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HC 77

Chapter 77: Bright Lamp and Danger


    “Chief, what should we do?” asked Qiu Zhu.

   She looked scared and couldn’t stop herself from asking.

    “What do you think?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

    “Chief, I think we should take this seriously. Should I go to Prince Su and ask him about it?” asked Qiu Mei.

   If Su Jinlun hadn’t said those things during the day, she wouldn’t have thought of him now. It was rather strange. The old man had said, before he died, that if the lamp was bright, they were in danger.

    Su Jinlun had said earlier in the day that Little Frost’s fortified village was in danger and that they were going to be defeated, no matter what. She now believed him completely, previously she hadn’t. Qiu Mei remembered her conversation with him. Was it merely a coincidence?

    Qiu Yuetong looked pensive for a moment. She waved her hand. A loud noise spread through air and a strong wind started blowing. It brushed against the flame two meters away from them. The lamp turned off after that.

   Qiu Mei and Qiu Zhu looked relieved. If the flame disappeared, then they were safe again. They’re happiness didn’t last long, the flame reappeared. The lamp shone brightly without being manually lit.

    Qiu Mei and Qiu Zhu saw it with their own eyes. They were truly astonished. Qiu Yuetong’s expression changed as well.

    “Chief, we can’t act rashly” said the guard of the memorial temple hastily.

   His voice was hoarse. He was afraid Qiu Yuetong would do something wrong.

    “Uncle Ku, did that man say anything else before he died?” asked Qiu Yuetong straightforwardly.

   Anybody that heard her would know she hadn’t forgiven him. The man was she was talking about was her father.

    “No, but I understood him. He never talked about the promise. He did something even he didn’t really understand,” replied the old man with a pensive expression.

    “Qiu Mei, inform the members of the village. Qiu Zhu, come with me,” said Qiu Yuetong emotionlessly.

    “Roger, Chief,” they said at the same time.

    Uncle Ku stayed before the temple. Qiu Yuetong and the others left. He knelt down soon after and started whispering things.

    “Why stay here? Why not reincarnate?” asked Mu Yi.

    One had to pay a price to defy the laws of the earth and the sky. The old man had relied on something for his soul to remain in the village. He had wanted to protect the village in case something happened. His soul would disperse because of it.

    The apparition became more and more distinct. Mu Yi could clearly see his face now. He looked like a 40-year old man. His skin was clear. He looked well-educated, a bit like a scholar, but his eyes looked empty. His awareness was gone.

    Mu Yi sensed that the pressure had increased once he appeared. If Mu Yi moved, the ghost would attack mercilessly. Mu Yi asked himself whether killing him immediately would be wise or not. The man wanted to stay on Little Frost Mountain, but Mu Yi was convinced he could win with all he had. The Ghost King Banner, five thunders charm and copper lamp were enough.

    If he did it that way it would draw people’s attention. Even if he killed the ghost, it would be a waste of resources. It wasn’t that important. He had come to rescue Su Jinlun. If anything happened to Su Jinlun, even if the fortified village was destroyed it would be useless.

    “Leave,” said the man.

    His voice was emotionless. Nian Nuer looked at him. If Mu Yi hadn’t held her back, she would have thrown herself at him and absorbed him into the Ghost King Banner. The ferocious ghost and the ordinary ghosts in the Ghost King Banner had helped her become stronger.

    Cultivation was difficult, but human beings weren’t the only entities that could practice cultivation. Ghosts could too but it would be even more difficult for them. Nian Nuer had good mental abilities but it was still hard. There were no major obstacles for her before attempting to cultivate and become a Ghost King. However, becoming a Ghost King wouldn’t be easy at all.

    According to Mu Yi’s calculations, for Nian Nuer, who was a ferocious ghost, to turn into a fierce ghosts, she’d need one or two years. Mu Yi needed less time to cultivate to the next level, but he was rather fast for a cultivator.

    Ghosts had to make great efforts to improve. Many people had spent a lot of time stuck at the first difficulty. Someone who was able to reach the second difficulty before the age of 30 was amazing. All the people who managed to do it were geniuses. As for the third difficulty, making great efforts and striving to improve wasn’t enough. People would also need luck to reach it.

    Mu Yi didn’t think about the third difficulty at all because he was still far from reaching it. He wanted to focus on the second difficulty first. After reaching the second difficulty, he’d be able to travel the world and look for the old Taoist Priest. Mu Yi knew that that man couldn’t understand that well.

   “Go up the mountain and look for Su Jinlun. Protect him, ” said Mu Yi to Nian Nuer

    The rest didn’t really matter as long as Su Jinlun was fine. Mu Yi tried to be brave. He had been practicing cultivation for less than half a year. He was already about to reach the second difficulty. He only needed to wait for the right time. He was a bit proud of himself.

    Even though the man was special, Mu Yi wasn’t worried. He was still just a ghost. He had a five thunders charm, the Ghost King Banner and the copper lamp. There was nothing to worry about. Why should he be afraid?

    Cultivators had to be careful and vigilant but that didn’t mean to be too scared to do anything. Nian Nuer didn’t really want to leave. She wanted to take care of Mu Yi. She was worried about him. Su Jinlun was like a cousin to her but she didn’t think anything of him. She considered Mu Yi as her only family.

   She wanted him to be happy and wanted to help him, so she let go of his hand and flew up the mountain, even though she didn’t feel like it. When Nian Nuer moved, the ghost moved too. He considered Nian Nuer a threat. Mu Yi moved as well. He threw the Ghost King Banner and blocked the way.

    Mu Yi took out a evil spirit slaying charm next. He didn’t want to use the five thunders charm immediately. The battle had just started. He wanted to keep some trump cards, especially since he hadn’t bumped into Chief Qiu yet. If he used his trump cards at the beginning, it would get even more difficult later.

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