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HC chapter 13

Chapter 13: Borrowing Blood

Mu Yi was quickly given everything he had asked for. After all, the Su Clan was rich, so getting the needed materials wasn’t difficult for them. Furthermore, the quality of the items he had asked for far exceeded his expectations.


When Mu Yi saw that, he was extremely happy.


After that, Mu Yi asked Su Chongshan to call everyone. Five people gathered: Su Chongshan, his son Su Jun, Su Yingying, Su Jinlun, and Zheng Zicong.


At this point, Su Jun, Su Jinlun, and Zheng Zicong’s opinions of Mu Yi had changed. Even though his wife had not woken up yet, Su Chongshan had nothing but good things to say about Mu Yi. Even the famous doctors called by the Sun Clan had were unable to do anything about her illness.


Everything was happening thanks to Mu Yi. Su Yingying didn’t lie about anything either.


Therefore, Su Jun didn’t despise Mu Yi anymore because of his age and even Su Jinlun felt extremely moved. Zheng Zicong had very mixed feelings, but he was still pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


“Even though we’ve solved a part of the problem, I’ll still need your help to heal her properly,” Mu Yi said to the crowd. He also looked at Zheng Zicong.


“Tell us what we have to do. As long as my mother wakes up, I don’t mind paying any price and doing everything in my power.” Su Jun said hastily. He was trying to be amiable now since he hadn’t been given Mu Yi a warm greeting.


“Taoist priest, please tell us what you need us to do,” Su Chongshan said while nodding.


“I need the blood of her descendants to make a charm,” Mu Yi said straightforwardly.


“Taoist priest, use my blood,” Su Jun said immediately. After all, he was her son, so he was the closest one to her in the lineage.


“Taoist priest, I agree too,” Su Yingying said.


“Taoist priest, I also agree,” Su Jinlun said.


“Everyone, it’s alright. Don’t fight. Let me do it. She’s my maternal grandmother after all,” Zheng Zicong said when he saw that everybody was talking quickly. Even though he wasn’t as close to her as the others, he still had the same blood in his veins. However, he also thought that he wasn’t taking a big risk by saying that because he wouldn’t be chosen anyway, because he wasn’t the closest relation to her. He didn’t feel under pressure at all.


Mu Yi looked at Zheng Zicong in a deep and meaningful way and smiled. Suddenly, Zheng Zicong felt a great pressure. His face stiffened.


“Mister Su, I won’t choose you. You’re her son, but you’re a bit too old already. Your blood isn’t vigorous anymore. Miss Yingying, you’re a woman, so because your blood carries a Yin nature, it’s not suitable for her,” Mu Yi explained. Then, he looked at Su Jinlun and Zheng Zicong.


“Mr. Su and Mr. Zheng, blood from the both of you is the best choice, and you are both directly related to her. So if you agree, then that would great.”


When Su Jinlun heard Mu Yi, he was extremely happy. However, Zheng Zicong tried to smile, but he looked petrified.


Su Chongshan looked at them and said straightforwardly, “Then let us use Jinlun and Zicong’s blood.”


“It’s what a grandson should do,” Jinlun said.


“I’ll do anything to help my grandmother, even if it involves taking my blood,” Zheng Zicong said while smiling.


Mu Yi walked to them with two bowls and said, “I used my own blood to make the previous charm to prove that I wasn’t trying to cheat you.”


When Su Chongshan and Su Jun heard him, they looked touched.


Su Jinlun said nothing. He immediately took Mu Yi’s bowl.


Zheng Zicong looked at Mu Yi’s wrist in a deep and meaningful way. He noticed that Mu Yi still had a fresh wound, so he knew that Mu Yi wasn’t trying to deceive him. He felt relieved.


“You’re a very skilled Taoist priest. I will do my best to be a good grandson,” Zheng Zicong said, taking the bowl.


Both of them moved aside and started letting some of their blood drip into the bowls. Su Chongshan looked at Mu Yi and asked, “Taoist priest, do you need anything else? Can I prepare anything else for you?”


“I don’t need anything else. However, it would be good to make the women of the clan leave for tonight. It would also be helpful to light some torches in the courtyard. Lastly, I will make a special charm for the old woman’s bed. Regarding the result, I can’t give you a one-hundred percent guarantee. Everything will depend on the will of the Heavens.” Mu Yi said after a few seconds.


“Taoist priest, don’t worry. I will immediately do that. Leave it to me,” Su Chongshan said to Mu Yi politely. He was touched and happy.


“Thank you for everything that you’re doing for my mother,” Su Jun said.


Su Jinlun and Zheng Zicong filled half of their bowls with blood, their faces turning deathly pale, especially Zheng Zicong. He had the impression that he was going to collapse. He looked frightened. For Zheng Zicong, donating his blood wasn’t something joyful.


However, Su Jinlun was willing to donate more if necessary.


After everybody left, Mu Yi poured Zheng Zicong’s bowl of blood into a flower pot. He looked extremely amused and wanted to laugh.


He really needed blood but not Zheng Zicong’s. Su Jinlun was the old woman’s real grandson, so that’s all he really needed.


Beforehand, Mu Yi had already noticed that Su Jinlun practiced martial arts, so he was stronger than the others. In addition, he was young, and his yang-type blood was at the most flourishing stage of his life.


Mu Yi started preparing the ink with Su Jinlun’s blood. He mixed it with cinnabar, and it turned a strange color.


The paper he had been given was of the highest quality. It wasn’t soft and fragile. Instead, it was solid and hard. It was definitely much better than the paper he had bought before.


The brush he had was an old and used one. This new one was shiny, and it was probably made of red sandalwood leaves. At that moment, Mu Yi emitted a white aura around his body.


The brush Mu Yi was using hadn’t been used by erudite scholars, but it wasn’t a bad one either.


He started carving things using his brush and his paperweight. It didn’t look complicated to other people. For him, there were mountains and rivers. For other people, there was just one simple word: CARE.

After he finished preparing everything, Mu Yi took a deep breath. He felt the same as in the morning and then shook his hands.


“Slash, slash, slash!”


In the quiet room, Mu Yi started drawing. He looked extremely focused. When watching him, it was easy to forget that he was still a young boy.

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