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HC Chapter 67: Xugui’s Appearance

HC 2 Chapter 67: Xugui’s Appearance


    “My child, come to me,” said the voice once more.

    Mu Yi was currently terrified. He was so scared of the ghost he was ready to use everything he had to protect himself, but then he saw the old Taoist Priest. It was just like when he was picked up by him near the unmarked common graves. He had saved him from the darkness.

    Mu Yi remembered when the old man had stretched his hands out in the past and grabbed him. The old Taoist Priest stretched his hands towards him again right now.

    “Old man,” whispered Mu Yi.

   He couldn’t help but stretch his hands towards the old Taoist Priest. He wanted the old Taoist Priest to stay. He wanted to stay with him. After the old Taoist Priest’s death, Mu Yi hadn’t rested enough.

    No, he’s already dead. Mu Yi thought.

   He remembered just as he was about to hug the old Taoist Priest that he had died. He remembered why he had decided to practice cultivation and trained really hard. It was all to find Li the Cripple and the old Taoist Priest’s body so that he could bury him again and let him rest in peace.

    So who was this old Taoist Priest?

    Mu Yi experienced more of his memories. He eventually came back to his senses. He closed his eyes tightly before opening them again. There was a gigantic mouth in front of him. The ferocious ghost was now right in front of Mu Yi.

    Mu Yi broke out in a cold sweat. He was absolutely petrified. His body was tingling almost as if he was being electrocuted. His flesh started crawling. He could almost taste death on the tip of his tongue. Death was tasteless it seemed.

    This ghost could definitely kill him. Mu Yi released his mind strength and activated an evil spirit slaying charm. The current situation was extremely dangerous so he didn’t have a choice. White lights exploded and the ferocious ghost was forced back violently by the force.

    Mu Yi stepped back to put some distance between him and the ghost. His heart was pounding. He could feel himself starting to panic. He quickly calmed himself down. He ground his teeth and took out another evil spirit slaying charm. He had already injured the ferocious ghost.

    Mu Yi couldn’t waste any time. He also took out the Ghost King Banner. It was enormous when it stopped growing. It started absorbing all the things around it. Mu Yi also used the other evil spirit slaying charm. Even a ferocious ghost couldn’t do much against the onslaught. Mu Yi had decided to use the Ghost King Banner at the right moment.

    The ferocious ghost didn’t have any chance to struggle at all. Clinging sounds spread in the air again.

    Mu Yi had destroyed two ferocious ghosts over the course of the night. He was sure that no matter how strong the spirit protector was he couldn’t control a whole army of ghosts. Xugui had used the Ghost King Banner back then and he only had one ferocious ghost inside. It’s not like getting one was easy.

    Mu Yi thought it was possible that the two ghosts he had killed in the courtyard outside and the two ghosts just a moment ago were all members of the Zhao family. They were probably people who lived in this village in the past.

    He didn’t know what had happened at that time. Those people’s souls had probably gone through the wheel of reincarnation. However, now they were stuck in the main hall and were under the control of the spirit protector.

    The Ghost King Banner captured the ferocious ghost and a silhouette appeared soon after. The person was wearing a black cloak. He looked inhuman and he was extremely fast. He appeared next to the Ghost King Banner in a flash. He planned to take it.

    The sound Mu Yi made when he saw this was icy. He took out another evil spirit slaying charm. The white lights illuminated the space once again. If the person tried to force their way to the Ghost King Banner, he wouldn’t be able to block the evil spirit slaying charm.

   Evil spirit slaying charms were effective against both human beings and ghosts.

    The person in black clothes hadn’t expected Mu Yi to attack. He raised his right hand towards the direction of the evil spirit slaying charm just as Mu Yi had expected. His right hand was pitch-black. It looked inhuman as well.

    He stepped back with a painful grunt. Mu Yi recalled the Ghost King Banner. He took out a five thunders charm but waited to attack. He hit the enemy violently trying to make him show his face.

     Mu Yi had been shocked after seeing that Zheng Zicong was the corpse-ghost because he hadn’t thought such a thing would happen. He was easily able to guess who was controlling him. Therefore, he wasn’t surprised at all when the cloak fell and he saw Xugui.

    Xugui looked different. His face had changed. He was badly injured. His entire face had been burned. He no longer had any hair. He looked grisly.

    Mu Yi didn’t know why his right hand looked like steel and was black. His fingers looked like tree branches. He grabbed at the evil spirit slaying charm with his right hand but nothing happened.

     He didn’t have a left arm, but Mu Yi knew he had lost it when he was escaping from Funiu Village back then. Mu Yi looked at Xugui. Xugui was also staring at him.

    Mu Yi didn’t want to waste any time and almost threw the five thunders charm. It was best, with enemies like this, to not to give them an opportunity to use their most powerful methods to defeat him.

    Mu Yi couldn’t stand it anymore though. He still didn’t know where Su Jinlun was and the spirit protector hadn’t shown up either. Mu Yi was convinced that if Xugui dared to show up in front of him it was because he had someone to back him up.

    “Magic figures, that lamp, the Ghost King Banner… How many more things can you use now?” Xugui asked while laughing evilly as if he had already won.

    Mu Yi had only reached the third step of the first difficulty. He had done a lot for someone of his cultivation level. It was rare for even someone of the second difficulty to be able to do such things.

    In Xugui’s eyes, Mu Yi was just lucky. He couldn’t win against him. Therefore, he decided to just wait until the enemy was exhausted. Xugui thought he had overestimated Mu Yi but actually, he had underestimated him.

   Even though Mu Yi had used lots of mind strength, he still had enough energy to use the copper lamp for some time. Mu Yi hadn’t made progress in terms of cultivation in the time they hadn’t seen each other, but he had made lots of charms. His mind strength had also become much better and he had the copper lamp. Mu Yi had become even stronger than the hoodlum, who was a genius.

    The hoodlum had at least already reached the second difficulty. He had problems that caused his cultivation level to drop again. So in Mu Yi’s eyes, Xugui wasn’t very strong. Mu Yi didn’t think he lacked mind strength. He definitely had enough to finish it.

    He put the copper lamp away for two reasons. The first, he had reached a certain security level and wanted to be sure to have enough cards in his hand in case of unexpected danger, and the second, he wanted to pretend he had nothing left.

    He knew his strategy had worked when he saw Xugui’s expression.

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