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HC chapter 11

Chapter 11: Saving the Woman’s Life

“Little Taoist priest, what’s wrong with my grandmother?”


Mu Yi’s drastic change in his expression made Su Yingting very impatient.


“It’s much worse than I thought,” Mu Yi said. He wasn’t lying; it was a fact. Her body with filled with the evil Qi of a ghost.


Mu Yi hadn’t thought that the old woman of the Su Clan would be in such a bad condition, she was about to die. He had only thought that she was a little sick and in the early stages.


It was no wonder that they had agreed to let him come that easily. They knew that they had nothing to lose.


“Can you help her?” Mu Yi’s reply made Su Yingying feel less hopeful about the situation.


“I will do my best,” Mu Yi said after remaining silent for a few moments.


The main problem wasn’t the ghost anymore. Instead, it was the old woman’s life.


Unfortunately, Mu Yi had only one exorcism charm, and the old woman’s condition was severe. He didn’t know how to heal her.


The main problem was that even if he had the solution to heal her, one second of inattentiveness could lead to her death and he would be blamed. Therefore, Mu Yi paid attention to what he said, but at the same time, he was still willing to take the risk.


If he didn’t take the risk, the old woman would die that evening. In contrast, she would have a fifty percent chance of living if he did take the risk.


“Miss Yingying, please call your grandfather,” Mu Yi said.


Even though he was willing to take the risk, he couldn’t decide alone. After all, there was only a fifty percent chance. If the old woman survived, then it would be thanks to him. If she died, they might blame him and give Zheng Zicong the opportunity to kill him.

“Alright, I’m going to call him,” Su Yingying said without hesitation as she turned around and left.


After a short time, Su Yingying came back with her grandfather.


“Hello again, little Taoist priest. I’m Su Chongshan. I hope you don’t feel offended for what just happened,” Su Chongshan said apologetically. He didn’t know what Su Yingying had told him.


“Her condition is very severe. I asked you to come because I need to talk to you,” Mu Yi said straightforwardly.


“Please tell me,” Su Chongshan said, looking grave and solemn while the heart of the woman next to the bed started to pound.


“Her condition is extremely severe. It’s worse than I had thought. If I’m not mistaken, she will die soon, right?” Mu Yi said even though he had already understood that when he had arrived.


“Indeed. She’s very old, and many famous doctors have come to see her. Now, she won’t survive for more than two or three days. Please tell me what you think. There is no harm in saying what one thinks,” Su Chongshan said. He was a wise man. He knew what Mu Yi wanted to say.


“If I had come ten days earlier, I could have healed her with an 80-90% success rate. Three days earlier, there would have been a 60% chance. However, now she’s already about to die. Besides, I only have one exorcism charm. If I try it now, there is a small chance it will work, she will either die or survive once it is used.” Mu Yi said straightforwardly. That way, no matter what happened, he wouldn’t be held responsible.


Of course, he had also exaggerated a little bit just in case. If anything happened, it’d still be better for him.


What he said was clearly impossible. Ten days ago, he had been busy with the living corpse, and three days ago, he wouldn’t have been able to draw the magic symbols for the exorcism charm.


But when Su Yingying heard him, her heart was flooded with feelings of remorse because she had encountered Mu Yi three days ago. If she had told him to come directly, maybe her grandmother would have already recovered by now.


When Su Chongshan heard Mu Yi, he didn’t say anything. Even though the decision he had to make was logical, he was also old and was saddened by the prospect of losing her. It was difficult to come up with a decision. However, the old woman would probably only live a few more days at most, and Mu Yi was his last hope.


Now, the old woman’s life was in his hands.


Su Yingying and the woman said nothing. They weren’t qualified to say anything.


“Please try. If anything happens, you will not be held responsible,” Su Chongshan said, taking a deep breath and sighing. It was a promise.


“Alright,” Mu Yi said. He had precisely hoped that the old man would say that. Then, he took out an exorcism charm. Everybody, including Mu Yi, was nervous as he walked towards the bed.


As he got closer to the bed, Mu Yi sensed that the exorcism charm was starting to shake. He didn’t waste any time as he immediately stuck the exorcism charm onto the old woman’s head near her third eye where the skin was turning black. Then, he activated it immediately.




The charm started shining, producing white lights that filled the room. The charm’s lights then penetrated into the depths of the old woman’s body, flowing in and out of it before the charm itself turned to ash.


At the same time, the old woman groaned as black Qi surged out from from her seven apertures.


When Mu Yi saw that, he jumped backwards. The black Qi started to disperse in the air, and it smelled horrible.


“Open the window,” Mu Yi said to Su Yingying while holding his breath.


“Ah, alright,” Su Yingying said, coming back to her senses. She ran to the window and opened it.


Some fresh air came into the room, and the bad smell faded a little.


“Little Taoist priest, how is she?” Su Chongshan asked. He looked extremely worried and scared.


Mu Yi walked to the bed again and inspected the old woman. The charm had worked much better than he had expected, and the evil presence in her body was being removed. However, the spot where her third eye was located was still a little bit black.


Regardless, most of the evil presence was expelled from her, the results from the charm could be seen almost instantly. The old woman now started breathing a little bit better. Her skin was no longer as black as it had been at the beginning, and her cheeks now had a tinge of redness.


When Mu Yi saw all that, he exhaled a deep breath of relief. After all, this was the first time he had used an exorcism charm. He had been under a lot of pressure. Luckily, the exorcism charm was effective.


They still needed to expel the remaining black Qi from her body before the old woman would wake up. It was difficult, and Mu Yi knew that another exorcism charm wouldn’t solve the problem. The remaining problem required a different approach.


Before she could be healed, his job would be to kill the spirit that had been possessing the old woman’s body.


“Luckily, I was able to accomplish the first task,” Mu Yi said while smiling at Su Chongshan.

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