I hope you can help. No matter what you ask for, I will try my best with all my means to help,” Gu Yaosen begged.

    “I’m sorry. I really, really wish I could do it but I am too weak,” said Mu Yi shaking his head.

    He had been through a lot. He had fought Xugui, the hoodlum, even Little Frost’s fortified village. Mu Yi knew he had to refuse sometimes, otherwise people would think he was the only Taoist priest around. He had just started practicing Taoism.

    In such a tiny village like Funiu Village, the hoodlum was already strong. In Little Frost’s fortified village, Qiu Yuetong was even stronger than him. How strong would the enemies in Qingjiang Prefecture be?

    If the enemy wasn’t strong, Gu Yaosen wouldn’t have come to him. Mu Yi was self-aware and knew how strong he really was. He couldn’t act carelessly, especially since he wouldn’t get anything of interest in return.

    He wasn’t emotionless or cold and detached. He was just aware of the situation. He knew acting recklessly could lead to his downfall. The hoodlum had been careless and thus he had problems with the noble warrior. In the end, he had died. All the members of his group had ended up in trouble because of him.

    He wasn’t always selfish. He was usually reasonable. Mu Yi was also a person. He was a bit selfish and that was normal. Why would he act as a heroic knight for Gu Yaosen and fight against the Church of the Thousand Children? Mu Yi refused for that reason.

    Mu Yi had said he really, really wanted to help but that he was too weak. Gu Yaosen was able to hold onto some of his hope because of that. No matter whether he really wanted to help but was too weak or whether he really was too weak, they belonged to different worlds.

    “Master, I know that the Church of the Thousand Children is really powerful. I don’t you want you to risk your life either. I wouldn’t dare. I just want my wife to come and stay here for a few days. I would be grateful,” said Gu Yaosen resolutely.

    Mu Yi heard Gu Yaosen but remained silent. He sometimes had to kill people coldly but all in all, he was still a kind-hearted and generous person. Mu Yi didn’t use it as an excuse to cheer himself up but he knew he was a good person.

   He held no prejudice towards Nian Nuer’s mother and after her soul had dispersed, he had even taken Nian Nuer in. He was definitely a good person. Qi Da had just bandaged his wounds and he had given him a body protection charm. He was almost like a Buddha for ordinary people.

    Therefore, when he heard Gu Yaosen’s request, he remained silent. He didn’t want to be placed in difficult situations because he was about to reach the second difficulty. This was about his future and his cultivation. If he was injured, he would fail even though he was so close to success.

    A voice in his head was saying, Come on, help him. It’s only for a few days. It’ll be fine. The Church of the Thousand Children won’t send anyone to the mountain.

    If it really happened that way, then the situation wouldn’t have any impact on his life.

    “I accept,” said Mu Yi finally.

   Gu Yaosen looked delighted. He didn’t think Mu Yi would accept so easily. He was prepared to kneel down.

    “Thank you, Master. Thank you,” said Gu Yaosen.

    “I will host your wife for a few days but I have two requests,” said Mu Yi.

    “You can ask me for anything,” said Gu Yaosen seriously.

   No matter what it was, he was really ready to do it.

    “I like peace and tranquility. I don’t like it when people come and disturb me. At the top of the mountain, there is really no place to stay. Apart from my room, there is one room in which someone can sleep. You can decide how you want to arrange everything,” said Mu Yi slowly.

    “Thank you so much, Master. I am infinitely grateful and touched by your kindness. I don’t want to disturb you at all. My wife is not spoiled and doesn’t need servants. She’ll come alone,” said Gu Yaosen.

    “Send your wife’s sister with her. That way, she won’t be bored. That’d be the best,” said Mu Yi.

   He just didn’t want Gu Yaosen to send a huge group of servants, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to practice cultivation in peace. He didn’t want Gu Yaosen’s wife to be alone either. He felt that was too inappropriate. Mu Yi trusted himself and was convinced he wouldn’t make any mistakes.

   However, a man and a woman who were together in a secluded setting would cause talk. Especially if it was for a few days at the top of a mountain, if anyone found out about it Gu Yaosen’s reputation would be tarnished. Mu Yi didn’t want to be involved with such things. Therefore, he asked Gu Yaosen to send his wife’s sister, Peng Mi, as well.

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