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Chapter 98: Two Women At The Top of The Mountain

Chapter 98: Two Women At The Top of The Mountain


    Gu Yaosen had no reason to refuse the offer. Mu Yi seemed to truly feel it was okay and really wanted to help. He wasn’t worried about his wife’s safety while she was at the mountain Temple  but he was worried about her being bored

   He knew that Mu Yi wasn’t the kind of person who liked to chat. Also, he would have never dared ask Mu Yi to keep her company because it would interrupt him practicing. If he could send his sister-in-law along with his wife that was a great thing.

   He didn’t even consider that as one of the requests. He nodded and thanked Mu Yi again. He looked at Mu Yi after and waited for his requests.

    “Second, I want to borrow two people,” said Mu Yi.

    “Borrow people?” Gu Yaosen asked.

   He was surprised by the request. He wasn’t sure exactly what Mu Yi was asking…

    “Indeed. I want to borrow Xie Zheng and Xie Miao,” said Mu Yi.

    “Xie Zheng and Xie Miao?” Gu Yaosen said with a confused expression, “No problem. When I go back, I’ll inform them.”

    “Thank you very much. I might have to send them far away,” said Mu Yi with a smile.

    He wanted to send Xie Zheng and Xie Miao to Cangzhou in advance. The hoodlum had said that there was a place called Tingyu Building in Cangzhou where he would be able to learn more about Li the Cripple. Mu Yi didn’t think that it would be as simple as going to the Tingyu Building and asking though.

    Mu Yi was convinced that with Xie Zheng and Xie Miao’s help, it’d be easier for him. Even without Gu Yaosen’s order, they would probably accept and help him anyway. However since they were under Gu Yaosen’s supervision, Mu Yi preferred to ask him first.

    It would avoid any trouble at home as well. Once they had left, their families would still be in the county. They had to be cared for. Gu Yaosen would make sure that the Xie’s family members would be taken care of while they were away.

    Of course, Gu Yaosen had to arrange everything properly. That afternoon Gu Yaosen asked Xie Zheng and Xie Miao to escort his wife and Peng Mi to the mountain. Peng Mi was a few months pregnant. Her tummy was getting bigger as time passed. The trip was tiresome but she endured it well.

    Gu Yaosen didn’t come alone this time. After Peng Mi and Gu Yaosen’s wife arrived, they offered many gifts to Mu Yi. Gu Yaosen’s wife especially, because she felt guilty. She felt it was all her fault. If she hadn’t asked her husband to go to the sorceress, he wouldn’t have gone and there wouldn’t have been problems.

    She couldn’t give birth to a child which was already traumatic. Now the Church of the Thousand Children meant them harm. If Gu Yaosen died, she wouldn’t be able to survive alone.

    Mu Yi showed them their room before he went to speak to Xie Zheng and Xie Miao. He had been too busy in the city so Xie Zheng hadn’t been able to thank Mu Yi in person. He was ready to be Mu Yi’s servant as if Gu Yaosen had already told them why Mu Yi needed them.

    Xie Miao looked more mature after what had happened the previous time. Even though he still looked simple and slow, one could see that he was growing up from the look in his eyes. Mu Yi told them his plan.

    When they heard Cangzhou, they didn’t look scared or displeased at all. They were actually really happy to be able to do something for Mu Yi.

    Xie Zheng already wanted to send Xie Miao to other places to gather some experience but he was worried to let him go alone. He hadn’t been able to send him anywhere in the end. Xie Miao had become much more mature after everything that had happened.

    Xie Miao couldn’t have stayed in Lin’An County forever, even if Mu Yi didn’t need help. Mu Yi did have a request for them though so it was a perfect opportunity.

    Lin’An County was a thousand li away from Cangzhou but Xie Miao wasn’t worried at all. He was impatient and ready to go. He had never left Qingjiang Prefecture even at his age.

    It was said that Cangzhou was larger than Qingjiang Prefecture. It was even close to the capital city. It was an important place for the nation.

    Mu Yi explained the details to them and gave them some body protection charms as well as some Craibiodendri Yunnanensis leaves from the Su Clan. Such things weren’t useful for Mu Yi but for Xie Zheng and Xie Miao, they were necessary.

   They refused the gifts at first but in the end they accepted them. They even promised Mu Yi that they would leave within two days. A thousand li was far away. No matter if they rode horses or took a ferry, it would be a long journey and they had to prepare some things.

    “Master, soon, I will break through. Once I reach the second difficulty I’ll come and look for you. At that time, nobody will be able to prevent me from taking you back home,” Mu Yi said quietly.

   He watched them leave while clenching his fists. He continued watching until they were just two silhouettes on the mountain road in the distance. Peng Mi saw him.

    Mu Yi didn’t feel at ease with the two women there. He had always been alone with the old Taoist Priest. The old Taoist Priest had never recruited a female apprentice. Therefore, Mu Yi had rarely had the opportunity to spend time with women in his life.

   He had never even had a proper chat with a woman. He had arrived in the region of Funiu Mountain and in the Su Clan, there wasn’t only Su Yingying. However, Mu Yi wasn’t interested in talking with the women from the Su Clan.

    Nian Nuer couldn’t be considered as a woman, at least, for the time being. Mu Yi didn’t know what it felt like to live with women at all. It wasn’t due to hormones or anything. It was just awkward and difficult to explain.

    Mu Yi’s mind strength was becoming more powerful. The main hall separated the two bedrooms. Yet when Mu Yi was meditating in the evening, he could sense that he wasn’t alone. It was difficult for him.

    Nian Nuer wasn’t happy at all because their home  had been invaded. She wasn’t willing to have other people around especially the two beautiful women. Mu Yi smiled and didn’t let it affect his heart.

    After the first day of them being there, he got used to it.

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