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HC 79

Chapter 79: Heroic or Emotionless?


    “Was this your decision?” Qiu Yuetong asked.

    Her tone was cold, but mixed with something else as if she didn’t know how to feel about it. Qiu Yuetong’s father didn’t say anything. He just blankly stared at Qiu Yuetong. His eyes were empty. It was as if he had been able to move only due to instinct.

    “When I was a child, mom told me that you were a hero. She told me to be obedient. She would tell me that someday my dad would come back home as a glorious hero. She said that he would take us away and that I would also become a hero thanks to his teachings. She said that people would admire me.

    “In the end, we both became cold and detached from you. In other people’s eyes, you were a hero. You were the brigand chief. In my eyes, you are a selfish person and you gave up everything including your family for your desires.

    “When mom was ill, you sent people with some silver to us. When mom died, you weren’t by her side, you only came to the burial and took me away. You didn’t even care for me after taking me. I told myself since I was a child that someday I’d make you kneel down before her tomb. I would force you to tell her how sorry you are and that it was all your fault.

    “Do you know how much time I spent studying the mysterious fighting technique? Do you know what made me determined enough to practice day and night?

    “The will to defeat you. The will to defeat everybody. I wanted to show you that everything you had done in your life was worthless. A hero? You? Ridiculous.

    “I wouldn’t have thought that after succeeding, you would change like that. I don’t know what happened after and I don’t know why you wanted to die. Maybe it was for redemption? Did you think you would be forgiven for everything?” she said.

    Qiu Yuetong was furious, but she was also sad. She was shouting. The ghost didn’t react at all. No matter what she said, the ghost only blankly stared at her.

    Mu Yi remained silent. He didn’t interrupt them. After hearing her talk, he was able to understand her a bit more. Everybody had secrets. It didn’t matter who they were, glorious or not, heroes, formidable, or common and lower class people. They all had secrets.

    After Qiu Yuetong said what she wanted to say, her expression turned cold again. The man was still staring at her, but there was no awareness in his eyes and he hadn’t reacted. She soon remembered there was a stranger next to her. A stranger who could destroy Little Frost’s fortified village.

    She had attacked him and had scared him but Mu Yi’s defensive abilities shocked her. She had never seen someone move like the wind or disappear like that. In that moment, she felt Mu Yi posed a great threat to her and she didn’t act carelessly.

    “Greetings, Master. You must think I’m a bit ridiculous because of what just happened,” said Qiu Yuetong

   She looked at Mu Yi. He was rather young to her surprise. He didn’t look like someone who could destroy her clan. However after what had just happened, she couldn’t underestimate him.

    “Chief Qiu is a true beauty. How could I make fun of such a lady?” Mu Yi replied.

   He didn’t relax at all even if she had changed the way she approached him. On the contrary, he became even more vigilant. He wasn’t facing a ghost. He was facing a woman who was extremely skilled in martial arts.

   He felt even more pressure. He didn’t mind chatting since she hadn’t attacked him again. It was a good opportunity to give Nian Nuer some more time. They were only here to save Su Jinlun. The rest of it didn’t really matter.

    “Did you come here for Prince Su, Master?” Qiu Yuetong asked.

   She wasn’t the type to bother with small talk. She was straightforward. She said what she meant. She was telling him I know who you are and why you’re here.

    “Indeed, you know exactly why I’m here. Do you agree to it?” asked Mu Yi with a nod.

   He didn’t intend to hide anything from her. He was able to determine that Su Jinlun was safe based on her tone and the was she spoke. There was no other reason for Qiu Yuetong to change her stance.

    “Agree to do what?” asked Qiu Yuetong.

    “Release him,” said Mu Yi.

    “That’s easy. I would have dispatched people to take him down the mountain and see him off, even if you hadn’t come,” said Qiu Yuetong.

   She pushed her bangs aside as she spoke.

    “And Li Hu,” said Mu Yi.

    Qiu Yuetong’s expression stiffened after Mu Yi spoke but only for a second. She looked at him for a moment.

   “Li Hu is the second brigand chief of Little Frost’s fortified village. I can’t hand him over even if he’s guilty,” she said.

    Qiu Yuetong sounded calm. Her tone was indifferent but firm. She would release Su Jinlun but she wouldn’t hand Li Hu over. He was the second brigand chief of Little Frost’s fortified village even if she didn’t like him that much.

   She was the brigand chief. She couldn’t hand over someone from the village. If she did that, people in the fortified village would think she had no values or principles. It would cause trouble.

    “Are you sure?” said Mu Yi.

    He looked at Qiu Yuetong with determination. He had to kill Li Hu. Li Hu and Xugui had plotted against him. Li Hu also knew about Su Jinlun’s social status but still did everything without considering it.

    The Su Clan had to display strength to be respected. Mu Yi needed to do the same. Otherwise, many people would try to cause him trouble in the future. He couldn’t wait around for opportunities. It was best to take a chance right away.

   If they offended the Su Clan, they offended him. There was no difference and no matter what their social status was they would have to pay the price. Li Hu would go free and would remain a threat for the Su Clan and Mu Yi if he just left. Li Hu had to die. Mu Yi didn’t mind fighting if Qiu Yuetong continued to refuse.

    “Chief…” said Qiu Zhu.

   She wanted to speak about the matter. She didn’t like Li Hu at all. She didn’t mind handing Li Hu over for the safety of the clan. It was the best solution for everyone. She was confident before because her sword techniques were quite good. There were few people that could compete with her in the village but she felt powerless when facing Mu Yi.

    Mu Yi had done something that made bright white light attack her. She had to use all her strength to stop them. If he did it again, she would potentially die.

    Qiu Yuetong interrupted her before she could say anything.

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