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HC chapter 14

Chapter 14: Drawing Magic Symbols Again

Two exorcism charms, one home-guarding charm, two body protection charms, and one evil spirit slaying charm.


Those were the charms Mu Yi had drawn. He really wanted to draw another five thunders charm but failed. Maybe it was because of his blood, but Mu Yi didn’t try again. He was already well prepared, and his six new charms already exceeded his expectations.


Even though he hadn’t used his own blood, thanks to the cinnabar and the quality of the paper, the charms seemed more powerful than those he had made before.


When you have money, you can do great things, Mu Yi thought while sighing and putting his brush away.


After that, Mu Yi counted the number of charms he had. With those he already had from before, he had: four body protection charms, three evil spirit slaying charms, two exorcism charms, one home-guarding charm, and one five thunders charm.


No matter how strong the ghost could be, those charms would probably be enough. If these charms weren’t enough, then it meant that Mu Yi had no chance against the ghost regardless of what he did.


Mu Yi’s great efforts to make the charms had made him tired. Of course, he had invested a lot of time and effort into it because the Su Clan had treated him well.


On the table next to him, there was a box. Inside was a red string and also some old ginger roots — half and full ones.


Mu Yi ate a piece of ginger. As it burnt his throat, he could feel the medicinal strength entering his body.


Then, he started meditating.


He had already achieved the second level of his heart cultivation: perseverance.


Today, before he left the temple, he was inspired and achieved the second level, perseverance. He then managed to successfully create a five thunders charm. Now, he needed to stabilize his cultivation level. He needed his perseverance to be unwavering. After that, he could really be considered to have fully achieved the second level.


In fact, when he achieved this, he would also grow more astute. He would stop being impatient or impulsive and persevere through any challenges. Achieving enlightenment on the path of Daoism wasn’t something he could do in one day. It was something he had to patiently, step by step.


Mu Yi meditated until the evening. Su Chongshan came to see him now and then, but when he saw that Mu Yi was meditating, he didn’t disturb him and left him each time.


Su Chongshan considered Mu Yi as a skilled Taoist Priest. Such people were different from ordinary people.


What he didn’t know was that Mu Yi’s stomach would rumble with hunger everytime he woke up. Ginger helped him focus and gave him some energy, but he couldn’t use it as a substitute for normal food as he was far from being able to refrain from eating like the powerful Daoist masters. Besides, he was still growing and needed to eat.


“Eh? You’re still here?” Mu Yi asked when he opened the door and saw Su Yingying.


At that moment, it was already dark outside. Mu Yi had placed a dozen torches everywhere in the courtyard and in the surrounding area.


“You didn’t wake up the entire time. I was worried about you, so I decided to wait for you. The other women of the clan have all left,” Su Yingying said in a gentle way. Even though they hadn’t known each other for a long time, Mu Yi could see that she was a kind and gentle young girl.


“Yes, please leave as soon as possible. It will not be safe for women to be here tonight,” Mu Yi said while nodding.


“Taoist priest, I want to stay. Can I?” Su Yingying asked hesitantly as she stared at Mu Yi in a cute way.


“You want to stay?” Mu Yi asked. He was surprised and looked at her in a strange way.


“Indeed, or would it be bad for my grandmother?” Su Yingying asked nervously.


“It won’t. The reason why I asked all the women to leave is that you have yin type bodies. The exorcism could harm you,” Mu Yi said while frowning.


When Su Yingying heard him, she was relieved. If it wasn’t a problem for her grandmother, then she had no reason to leave. Since the problem was just for her, she didn’t want to leave.


Initially, she didn’t believe in ghosts, but after meeting Mu Yi and seeing everything in the room with her grandmother, her thinking had changed.


“Since that is the case, I want to stay. Can I?” Su Yingying asked.


“You really want to stay?” Mu asked.


“Indeed,” Su Yingying confirmed.


“I’ll stick a charm on you then. Don’t go too far away from me, especially in the evening,” Mu Yi said while nodding. He held out a body protection charm to her. He had four anyway, so giving her one wasn’t a big problem.


“No, no, you misunderstood me. I’m just curious. I don’t want to steal precious treasures from you,” Su Yingying said while looking at the body protection charm Mu Yi was giving her. She considered the charm as a precious item and didn’t want to take such things like that.


“Take it. Otherwise, I’ll have to worry about you and won’t be able to focus,” Mu Yi said while putting the charm into her hand. The feeling of her hand against his made him shiver and stiffen. His heart even started beating faster.


Su Yingying blushed too. She looked at the charm and didn’t dare to look at Mu Yi again.


“Eh, Miss Yingying, are you hungry?  Do you need to prepare anything to eat for yourself?” Mu Yi asked while coughing. He felt awkward too.


“Ah, please wait. I will bring some food for us.” Su Yingying said before she hastily turned and ran away.


When Mu Yi saw her run away, he shook his head. He was young, but he understood these things. The age around fifteen and sixteen years old was when people had their heads filled with thought of love and romance. Mu Yi may be fourteen, but he was mature. If he hadn’t been mature, then the Su Clan wouldn’t have given him the opportunity to help them.


However, Mu Yi had no hidden thoughts. It was normal that young men enjoyed looking at pretty women, but Mu Yi didn’t think that anything could happen between him and Su Yingying.


Mu Yi wanted to focus on the Dao anyway. He wanted to be like the old man. He was still too weak though, so he had to become much stronger. After he fully grasped the second level of his cultivation, he would finally be able to consider himself a real Taoist Priest. The difference between him and ordinary people would be like heaven and earth.

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