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HC 78

Chapter 78: Real or Fake Genius?


    The Ghost King Banner blocked the ghost and the evil spirit slaying charm landed on him easily. He was unable to react to the two attacks and was forced back. Mu Yi showed no mercy. He immediately threw two other evil spirit slaying charms at the ghost. The ghost was prepared this time. He moved quickly and dodged the two evil spirit slaying charms.

    He charged at Mu Yi after dodging. Mu Yi was ready for the fight. He recalled the Ghost King Banner and he took out the copper lamp. He waited for the ghost to get closer. The lamp’s light grew and spread as the ghost approached.

    Dazzling lights emerged from Mu Yi’s hand. They seemed to shine even brighter because it was nighttime. Mu Yi knew that someone would notice the light but he didn’t have a choice. If he didn’t want to use the five thunders charm, then he had to use the copper lamp.

    Qiu Yuetong didn’t know why she had to come to the old man’s tomb. However, she felt like if she didn’t she would regret it. She didn’t particularly like the man. They were related by blood, that was all. No matter what he did in front of other people or how heroic people thought he was, she wouldn’t think better of him.

    She thought he was a bad father and a bad husband. The only thing she cared about was the mountain’s fortified village. The people from the fortified village had always cared for her. They always protected her. After her mother’s death, she had gone to the top of the mountain. She found the twins and they became her companions.

    She had no concept of what it meant to be a woman. A woman grew up and got married. That was her understanding. After getting married a woman would assist her husband and take care of her children.

    She didn’t want that kind of life. She was studying a mysterious technique she had obtained by a lucky coincidence. There was nobody to teach her so it had been extremely difficult to learn. However, the decision was definitely worth it. She had mastered it.

    She wasn’t rewarded for her efforts. Instead, she had to experience even more difficulties. She would have never thought that due to his anger, he wouldn’t see her again. Her heart was cold because of his reaction.

    He disappeared shortly after. When he reappeared, he spoke his last words to her. He wanted Li Hu to become the second leader. She was given the position of first brigand chief, but she didn’t feel moved at all.

    After his death, Qiu Yuetong decided to bury him where he had asked her. He was buried without a gravestone and she had built a small memorial temple behind the mountain with no statue. There was just a spirit tablet with no name on it and a lamp which couldn’t be lit.

    She remembered everything that happened before his death. She even remembered everything that he had told her and had taken it to heart. She wouldn’t have tried to to light the lamp otherwise. Now all of it made her furious.

    She made the fortified village flourish. She was determined and brave, even though she was a woman.  She didn’t envy men at all. While the world was chaotic, it was the best time to develop her skills. She also understood Li Hu’s behavior.

    Who would have thought that Prince Su would bring trouble and chaos… Was the Su Clan’s ally really that strong? Had the old man’s prophecy come to reality? She had so many doubts. The two women rushed towards the tomb. It still took them some time to arrive even though they were moving as fast as they could.

    As she was running up to the top of the mountain, she saw Mu Yi and the copper lamp. When she saw him, she stopped. She also saw a man being forced away near the tomb. She couldn’t understand why all she could see was red.

    A clanging sound spread through the air. Mu Yi’s heart twitched. He quickly put the ghost King Banner on his back and it turned into a cape. His heart twitched again and he staggered. His mind strength was interrupted and the flame of the copper lamp disappeared. The area was covered in darkness again.

    Mu Yi hid in the ghost King Banner. In the dark, it was as if he had completely disappeared even though he couldn’t completely conceal himself. Mu Yi ran dozens of meters away in a few seconds. The assassin who had jumped in out of nowhere to intervene finally appeared after he left.

    “Qiu Yuetong?” he said.

    Upon seeing the assassin he knew who she was without having to think about it. No matter how strong she was, she didn’t look like an ordinary fighter. After Qiu Yuetong attacked with, she didn’t make any other moves. She just followed a woman who was with her. The woman was also holding a sword. They were both heading in his direction.

    Mu Yi looked at her for a moment. He was holding an evil spirit slaying charm between two fingers. He threw it at them. White light flashed and the charm moved towards the woman in front of him. She faced the danger with a calm mind and cut through the white light with her sword. She was also blinded and almost collapsed from the impact, though. She looked at Mu Yi in awe.

    Mu Yi ignored her. He raised the copper lamp. It illuminated the area again. He grabbed the five thunders charm and stared at Qiu Yuetong. The sword attack she used had scared him to death. It was extremely fast. He had neither seen it nor heard it. Before she had approached him, he hadn’t even sensed her presence. Obviously her attacks were dangerous.

    If he hadn’t used the Ghost King Banner as a cape, he would have been stabbed and died on the spot. Mu Yi was rather shocked at the thought, but he now knew that he had underestimated her. In the past, the experts he had met were mostly goods smugglers.

    Qiu Yuetong was different. She was extremely strong. Qiu Yuetong didn’t look at Mu Yi. She was looking at the man above the tomb. He was already dead but she recognized him. The only difference was that he was only an apparition.

    Qiu Yuetong’s father floated in the air. At that moment, he was also staring at Qiu Yuetong but his eyes looked empty.

    “Ch… Chief!” Qiu Zhu shouted..

    She couldn’t help it. Mu Yi stood up but didn’t make any other moves. He wasn’t afraid of Qiu Yuetong and now he was curious. Would the father and his daughter hug each other and cry? Or would the difference between human beings and ghosts be too important?

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