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HC chapter 12

Chapter 12: Old Stories

“With some luck, I was able to accomplish the mission you had set!”


For the old man, Mu Yi’s words were as if the gods had blessed him. Su Yingying and the woman looked delighted too.


“Grandmother!” Su Yingying and the woman ran to the bed.


Su Chongshan cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest. “Taoist priest, I feel extremely grateful. I will never forget what you have done for us.”


“Mister, you’re exaggerating,” Mu Yi said politely, but he was thinking at the same time, ‘You also took a risk. You did all you could, so I should thank you for the opportunity.’


“Taoist priest, when will my grandmother wake up?” asked Su Yingying. She couldn’t wait.


Mu Yi was young, and he was at the age when boys started to think about girls in a new light. Su Yingying was very beautiful, so Mu Yi couldn’t help but lose his composure when facing her.


“I can only capture ghosts. I’m not a healer. She’s very weak right now, so she needs a skilled doctor to aid her recovery. I have only solved half of the problem,” Mu Yi said straightforwardly.


“Only half? Please explain,” Su Chongshan said curiously. Regarding skilled doctors, finding one wasn’t a problem for the Su Clan, so the other half of the problem was what made him curious.


“There was an evil yin Qi in her body. It is as if her bones were being turned into evil centipedes. This is due to the presence of a ghost, and to fully heal her, we need to block it.”


“Presence of a ghost?” Su Chongshan pulled a long face when he heard Mu Yi’s answer. Of course, it wasn’t because he was angry at Mu Yi, but it was as if he had understood something.


Mu Yi didn’t say much and just waited. However, he knew that the ghost wouldn’t be as easy to defeat as he had thought.


“Please come with me,” Su Chongshan said. He glanced at the old woman and thought of something.


Mu Yi followed Su Chongshan to another room while nobody dared to follow.


“Taoist priest, to tell you the truth, I didn’t believe in ghosts, but I no longer have a choice. It is all my fault,” Su Chongshan said slowly.


“Eighteen years ago, I had a daughter, and her name was Su Junru. She was my beloved daughter. Because I spoiled her too much, she became insolent. Later, I chose a husband for her, but she kept refusing. It made me so furious that I decided to imprison her until the wedding. However, what I didn’t know was that she had already fallen in love with someone else. They escaped together, and from then on, I never heard from her again. I felt extremely guilty.”


“Five years later, she came back with a child in her arms. She asked us for help. It was a little girl, and she was only three years old. She looked exactly like my daughter.”


“I was still angry, but I decided to put that aside. After all, she was my own flesh and blood. She was still my granddaughter. How could I give up on my own family? Sadly, the baby came down with a strange illness. I called some famous doctors, but they couldn’t do anything and in the end, the baby died.”


“After my granddaughter died, my daughter went insane. All of her actions were that of crazy person. She buried her child in her courtyard and kept whispering inaudible words to the grave. Half a year later, she was in such despair that she killed herself.”


“After my daughter died, I sealed her courtyard. I didn’t allow anyone to go there. That was thirty years ago. I don’t know how, but my wife managed to enter my daughters courtyard. It was after that, she started having nightmares every night. She said that she kept seeing our granddaughter. Likewise, her condition also started deteriorating by the day.”


“I called many doctors who tried all sorts of medicine. Then, someone told me that it was a ghost, so I called some Taoist priests and Buddhist monks. I wanted them to chase the ghost out, but every time they stayed in the courtyard for one night, they’d be driven insane. Now, I finally see some hope. It is my fortune that you are so highly skilled.” Su Chongshan said in one breath. He felt fortunate and sad at the same time because for the past eighteen years his life was filled with tragedy. He regretted his actions every day.


Therefore, when Mu Yi told him about the ghost, he reacted instantly.


Mu Yi couldn’t judge him. No matter what, it was only his task to expel the ghost and not to judge. Otherwise, the old man would continue to regret and if something happened because of the ghost in the future, it would be too late to do anything.


“So, what do you want to do?” Mu Yi asked straightforwardly.


“Taoist priest, I have a request, but I don’t know whether I should tell you or not,” Su Chongshan said. He found it difficult to speak his mind.


“Please tell me,” Mu Yi said while looking at him.


“What if we just made the ghost submit and didn’t kill it? What if we managed to make the ghost undergo the process of reincarnation? Wouldn’t that be the best solution?” Su Chongshan asked. He didn’t care about what the ghost had done anymore. That ghost was still his granddaughter. Back then, he hadn’t managed the situation properly, his daughter even killed herself and his Granddaughter became a ghost. Therefore, he didn’t want to lose his granddaughter a second time.


Mu Yi remained silent for a few seconds and said, “To tell you the truth… From what you’ve told me, the ghost is already quite skilled, so I don’t know if I can even resist it. Regarding the matter of making it undergo the process of reincarnation, well, you are thinking way too highly of me.”


“Well then…” Su Chongshan didn’t know what to do anymore when he listened to Mu Yi’s answer.


“I can only try. It doesn’t matter whether it works or not, I will spend an evening in the courtyard,” Mu Yi said. Fortunately, he had two body protection charms and an evil spirit slaying charm. Even if he couldn’t resist the ghost, he could at least survive. Besides, he also wanted to see what kind of ghost it was.


In the past, Mu Yi had followed the old man everywhere and would usually stay outside a let the old man deal with the ghosts. However, back then, Mu Yi had also thought that the old man had was a crook.


“Alright. Regardless of whether or not it works out, I am very grateful,” Su said Chongshan immediately.


“By the way, I don’t have enough materials. That’s why I only prepared one exorcism charm. If I want to fight against the ghost, I would need to prepare a few more things, and since we can’t waste time, I need your help to prepare some materials,” Mu Yi said.


“No problem at all. What do you need? I will prepare everything for you,” Su Chongshan said straightforwardly.


“I need yellow sheets, high-quality cinnabar, a good brush, and a paperweight in the shape of a ruler, which would be useful too. By the way, did the Young Masters of the Su Clan manage to get some yellow weasels? If you still have the tail, I could use it as a brush. I also need a weapon that has been used by a strong warrior to kill. If you don’t have any, a weapon that has been used to kill a human being would be enough. The rest will depend on your wife’s luck. If it’s convenient, please help me acquire these materials.”


Mu Yi explained what he needed. This was a great opportunity, and he definitely couldn’t let it go. Of course, he was also trying to benefit from the situation.

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