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Chapter 99: Troubles

Chapter 99: Troubles


    Nobody came to the mountain after the two left. The days were peaceful. Gu Yaosen had maybe been too worried.

    Mu Yi got used to his new life as the days passed. Even though Gu Yaosen’s wife was wealthy and high-ranking, she didn’t look down at him. She even cooked for him and talked about arts with him. There was no need for him to grovel at her feet.

    It was a bit inconvenient to have the two sisters there because Nian Nuer couldn’t come out anytime she wished. When he hit the wooden dummy in the morning, he knew that someone was watching him from behind. When he practiced cultivation in the evening, he couldn’t focus completely because he wasn’t alone.

    Mu Yi eventually got used to their presence. He was able to meditate as if they weren’t there at all. It seemed nothing was going to happen and that they would be able to leave soon but someone came and invaded the mountain.

    Gu Yaosen made some law enforcement officers stay at the foot of the mountain. People could only visit the mountain with Mu Yi’s permission. People from the Su Clan could also come freely, but nobody else was tolerated up there. However, the mountain was invaded by a loud, arrogant, and impolite person.

    “So, you’re Mu Yi?” said the person.

   He was appraising Mu Yi with his eyes. His expression was full of disdain. Mu Yi’s expression was neutral. He didn’t need to stoop to the person’s level. The person who had come was in their thirties and he was wearing winter clothes. He had ordinary features, except for protruding ears that looked strange.

    He didn’t have the Qi of an ordinary person though. He probably practiced Kung Fu. However, he was extremely far from being as strong as Qiu Yuetong, even her two female assistants could probably defeat him. When he called Mu Yi’s name, he sounded as if he had prepared before coming. He sounded confident and didn’t seen to fear Mu Yi at all.

    “Indeed,” said Mu Yi indifferently.

    “Hand the two women over. Nobody disobeys our Master,” said the man loudly.

   The two women could also hear him clearly. Mu Yi was furious. The man sounded so confident. Did he think Mu Yi would just obey? Mu Yi knew that the Church of the Thousand Children was powerful.

    However, Mu Yi didn’t feel like talking nonsense. He took out an evil spirit slaying charm and placed it casually on his enemy’s chest. The man was forced away by the power in the charm and violently crashed to the ground. A crater appeared where he landed.

    “You… you…” the man stuttered.

   He was furious and shaking with anger. He couldn’t believe Mu Yi had attacked him. He had been sent by the Church that’s why he was confident even though he knew that Mu Yi had skills and power. He had dared to act recklessly, but he hadn’t thought Mu Yi would dare to attack him. He wasn’t afraid of offending the Church?

    “Go back and tell your Master of Protection or whatever that if he wants the women, he can come personally,” said Mu Yi coldly.

   The man stood up and took a step back. He was scared by Mu Yi’s boldness and staggered a bit before falling down in the crater again. Mu Yi ignored the little buffoon. He turned around and went back into the Mountain God Temple.

    Mu Yi left and the guy finally crawled up again. He looked upset. When he left the mountain, the two women went to see Mu Yi. They both looked apologetic, especially Gu Yaosen’s wife. She hadn’t thought things would turn out this way.

    If the Church of the Thousand Children had started sending people, it meant that they were paying attention to Mu Yi. It also meant they weren’t afraid of him. Gu Yaosen’s wife felt guilty for causing trouble.

    Mu Yi didn’t blame her. He had accepted Gu Yaosen’s request. He knew that such a thing could happen. He wasn’t worried at all. Plus, that guy had really gotten under Mu Yi’s skin.

    Mu Yi rarely got upset but that guy had managed to infuriate him. How many women had been taken against their will and raped by that Master? The numbers were probably too horrifying.

    If the guy hadn’t been so arrogant, Mu Yi wouldn’t have gotten angry. After all, there were many pathetic and lowly people in that world. However, Mu Yi wasn’t a saint and wouldn’t accept any kind of treatment.

   Mu Yi felt a slight pressure surrounding him as if evil people of all kinds were after him. He hoped he’d be able to reach the second difficulty before more people arrived. However, the enemies responded faster than he had thought they would.

    The next day they sent a small army to the top of the mountain. The people were obviously experienced travelers and looked cruel. They attacked Mu Yi without speaking. Mu Yi reacted quickly. He threw out a few evil spirit slaying charms. None of them were able to defend against the attack.

    Mu Yi didn’t feel guilty for killing them. He didn’t feel bogged down by anything at all. He was pleased with himself. He felt like a man. He even felt that the strength in his body was increasing. He knew that it was only the beginning. He could tell that these people had come unprepared.

    “Church of the Thousand Children, I’ll use your blood to reach the second difficulty,” said Mu Yi.

   He was standing on the big stone in front of the Mountain God Temple. The wind stirred the robe he was wearing and his hair fluttered. Mu Yi had finally understood why he couldn’t reach the second difficulty before. He had intended to let nature take its course. Yet, something had been missing.

    He had gotten angry and had a moment of clarity. He lacked will. He needed to press forward with an indomitable will to progress. The Church of the Thousand Children was sending people to attack him. Therefore, Mu Yi would use them as a whetstone to sharpen his cultivation.

   He was done waiting to break through. He wanted to fight and spill blood. He wanted to kill them all. It was as if he had turned into a demon.

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